1st August 2014.

Well in one way we couldn’t have timed it worse but on the flip side it is nice to be back in civilization. The Government Services are shut down for Ramadan, by the way I am now adopting this way of spelling Ramadan as there is so many derivitives to the way it is spelt here, then you have a weekend and this finally makes the 4th August back to work day. So six days but it isn’t that bad.

We are still anchored up out the front of the Wisata Hotel in Sibolga, getting to know the place pretty well by now, we have our favourite restaurant, 88’s, where we are treated like family, Papa made us shark fin soup to try last night, sweet and sour pork and chicken and chumi chumi, heaps of fruits for gratis and they have cold beer.

We took Boomerang to the wharf to fuel up, 250 litres, was quick and efficient with good clean fuel, came in a couple of big eskys with plastic liners made of tarps, the liners were disposed of in the usual way, just chucked in the drink, no idea.

We have met the guys off Matrix, a big cat that is also parked up here waiting for Imigrassi. They are pretty good fun, 3 mates that just bounce off each other non stop, you cant get a word in when they are pissed, but as Jonny quizzed Brett after he repeated one of his tales, you don’t have many stories really, do you? Funny.

They came for dinner last night, late, took over and ended up getting their stuff first, tried to score all the cold beer, put my foot down there, and they just told more stories. They are good value and have made the stay just that bit more entertaining.

While were having beers by the pool at the Wisata yesterday, our table was propositioned by a chick and her pimp, I went in to the bar for a coke as my guts has been playing up ever since the chilli episode with the Beachhouse boys, ended up getting dragged into photos at a hens party, they then wanted me up on stage dancing, you should have seen this woman’s eyes, she would a put me in a trance if I hadn’t bolted, the girls were frothing, horror.

I escaped back to the stories, possibly should have stayed.

We have been a bit stuck on the boat today, me especially, I am not going to far from a dunny but have now stacked up on Imodium, seems to be working.

Had a pretty good storm this afternoon, out of the SW so the swell is rolling straight into the harbor, bit uncomfortable but we are not dragging anchors like Matrix.

Jonny just got back from Matrix, trying to fix their genset, the cowl on the new outboard is smashed, looks like it is going to cost me for helping someone.

I tell you what, yesterday Jonny and I were at the markets and he bought some bananas of which I had two, we arrived back to the boat and one of the solar panels wiring had caught on fire, now the dinghy, the lights in the saloon have stopped working and our genset played up although that was not a biggy. If I even hear the word banana again it will be to soon.

Off to Imigrasi this morning, have all the paperwork but we will be hit with overstay due to not being able to get to Imigrasi as they were on holidays for Ramadan, bit of a bugger as we have sat here for a week, just smile and nod, no point getting to bothered.

Sat in Imigrasi for two and a half hours, then was informed that we wont be able to leave until tomorrow after an interview where I get to state my case as to why we are three days late at extending our visa, don’t know how to make it any clearer, I’d be happy with the fine and get out of here, we have only spent around 25000000idr while we have been here stocking for the next month which is getting shorter by the day.

Still got a crook guts so getting a bit pissed off, smile and wave. We tried to fix the Matrix boys genset again. Failure.

Went to Imigrasi again, no go, bad communications between Sibolga and Jakarta, starting to wonder what we have done wrong. Come back tomorrow, afternoon. Sat around on boat, still got the crookest guts.

We actually got the anchor up again today and went to water world, a couple of jetty’s with pipes and hoses hooked up to a river somewhere with the most excellent H2O. Scrubbed the boat down, now squeaky clean all over, cost 200000idr for as much as you wanted, the best thing about Sibolga so far.

Back at anchor and ring Imigrasi, now problem with paperwork done in Sabang, two months ago. Smile and wave. We might be clearing out. Have now got in touch with Beng Beng for some help with Imigrasi tomorrow, anything just get us out of here.

Watched Captain Ron again last night, really corny 2nd time round, but still good fun.

Even gave Riza from Sabang a call this morning and he rang Iwan as I was just heading into get some new long pants, as my arse is hanging out of the only pair on board, the phone rang and visa is now ok and being processed, onya Riza, we jumped in Eddy’s tuktuk and bolted to get to Imigrasi, led into the big office, sat down, my jeans split at both knees as I did so, paid our fine and then Iwan drops the bombshell, you come back tomorrow to finish visa, Fark.

Bought some engine oil on the way back to boat, big tall yellow building with Dunlop painted across the front, on the road back to town. The restaurant 88 road T’s it. Went out to 88’s for tea, first food outing for me for 4 days, vege soup no chilli was my order, they all had a laugh at my expense. Chen has been awarded a Boomerang T-Shirt for just being nice, if we had enough of them left the whole family would be decked out.

Woke up to a phone call from Iwan, sorry come at 1400, arrgh, so read and slept all morning then headed there at 1300, straight in and done, halalouyah, quick stop at the markets and 88 for some nasi goreng takeaways and to say jumpa lagi, see you later, then we are out of here.

Anchor up 1530 and heading to Pulau Banyak, 10 knots on the nose, at least its not dried fish on the nose. Had a guts full of that.

Once again have the confidence to fart, although only just, cant remember the last time I had the shits that bad.

Have to thank Riza and Iwan for their help, Eddie and Mama also require thankyous for all their help around town.

We will be back in range in about 3 weeks and Ill fill you in on the god then.

Jumpa Lagi.