Money Money Money.

28th February 2015.

0400 and up, head into shore, drag the dinghy up the beach and stumble across it in the dark to the hire car, this one is Karen’s private one so feeling a bit priveledged, then drive to the airport, park in the dodgiest spot and about ten minutes later greet our newly arrived guests, The Alison’s.

It has been a pretty laid back time up here, just anchored up in Nai Yang Bay, going to the markets, the Boss Bar, Old mates bar, One Bar and eating out at Heng Heng and Cii’s joint, the Bank, with the Persians.


Have been knocking a few jobs off, Jens winch shit the tin so pulled that to bits and had the electric motor rewound, the guy at AME was excellent, organised it for us and even though it is Chinese New Year it was still ready to pick up on the day he reckoned which was the day before this mob arrived.


I pulled the inverter out, it hasn’t worked for a couple of years, so thought I would give it a shot, opened it up, Horror, it is amazing the charger works, all the printed circuit boards are rooted, wires on the main board which is mounted to the base are corroded completely off. Bugger. Big decision, just keep on going as before or chuck it out and get a new one, the thought of not being able to charge the batteries with a battery charger is not a good one, even though we will soon have our new sola panels, so the hunt is on for a newy. Waltzed into East Marine one day and you wouldn’t believe it, a nice new Xantrec 110 volt charger / inverter just sitting there, same size and capacity just the latest model to ours, what are the chances, ends up it was a stuff up when they bought it, meant to be 240 volt and it has just been sitting there, they dropped 26000thb for me and that was that. Hey Big spender, bye bye three grand, plus another couple for the sola panels, geez I might have to go back to work, horror.


It works a treat, although it took a bit of mucking about setting it up, even read the instructions twice, it came with a remote panel as well which is an option normally so installed that where the other one used to be, bit of drilling and cutting but looks real flash. The first night I thought I had turned it off, derr, so it had a good time sucking the battery’s down until I realized during me morning checks that something was a bit askew, sorted it and then worked out how to get out of basic settings and into advanced, a whole new frontier, which wasn’t highlighted in the instructions, I can now say this expensive grey box is tweeked to the max. We watched a few DVD’s the other day for free and the charger is a ripper, goes through bulk, absorbtion and float charging thingys. Very flash.

The watermaker was the next thing to have a bit of a sook, have cleaned the membrane and it is happy again, which is lucky as five people use a fair bit more water than two. Being in Phuket has been a real advantage as all the brands are catered for here, YSE Engineering has all the Spectra Watermaker gear, and you can pretty much find what you are looking for at Boat Lagoon or nearby. AME is awesome, one of my favourite chandellery’s, plus just up from them is a great little food joint that just pump out the best Thai tucker for bugger all.

Pete took me to Bangkok Hardware, could just as easily be called Alladdins Cave, found the 13mm tube socket for doing Jens winch and some feet for the inverter to get it off the ground. Pretty sure you could find anything in this shop if you looked. On the way back we picked up some Ladies pies for tea, filthy, ate two of them, chockers.


The last week before we left had waves at airport reef, so hours of SUP action, even dragged the mal out one day, the surf rescue boys joined in with me, Pete and Deane on his two person canoe. Came away with fully sick sunburn to the back and my lips look like I have got shankers big time. Thought I was doing the righty with some sunscreen that was stashed in the bathroom but it ended up being tanning lotion which is pretty much just coconut smelling cooking oil. Sleeping was no fun. Lying on my guts with head at ninety degrees.

Pete and I picked up the winch motor, had a boys day out again, then got back and managed to get it installed and wired up, it must have been on the way out for a while because we can’t remember it being this fast, ever.

We have done a fair bit of shopping for food at the Big C, a couple of fuel runs and all the veges from the markets so we are ready to go on our first look at the area south of Phuket, all the tourist places, I am not sure how it will go as I am not very tolerant to jetskis and longtails anymore.


Want a rant, heres a rant.

14th February 2015.

Happy Birthday Retep and Sabrina Hahn.

Had a biggy last night and up early for Roots and Shoots, cancel hire car, then bacon and eggs and good old baked beans on toast, on Persian Sands with birthday boy, then listen to Tales From The Tinny, then listen to Australia smash the poms, all without a beer. It’s almost like we are back at home.

A pretty uneventful week, bit of shopping, organized our new solar panels and some really good engine soundproofing for the genset. We now have our dates for hauling out, 19th March to 3rd April at G&T, over at Ao Poh, which is on the eastern side of Phuket. We met Toi, who has been recommended to us by so many people that you’d have to be a dickhead to go anywhere else. She is onto it and I reckon that the tasks I’ve set for her and her team are doable with the time we have between tides. We can only enter their yard with a 1.9 metre tide and of course the same for leaving, so we will get a couple of weeks to get the boat wet and dried and polished top to bottom, anti foul raised 100mm, service the sail drives and props and the doors to the saloon refurbished. It would have been great to get the saloon floor done too, but not enough time.


Caught up with the Sandys at Yacht Haven, I copped a couple of flicks on the fored from Fay, as you would expect, they are slowly getting there, with most jobs done before they head home for a bit, Fay’s son is going to be spewing when he gets his boardies, they are pink not watermelon, Poor bastard. Dave rang me today and was telling me about Fayzy’s disappearing act while she was washing the boat, so pissed off I missed it, she has fallen down between the jetty and the hull and found herself stuck surrounded by oysters and couldn’t get out, took three of them to haul her sorry arse back up onto the jetty, Dave reckons he didn’t laugh, I would have pissed myself. Go Shirl.


Poor old Boomerang is looking a bit dull having not had a wash for a month or so, it hasn’t rained for ages, so arced up the Spectra water maker and filled the tanks, then gave her a big lather up, the salt was pretty thick up the front, tastes great, and the dirt that came off was amazing, she is all back to squeaky clean, next need to do the waterline again as the beard is coming back. Nai Yang Bay really gets the growth happening, not sure why. Could be all us yachties swimming, shitting, pissing in the water but I just dunno. Hence the raising of the anti foul line, we are a bit overloaded but I just can’t come to grips with getting rid of some of the stuff we have on board. Need to have a garage sale, that would be better than just giving it away or even worse, chucking it. I reckon it might be harder to extract money out of a some of these yachty types than out of the locals anyway, so not much point trying. Just raise the waterline.


Have now got onto live streaming, so ABC 720 Perth is on all day long, they have the best shows and it doesn’t surprise me that even Victorians tune in to it. Last week Sabrina Hahn was on Who Are You, a segment on Geoff Hutchison’s show, it was a pearler, check it out. Then you wait a bit and Gillo comes on with some good and different topics and of course the laugh. Dave Warner was on the other day, he has got a show on in the Festival of Perth called The King And Me, they also did a show at the Charles Hotel, spewing we missed that. We went on You Tube and watched some of his stuff, unreal banana peel, an excellent arvo, the reworked Mugs Game is a classic. Who would have guessed Shapell was a thieving bitch and look where it got her, superb lyrics Dave Warner.


Saturdays we tune in to Wolfy and Sabrina for Roots and Shoots, then flick over to ABC Darwin 105.7 for a mp3 recording and get a mullet up us on Tales From The Tinny, one of the best shows around, funny as. These guys have got it sussed, taking the piss out of others and more often themselves. This bara season looks like being a ripper. When I used to work, I had ABC 720 on all day and if this is the closest thing to once again being gainfully employed so be it, suits me to a tee. One of the most enjoyable things to hear on the radio is the cricket and that was one opening game by the Aussies, flogging the poms, yeew yeew, nothing better, the next thing that needs to be done is someone needs to belt Jeffery bloody Boycott, what a wanker, he was using the big stage to bag the physical training coach of his beloved team which in itself was pretty poor and then it was all because the guy reckons he rants a bit, he is so far up himself he doesn’t even realise he rants on about crap all the time, he better be commentating the pom’s and not us, that would be the end of the wireless for me. I reckon he is probably in love with Stuart Broad as well, can’t stop praising the cheating prick and paying out on the crowd for booing him, it was only The Ashes we lost, dickhead. I had just about forgotten about Broad but now, thanks to Jeffery, all Australians should stand up and boo at the top of our lungs every time Broad goes near the ball. Also love how that weird arse Kiwi umpire has been dumped and delegated to the 3rd ump, although he will probably stuff it up anyway.


We have found the Nai Yang version of Bangalore Road. Down the end of the street are a few bars with lots of waitress’s trying to get you to partake in a cleansing ale or twenty, Alex the German pointed out the girls and the lady boys, lucky for me because if I was that way inclined, I had a 50/50 chance of sleeping with a bloke, couldn’t believe it, stuff that.


There are some good restaurants and bars down the strip and all the food tastes the same, thats because it all comes from our mate at the Bank Restaurant, she’s a beaut. We also have Madam Karen, ph 0980343699, who is a wheeler dealer around this neck of the woods. She can hire cars, bikes, supply laundry services and get you fed.


Were down there the other day watching a fire twirling show and at the end they let some crackers off that were up a tree, a bloody great chunk of tree hit me in the back so Jen and I moved a bit further away and as I turned to watch the show another chunk smashed my glass which was in my hand on it’s way to me gob, everyone made a fuss but no freebie, wonder what third party cover they would have had. Like the rest of the place, bugger all.


Had Retep’s birthday with premature drinks and celebrations for him at the OK Bar, Jen got the band to sing happy birthday, a very merry night as you can probably see, which definitely put a dampener on his actual birthday day celebrations which started 0900 with B&E&BB’S on toast, and ended with beers at old mates at the markets and a feed at Heng Heng, which was so spicy the beers were used just to quell the burn. Wit, ph 0805332575, rolled up with his son, Number Five, and drove us home in the revamped Tuk Tuk. Its now got newly covered seats and is looking very flash. The Persians gave them a soccer ball and some clothes, which they loved.


An early night means an early morning, had a SUP for and hour or so, heaps harder to catch small waves than bigger ones so it takes it out of you, low tide too and not real keen on standing in a foot of water on the coral, so headed back, polished the staino up front, scrubbed the beard off the waterline and sat back to listen to the cricket, SA and Zimbabwe with a beer or two. I want to see the catch the bloke in the orange shirt, with his hat on and a beer in his left hand, plucked from the sky with his right, as reported by an excellent commentator, Ebony, who just happens to be a chick, wonder what Jeffery thinks about that?