Back to paradise.

9th August 2014

Heading out the harbor Jen says there is a boat coming after us, turn to see who it is, Marine Polisi, what now?

We just want to get out of here. They pull up alongside, throw us a rope with the intention of boarding, the youngest one in bare feet leaps aboard, they then bang into the side of Boomerang, I have had enough and just say we are headed for Pulau Banyak, now.IMG_0621

OK captain but Hati Hati storm was the reply. We look at each other, lets just get the hell out of here, with a bit of luck if we get far enough North we will be able to use the expected Northerly to sail most of the night.

We motored along, there is a group of reefs, islands and stuff which litters the area in which we are entering and endeavoring to avoid, Just on dusk we can set the heady and head for home.

Storm watching became the name of the game with big dirty black clouds blocking out the moon, no lightning so not to scary and we are down to 50nm to Calm Bay left to go. A few fishing boats out which is a good sign, as they all know when danger is imminent.

So if it gets to 15kns come and wake me up Jonny, “yeah cool”. Half an hour later, hey Rocket its 15kns, well make it 20kns then, hey Rocket its 20kns now, I could hear the noise on the hull so dragged my sorry arse out of bed, get out to the saloon and it is now 25kns and up to 30 in the gusts, we are doing 7.6kns hard on the breeze with just the jib once we drop the engine off, beautiful. Back to bed.

We shared the driving, with Jen putting in a monster four-hour stint and by morning we have engines going and headed for the bay some 15nm off in nearly calm conditions.

Pulled into Calm Bay, anchored up and crashed out for a few hours, then off to show Jonny the Bay of Plenty, ended up gone a while saying hello to everyone, real social scene, The Sandy’s, The Matrix mob, Bailey and the crew, Mick on Sereti and Frederick, Rosie, Rick and jane aboard their new boat, who have just arrived from Langkawi. So by the time we get back to Boomerang I am in the shit big time. Tida apa.

We all head back down, drop Jen off with Faye on Sandy and we hit the inside left, great 2 to 4 foot glassy waves for the rest of the afternoon, Jonny’s frothing, I am surprised at how light I am, paddling onto just about anything with Dave, Larry and Leo making up the crowd. My guts ache has gone and life is grand.

Watched Fat Tony and struggled to crawl to bed, absolutely rooted.P1170153

Went for surf next morning on the right hander but can hardly paddle and get cleaned up over and over, just so weak, slow and old. Got a goody in, Jonny getting heaps and straight into the swing of things so he’s grinning.

We said our goodbyes to the Sandy’s, hopefully catch them again, great likeminded crew, then back to our boat exhausted.

Went spearfishing for the first time next day, said to Jonny, I’ll just follow you with the bag but he talked me into taking my gun too, there are a few fish with chunks off them wishing he had of listened to me, it was carnage, shot the first one in the tail, long shot, surprised I even hit it, then peppered away at a few others, hit the reef lots, got my finger just about ripped off with the string on the spear, actually hit one near the head but it took off and ripped the spear out, geez they bloody go off when you do hit them, spinning round and round, I spun out, doesn’t look like much fun.P1170218

It has now been a couple of stormy days, Jonny and I surfed the right by ourselves, once again I kooked the first couple of waves, although an excellent extended one footer gave Brett on Matrix something to laugh about. Jonny got wave of the day with a beauty, barreled the whole way, couldn’t believe it when he came out the end, I got my best barrel so far but tired out real quick. Still suffering from the Sibolga squirts, my energy levels have dropped big time.P1170197

While I waited for Jonny on the dinghy a waterspout formed just out to sea from us, it then proceeded to pick up it’s intensity and crossed land and evaporated in front of our eyes, pretty awesome thing to see. The photos are pretty amazing.

Caught up with Des on Pulse and gave him Yans’s info if he is chasing a good crew member, dropped in on Coco and Raja on Sereti as well, always a nice chat to be had some where.

It was party night at the floating camp and fireworks were dragged out of the box, one tube, about 40mm in diameter, had eight shots in it, hooting fun and gave everyone something to smile about.

Another slow day today Jonny surfed the right, Leo and I worked out how to open a conch shell, smash it with a sledge hammer on something hard, the meat is like abalone but not much of it so don’t think I will bother with them again. We are yet to try it. Finally got Matrix’s genset going for them, repaired some dodgy wiring and away she went, Leo had the classic “I told you so”, with the problem originating back to a burnt wire on the alternator he had seen previously.

Jen got smashed, by another mangrove jack, as we came through the channel but this one got away, bummer as it was a beauty. Still it got the heart going that’s for certain. She was using one of our new lures called Big Mouth, as you go along its mouth opens and pushes water out so it looks like it has just gobbled something itself. It works apparently.P1170223

We are now watching Rake each night with the genset on, three episodes last night, pretty good show.

The surf is getting slow, Jonny and I have had it the last 2 mornings to ourselves, Jonny reckons not to many places you can get perfect barrels with just two out in the world these days, even though we had to wait five minutes or so for the sets. I caught so many waves it felt like my arms might drop off. The Dream rolled up and straight away a couple of blokes paddled out and sat inside of us, wankers with no manners, have got no idea about taking it in turns.

Took Boomerang for a spin over to Treasures, got a handful of small waves, Jonny was rewarded for getting the lures out with a nice metre long Spanish Mackeral which he skull dragged aboard, good eating, cant believe we used to chuck them back, I suppose if you have a choice of 2 minute noodles of BBQ fish it is a no brainer.P1170213

I thought I would be eating heaps more noodles but Jen keeps on coming up with all sorts of stuff to keep us going, Jonny can bloody eat.

On the way back from Treasures we got hit by a storm, Jonny caught a tuna and we got hit by another storm, this one was all rain and it poured for hours, it seems like we have had a bit of a change in the seasons, lots of storms and heaps of rain now, almost daily, a month ago it wasn’t raining at all, rarely anyway.

We cooked up the conch in XO sauce, tender as and pretty bloody good. Sliced it up into slivers, blanched for 20 seconds, dusted them with corn flour and then stir fried the bits in oil and the sauce, bloody beautiful, it should be with all the stuffing around to get them out of the shell then slice it up, wish we had Mario’s slicer with us.

Have read heaps of books with the number 1 best read for a while being, Roseanna, a Swedish murder story, great book. It was written in 1962 and still foots the bill after all those years, another good 62er, good year that.

End of another week, Bailey from the camp gets back today with our beer, rum and ciggy’s, we have been supplying everyone with beers so it is payback today, the Matrix mob are out again, they have such a huge boat they could stock up for everyone.

Surfs gone a bit quiet, The dream hovers around and Bailey has bought four of his mates from Hawaii back, all boogers, happy bunch though, just like having the Beachhouse boys back, with all the weird noises the young mob make today.