Mentawi’eeeees if you pleeeease.

7th August 2015.

Up at sparrows, Yanmahs on, instruments on, window out, anchor up, said seeya to those who were awake and away we go, the mythical island chain called The Mentawi’s our next destination.


Got good current but as usual a bit of breeze on the nose, only ten knots so not to bad. It is only thirty five mile to the NE tip and another ten down the east coast to our anchorage for the night at Tabekat Bay on Pulau Siberut.

Came into the anchorage and decided to make a track out the back door of the island while the sun is up just in case we have to bugger off before sunrise.


Good little anchorage, bit deep, twenty metres, but it feels like good holding, hope we can get the bloody thing out of the mud tomoro morning. Heaps of mangroves, probably heaps of muddies to, that would hit the spot. Must be some spot where they cut down trees, as there is a big barge chocker with tree trunks, just being in touch with the environment that I find myself in.


Have had a couple of storms go over but nothing to get bothered about and the locals seem to keep to themselves which is a welcome change although they have got to pass within a couple of metres as they fly past, long canoes here, but no outriggers like in Telos and Nias.


Once again up with the birds, used our track and off we go, the wind is a bit from the east so sails up and doing quite well, six plus knots all the way until around midday when we had to tack East for a few miles then back and almost made it to Siberut Bay, down sails and arc up the yanmahs, way to much South and getting up there. We followed a ferry into the bay but got hit with a rain storm, white out and not much point trying to go into somewhere we have stuff all info on and no vision so we headed out again and headed south a bit more to what looked like a bit of a protected bay, the screen showed a narrow channel into the bay between a couple of reefs, ended up a piece of piss and a local, Ujung, guided us to a good spot to anchor, once again bit deep, twenty two metres, but he gave us the thumbs up once we were all done.


He came back a bit later on with half a dozen Coral Trout in his live tank, a partition made into the hull with a couple of holes drilled through the hulls side to keep it fresh, I picked up the biggest one, what a beauty, easy a couple off kilo’s, he couldn’t understand a word we said, beside namesaya Rod and Jenny, but asked me to jump aboard and we went to see his son, Anton, geez when I got in his canoe, long with no outriggers, we almost went over, I don’t know if he shit himself but I did. We made it over to his floating house and I got out of his boat quick smart and sat on the frames of his fish tanks, much more stable, then the bargaining began, I was pretty keen on the big CT and a smaller one for 100000idr, it went backwards and forwards for ten minutes, they just couldn’t do it so I reckoned I was close to the mark, so asked them if they drink Bintang, Oh Yeah, so my last price is 100000idr and three tidal dinged (hot) Bintangs, shook our thumbs and a high five, Anton then chucked another fish in my basket and had me thinking, does anyone know what I agreed to, I put the fish back in their tank and they were most happy, not the fish it probably didn’t give a toss who ate it by then, it all worked out well and I reckon we ended up mates.


Stormy old night, decent Sumatra with 35 knots, but anchored up safe as houses in here. Checked our position this morning and we are 480feet from where we were last night, got ninety metres of chain in so figuring we are easily in our safe working distance.


Kicked back for a relax day, had a few visitors but did stuff all else, suppose listening to the footy on 15.415hz is doing something, Roozen’s mob kicked arse.


We hit the road 0700 and made our way to Pulau Sipuru, easy going with heady up and one engine keeping us at seven knots. Had some concerns coming through a couple of islands but a ferry came through and showed us the passage, we just followed him and alls good, it was excellent of the guy to show us the way, we then found a spot Tim and Megan gave us and anchored up, checked the bottom, bit boondy like but I don’t think we will be going anywhere, no matter the wind direction.


Yacked to the folks and Mo which was good value, we have 3G so we can do anything, it is good to have fast internet for a change. Just watched the Dockers flog the Saints, sort of anyway, second game I have watched for the season, had a few Binnies and in a pretty good space.

Tell you what, Bring on the derby!!!!