Home open.

July 2009

We have just spent a month of hard labour and have completed all the jobs you never finish when you are an owner builder. It took 18 years but the old place looks excellent and with it nestled on a fast flowing creek surrounded by 20 metre black butt trees and peppies it should sell.

The last time we sold a house it was the first people to come through the door who made an offer there and then, who would have thought it was about to happen again. With most of the world in doom and gloom we happened across a couple with the money and urgently looking for a house.                                                  SOLD

August 2009

Have had to move out of our home of 18 years, a few tears by all of us down by the creek, but lets get the show on the road. We have a half built house in Augusta, a sleepy little town 40 clicks to the south of Margaret River, so we need to pull our fingers out and get that happening plus we have booked and paid for a trip to Florida in September to go and find a cat. I spend every night scanning the internet and have a list of boats as long as your arm, they all look great and so cheap I can’t wait to get there. We have enlisted a bloke by the name of Darell McDaniel  who is a broker with the Multihull Company and seems all right. We will have 3 weeks in Fort Lauderdale and a few days in New York so should be fun, neither of us has been to America so what else could it be.