Big and Bad on the Bay Of Plenty.

3rd July 2015.

Happy birthday Teniele and Penny.

 Another week gone, that’s nine since we left, it is pretty amazing how quick they go by, although the moon is more noticeable, we are now in total full moon and if we were sailing it would be perfect, Ramahdam is half over, the full moon proves it, so hopefully our mates Danny and crew will have some fish and bugs for us soon. They haven’t been around since the beginning of Ramahdam.


The Bay is pretty much deserted with only Investigator, The Sandy’s and us anchored up, Frederick and Rosie are clearing in, in Sibolga, we are waiting for the Persians to arrive, we had radio contact at 1900 tonight and they had ninety odd miles to go to Banda Aceh, blowing 25kns on the nose though, poor buggers, at least they are in a Perry 43 so you would feel confident with the boat.


The waves have gone as well plus the wind is SE and just enough to stuff any chance of a surf. We have just about run out of veges, one cabbage left, got heaps of tinned stuff, a dozen eggs and plenty of meat. Had a hooting potato pie the other night, hit the spot nicely, used the powdered potato that we got from Sailors in Langkawi and pretty impressed. Hubert is in the same boat when it comes to food, although he was telling us about his sausage kebabs and his chicken kebabs today as we learnt how to play poker, sort of anyway. Old mate Ali keeps us with food on the table though, he is a beauty.


Had a visit to the tree of knowledge and got a weather report, bit of a blow coming and you’d reckon some rain so looking forward to a bit of a drenching. Need some water in the creek system, bit dodgy washing clothes as they pong a bit from the water, which has a real sulphury smell to it.

There’s a turn up for the books, Imigrasi just paid us a visit, checking visa and stamps, all was good but just goes to show if you were doing the wrong thing they could catch you out anytime, not sure what would happen but I don’t want to find out.


One of the local charter boats, captained by Aswin, has pulled up and with him are the same guys as last year, a couple of Germans Johannes and Jenns, good blokes and as they were going for a surf I went and got me board also, knew it was to shalla being low tide, dickhead, now got a couple of ripper cuts on my foot and knee, dickhead. Back to the boat for liberal splashing’s of the Chinese version of Betadine, Die Da Yao Jing, stings like buggery when you put it on a new cut but it dry’s them out in no time, the one on my knee wept for two days, not a good sign, even stayed out of the water as a result of it, but it came good just in time for my best session so far this season at Gunters. Could do no wrong for a few hours, got my best barrel, then got a bit of a pounding but got back to the boat frothing, siick. Had a few beers with the boys staying at the FSC, Zac, Des, Duck and Justin and recanted the day’s happenings, frothing. One of the boys that moved into the new section of the FSC came back with a suspected stonefish spike, but ended up being a hoax but better than actually getting spiked out here. Remembered Thomo’s at Dirk Hartog Island, he had to dunk his thumb, which looked like a bloody great sausage, into boiling salty water, bloody painful but he toughed it out and survived, this young fella squawked first go and then they added cold water to his bucket, I walked away in disgust and had another beer.


The Bay has been devoid of Charter boats and if you wait till around 1100 all the guys from the camps are back in bed leaving the place deserted, perfect way to spend the middle part of your day, surfing and singing by yourself or with a couple of Germans, doing it tough.

We went to the opening of the new accommodation at the Floating Surf Camp, Dave and I pulled out the fireworks, Bailey supplied the speech and the coca cola, we the JD and voddie and with a bit of rope we tied down the 4” bomb, it went off, got to buy a few of them in Phuket next time we are there. Jesus wept, the noise was scary and the result was awesome with the sky above lighting up big time.


It was a lay day next day, blurr.

Another big swell is coming, time to shift as the winds will have us facing in the wrong direction for the swells coming through into the anchorage, gets a bit rock and rolly, so we are up in Calm Bay again, like a millpond here.


The Persians have arrived after a harrowing voyage, well done guys, and we celebrated their arrival with a good sundowner up at The Bahamas, which is what we call our old swimming hole now, a pretty apt likeness if you ask me.

Next day was Pen’s birthday, big lumpy waves and first out in the water for a bit then got bombed with the crowd, didn’t take much to get me back in the dinghy and out of there.


We went down and said our goodbyes to the crew at the FSC and the boys, who ended up being rippers, well, really must have been rippers before they got there as they were rippers.


1630 and it’s over to Persian Sands for an excellent evening of food and song, Frederick and his guitar were going off and everyone had a ball. We had chicken, bugs, fish and a huge bowl of salad, yews yews, it’s been a long time since we have even seen green veges, it was superb. Happy birthday Pen you are a pearler.


Hubert and I ended up frogged, which also ended up with a few bruises and a pretty funny departure from Investigator into our dinghy, all done on hands and knees if you don’t mind, I certainly didn’t, bit sore now though. Look out Sibolga here we come, reckon even Blackie wanted to come too but bugger that, he bites.