Telaga Happenings

7th November 2014.

Back in sunny Langkawi along with Keith’s brother Clive who was on the same planes as me back from Perth. My bike was where I left it in the area set aside for taxi drivers and it started so alls good.


A pretty uneventful week although had a couple of highlights, we went to the Pause for Paws show at the Eagle Rock bar at Pantai Tengah, all the best bands from KL were here and there are some beauties, one had a huge bloke playing the acoustic guitar, it looked like a ukulele on him, he had it up high above his belly and liked to wave his arms around, he was bloody good. Drinks were a killer though, rm50 for a beer and a gin and tonic, four rounds and we were broke. Then along came Bond, hot bottle of Hardy’s Sav Blanc and some ice and we sat out on the boardwalk getting a shine on.

Had this big local bloke, owned a boat, a restaurant, a house and a great big black Harley Davidson, which he offered me the keys, thought for a sec but then thought better of it. He was pretty big on himself sprouting on about his money. Keith and Cath and Clive were boogying all night long.


We had Bollywood come to town, Telaga Harbour Marina that is, full stage production with dancers and stuff, I went and sat out on the side smoking a cigar and having a beer but after a few takes they pretty much told me to piss off back inside, Boomerang is quite possibly a prop for this lavish production. Fame and fortune follows us everywhere. The chick was hot, the boys from Mahurajha’s agree.


Boomerang is in the background to this wedding shot as well.


Koh Lipe is calling so we have been getting Boomerang ready for departure, she is looking good, all polished and the props all done so just need the weather and away it will be. Had planned on Saturday but it blew its arse off, also the Breezies are back so we have decided to wait for them as well. They are doing a dive course on Lipe as where they went to do it a couple of weeks ago had no vis.

We have been hitting Shin Mi a fair bit, in fact they gave us a discount the other day, unbelievable. Had a steamed muddy in soy the other night that was absolutely delicious. We went for tea at Shin Mi with a group of yachties and over the course of the meal the subject came around to fire crackers, I didn’t even start it, I was telling our story of letting off crackers through the Kimberley and all of a sudden this women goes “that’s where I have seen Boomerang, I knew I had seen you somewhere.” When we anchored up in Parry Harbour one evening with Chris and Woodsy back in 2011 we had let some rippers go, there were two other boats in the place, one was Opal Lady and the other was Lazy Bones which happened to be the guys I was sitting next too. Pretty small world.

Also had a great lunch feast at Teo’s, Curry crab, spewing though as just as he had chopped it up along came a bloke with another foam box full of freshy’s, couple of rippers amongst it, next time I will ask before I choose.


All this good food has got the blood pressure a bit erratic so I went to the Langkawi Hospital for a check up the other day. Most people say how crap this place is but it cost me rm50 for an ECG and they monitored me until the BP came good. Dr Li asked me how long I have been here, said a couple of months, she then asked if I eat local food, Yep, drink beer, Yep, well perhaps I should slow down a bit on both, so I have and alls good. Can’t believe it was to many crabs, although I do wake up just about every morning thinking how I can get my hands on one. I reckon it is the beer, but don’t tell anyone.

Jeffery bought his boat around to Telaga and I went out and helped him bring it in to his berth, climbed aboard and felt like a spaz, rockin and rollin, monohulls who would want one. We got him into B19 easy as and he is now happily going through his job list getting her ready for fun. I had a look at his genset the other day and tried to flash it, got to 70 volts then the smoke came out, we have now pulled it to pieces and he will need to get the bits sorted as we are going on holidays tomorrow. Horror, the last thing I need is work related stress.


Had and excellent sing along with K&C&C for Clive’s last night, The Breezies came too, he is a pretty good guitar player and singer to boot. It was really nice to meet Clive and I reckon he had a ball with his older brother, don’t think it will be 8 years between drinks next time.


Was waiting for the motor rewinder to come and check out Jeffery’s genset but he rang, “had an accident”, so that was us, packed hose and lead away then headed over to the fuel dock and stuck 150litres in, probably could have got away without any but might need the genset for the air conditioner, pretty sticky at night and if it rains and you cant leave the hatches open your stuffed.

Left Telaga around 1130 and headed out for Koh Lipe, about 25nm and our home for the next fortnight, Thai food done proper, can’t wait.

BEEEEEP, horror, the starboard engine alarms going off. Have not even made it 100 metres out from the entrance to Telaga, shut it down and shifted all the surfboards and crap, then the mattress, then tried to find my stick for holding the engine hatch open which was now living in the dinghy, good place for it not, luckily the string we used when overhauling the fuel pump was handy. Climbed in and the first thing I see is a bottle of coolant, did I or didn’t I, well obviously I didn’t top up the coolant after changing the engine mounts, Rod is a wanker, Jen was going what’s wrong? Just mumbled you drive, follow The Breezies and avoided eye contact, filled it up and away we go. Shaking my head at no one in particular, WHAT A WANKER.