Seeya Later Langkawi.

12th December 2014.

It has been 4 days since we saw our box, if only the first Air Asia employee was as switched on as Aliza, reckon we would have had it a lot quicker, she asked me yesterday to describe the box and lucky for me there was a cardboard box just over by the wall, just like that with silver tape wrapped around it and a picture of a garden blower on the side I said, she had no idea what a garden blower was but was a bit surprised that she was meant to be looking for a cardboard box and not the brown suitcase she had been attempting to find. As always the box was found, in Saigon I think she said, but nevertheless found. It has now arrived by taxi a little bit worse for wear but still in tack, well travelled as well.


Have had a couple of lazy days down Cenang having beers on the beach, bloody beautiful up here now, but now hard at it. Borrowed a pair of bolt cutters and snipped the padlock off the outboard then proceeded to lift it off the dinghy but only made it by a bees dick as the dinghy was moving in the opposite direction to me with the outboard, bloody close, could easily have been a disaster.


Trying to find a pissy little hole has proved a difficult task but with it on dry land a fair bit easier. I was working my way around the port side of the boat and at the aft end when JB Garry came up and said hello, I proceded to explain what I was upto and rubbed my soapy brush across a seem to show him, the suds went a bit higher up the tube and we both stared at two air bubbles coming out of a wee scratch, I could have hugged him but he is a Kiwi so just shook his hand instead. Then went in search of the glue and patch material, not to hard to find but the glue is rooted, gave old mate, Farid from Swift Inflatables a ring and I was soon en route to his factory to pick some up. He has the real deal stuff, primer and two part glue.

Procedure to repair patch to Hypolon dinghy.

  1. Wash and clean surfaces with good detergent and clean off with water and allow to dry..
  2. Roughen up the surface to be repaired and the surface of the patch with some sandpaper, I used 40 grit and it worked well.
  3. Use primer to clean all surfaces being glued, patch included.
  4. With gloves on, the hardner is majorly dodgy shit, Mix about 10ml glue to 3 drops of hardener, it goes off pretty quick so better off having bits ready and just do what you can per batch. It took me four batches. If the glue goes white and hazy there is too much moisture in the air so don’t continue as it apparently wont last. If it is really windy it goes off even quicker.
  5. Spread mixed glue over primed areas and let sit till dry, about 5 minutes.
  6. Repeat this process coating all surfaces twice, this is to make sure you have covered all surfaces and let dry once more.
  7. Let air out of dinghy so it is flat.
  8. Adhere patch to surface by rubbing it together to remove any air. It sticks like shit to a blanket so get it right as it won’t come back off for a second go.
  9. Let sit for 72 hours and is fully cured, can be tested at medium pressure after 24 hours.

If all else fails call Farid, +60194177370 or email him at, he and Elina are good dudes.It worked and the dinghy is now a beauty again.


It has been party time on Langkawi again, Jonno’s 62nd and Captain Mikes 59th within two days of each other, just means a bit sluggish off the mark if you ask me, enough. Both were good fun, Jonno’s was at Rays Place in Kuah, she put on an excellent spread, her mashed potato and curry was filthy, bummer it was chicken but there was heaps of veges mixed in so got myself a feed then a top up. Sue and Paul were there, haven’t seen them since Lukes 31st, she still uses the lines, fuckyou very much and I resemble that comment. It is a crack up. The guys from Sea Hog rolled up, Lukey in good form getting birthday boy to play some party games, funny as and great fun. Ginge was even rooted at closing time.


Next night it was up to Tanjung Rhu for Mike’s, a quieter affair but with once again beautiful food, heaps of beer and a few rums to finish up with. A bit of a mission getting home, a dinghy trip, then bike ride in a storm, yehaa. No rain just wind.

Coming home from Jonno’s we got pulled up by a road block, the copper took my license, looked at it, asked where are you from, replied Australia, he nodded, gave back the license and sent us on our way. You have got to love that, grinning like a dead fox.

I can’t believe how many jobs come up when you reckon you are ready to leave. We were leaving on Monday, this is now Thursday and we have just fueled up and the autopilot has shit itself. Lucky we have a full spare one, I can remember Keith from Surfmachine asking me what I reckon is the most important thing aboard. I had replied, Autopilot even without thinking about it. That is why I have a brand new one in the box ready to go. So Thursday arvo and Friday was spent swearing, running new cables and swearing but once it was all plugged together, turned it on and Hey presto it’s a goer.


We did some commissioning out in the pond and that is that, she’s a beaut. Amanda this time. I had people at the jetty bagging Raymarine, I cant really see it that way, our old Autopilot was from brand new, 14 years old, and the new one pretty well worked straight away, way to go Raymarine.


We had Ravi, Roby to me, over for some drinks. He works at the Mahuraja Arabic Restaurant right next to the marina and is leaving so we won’t get to see him again unless we go to Delhi for his wedding, remember the 3 rules Ravi and don’t let your mum, granny and aunties pick you out someone who is not suitably attired. It was a great night, he is a good bloke, when we first arrived he never smiled but I sorted that with a dedicated smile Ravi campaign, it worked because now he smiles all the time. It is a good Indian smile as well. It was a night made better with the cricket score.


Next day started out with a mission to Cenang to get a bucket of KFC for the marina guys, they all appreciated it with smiles and thanks, they love their KFC.

We had a few beers down at Cenang, Raffi,s where we checked the tide and then the Beachhouse Boys met us for some fun at Champor Champor, even saw a bloke all beaten up, ended up it was a movie they were making. He was lying on the ground covered in what looked like blood but wasn’t and all the crowd around him gawking at him on the ground, I pushed my way to the front of the pack and I don’t know why but said, hey he’s my cousin in abo, this got some action as he leaned up to see his white skinned cousin not. The crowd just stared and we pissed ourselves. You had to be there.


The motorbike just about knows its way home so we once again made it back safely to the boat.

Next morning said our goodbyes to Keith and Cath and we were finally ready to go.

Left Telaga at 1200 and headed out to the blue yonder with a bit of wind and it was breezy too!