Padang sounds like Pardung.

17th August 2015.

Up before sparrows this morning, 0345, got all the things happening and we went up the front to get the anchor up. Lots of grinding of chain on rock but eventually it was up, not bad as it has been down there for a week and we have been pulled tight in just about every direction so I was expecting a bit of grief. Fifteen minutes was cool.

We then had to motor towards the town and then set a course to the southern tip of Pulau Setan, avoiding a five metre reef if possible although it didn’t really matter that much, still you have the sick hungry feeling in your guts when you are doing it, I forgot, its pitch black as well. There is a starboard marker flashing away and a yellow one as well that are not really located on our charts but once we were out in the deep it was a huge relief. Set a new course for Padang, 75nm away, now where is the wind. Had good current with us, rising tide current heads north, almost half a knot but up ahead is looking a bit sinister, whacked the radar on and sure enough there is a storm about six mile ahead but passing us to starboard, I hope. It did, we got some wind, 18 knots on the nose as always, from it and the sea went from pond like to disturbed for about an hour.

The next milestone is sunup, it makes a huge difference, when you can actually see your surroundings, logs and shit like that are everywhere out here, some times you will come across a patch of ocean where the current flow must be more pronounced and you will find thongs, logs, plastic bags and always the good old foam noodles cup, you see those cups everywhere.


Pretty much set and forget the autopilot and motored to Padang. Pretty easy trip, a couple of hours snooze on the way, cooked up an omlette each, read my new book, , and in the arvo got into some Bintangs, dingen.

Knocked off a few jobs as well, replaced the cords used for hoisting courtesy flags on both sides, got rid of a piece of rope that was not for marine use, it just fell to bits, you can buy it at Bunnings, comes in bright colours, it’s crap.


We made Padang at 1630 and following the waypoints from Tim and Megan we came into a beautiful, protected bay, Teluk Bungus, anchored up and carked it.


We got up pretty early 0700, a squid boat pulled up next to us, right on top of us really but then they did a bit of this and that and alls good, the captain yelled out, you want chumi chumi, “Yeah”, next thing a blokes rolling up with three kilos in a bucket, 200000idr, we have had three meals and still have a fair bit left. Jen has got the poaching down to an art, there is no need to stuff with it at all just clean it, even that doesn’t have to be over zealous, then Jen does her magic and eat it with chopped chilli and light soy or if you are feeling fancy, wasabi and soy, it is filth.


We have our driver, Feiman, a good dude, he has got the place sussed, we have had to make three visits to Imigasi, but it has gone smoothly and we needed to go to town each day anyway. Bought Jen a new camera, found a minimart, it is called Bintang Timor, got just about everything you need except they only sell Anker Beer. The wet market is pretty good as well, some of the best limes, just like Brownies, juicy as.


We also hit the Plaza, good shopping for gas and dunny paper that sort of stuff, had a couple of meals around town, still can’t work out why Beef Rendang is cold, if everything was hot it would be so much better, coming from where we do, this is one of the things I really do not get, but one of the best places was Charlies Place, a bar in the old quarter down by the river, had a few beers there, dingen to the max.


We got back to Tin Tin Losmens a bit early one day to find the tide miles out, so we headed up to the waterfalls.


Heading up the path we came across all these young fellas that I got into a convo with, they ended up all coming along for the trek and provided us with some excellent entertainment, jumping off rocks, doing backflips you name it, it was great to see.


We fueled up this morning and washed the boat so we are ready to go tomorrow, also went to a local restaurant with all the boys from Tin Tin, you know what, hot fish-head curry, hot beef rendang and filthy chumi chumi and boiling hot rice, the best meal I have had in Padang. You had to sit on your arse and eat with your hands, classic as I ended up with shit every where plus I was using both hands, not the done thing around here, the boys didn’t give to much of a stuff so kept at it and had a full guts by the time we left.


We are ready to go, 0400 come on, back to Telos we go.