It’s a Banyak Seafood Smash.

29th Augustus 2017.

Happy birthday Bailey, Siti and Tony. And happy fathers day to all fathers.

Went for a surf the other day and I might as well have been in Margaret River, paddled out and some bloke covered in zinc says, giddy Rocket, I looked at him and went , got me buggered, its Macca he says, still none the wiser, then another guy comes up and says something about karaoke at The Knights Inn, now I am completely stuffed, although he reminds me of a bloke I helped get his car started one morning, 0400 on Station Road, his pants fell down while we were pushing it funny as, Tommo. The good old days. And Kym, the boys got his head screwed on right, way to go. I had a session with them on Huey 1, geez I was thirsty. Nearly everyone on board was from Margaret River, classic.

Left it a bit late to leave BOP but in the end just had to go, swells pushing a metre coming into the bay, upped anchor, the crew was nervous but all went as normal, stick to the plan Sam, and we dodged around the reef into absolute shit, bit like riding a horse but once around the corner it was up our arse and we anchored up in Calm Bay where it is pretty much always calm, funny that.

It blew it’s guts out for three days, lots of reading got done, read the best Elmore Leonard book, Out Of Sight, what a ripper tale, could not put it down, if I did it was for a nannary, then straight back into it. Read this book. He wrote, Get Shorty, which is a movie and has none other than John Travoltta in it. Good movie.

Anyway we have been up here doing it hard, sort of anyway, hunting gong gongs and lalas, got in touch with my mate Susie and got the recipe for cooking them, you need an onion, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and salt steeped in water, of course, and just boil them, so good but a bit gritty, looked at her instructions again, make sure you clean them, oh well next time. Good recipe mate.

Amazingly lemongrass is hard to find here but we found a lime tree at our mates on the island’s house. They work pretty good and we have been using lemongrass and ginger tea from Thailand so getting by. If you have never had gong gong you are in for a treat one day. Have even sussed out when and how to get them in big numbers.

Since its so calm, it is blowing twenty five knots, it was time to service the engines, in particular the raw water systems, what a can off worms to open out here in the middle of nowhere, but it had to be done, the water out the holes in the hull, must have a name those holes, I had noticed was getting a bit less than normal, so start at the beginning, cleaned out strainer then moved onto pump but much to hard so onto the heat exchanger, full of bits from the pump impeller, damn, so clean that up and go for glory on the pump. What a shit job, got to take all the hoses off, be like Inspector Gadget getting the pump cover off and then get the busted impeller out, horror, but a bit of blood and heaps of swearing later it was done, then you’ve got to grease the new impeller and stick it in the not circular hole, ahha, cable tie around it, nice and tight and it’s a piece of piss, put the cover back on, dropped the allen key and bolt into the bilge, not really grinning but sweating like a rapist, ahhhhh, found it because it landed on a nappy I left in there, hows that for forward thinking, not, but you got to take a win when it comes your way, especially doing dirty mechanical shit, who would be a mechanic or a fitter, really. Anyway I finally got it done and no leaks first time, grinning.

Today, next day, I was putting it off but the other engine needed looking at too, bugger me dead the heat exchanger is also full of bits from the pump, ahhhhhh, so the process was to be followed once again, thankfully with a bit of hindsight it went pretty smoothly, a few dropped things but nothing to wet your dacks over. Ran it up for a bit and no leaks so happy and then changed the oil, forgot to change the filter, dickhead, but hadn’t really put to much new oil in so no problem and not even much mess, bullshit, a bit of mess but by now I have come to grips with that, oh that reminds me, yesterday when I am transferring the black oil to the old five litre container, I, for some reason, checked how much to go and spilt about half a litre on the teak, what a wanker. Forgetting that, both engines are serviced and running good, thank god.

Shelling was not quite as fruitful today, may have cleaned them out, the ones from yesterday were mighty fine though. Huge plate full.

Hows this for a sunset. Red sky at night, sailors delight, and some shepherds to, looks like good the weather is back.

Surfs pretty small but the occasional head height one comes through, only two other people out so take it in turns and in no time you’ve had ten waves then twenty, but not to day, as soon as I jumped in I felt tired and after six waves completely rooted, Im not sure but I think it could have been the Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory mix, fully spaz. Came back to the boat and slept for five hours. Bails had bolted to Medan to meet his mates from Hawaii and escort them to Banyak, plus run amuck in town I reckon and on his return we have avocados, limes, a carton of beer and most important the new thermostat for the fridge. Have been turning it off and on manually for a few days now, so with the help of Beng2 it is now a goer. Something else broke too, ah that’s right had a fresh water leak in port hull, searched everywhere for it for days, finally found the bastard hose clamp, how do they come loose?

The surf meanwhile has been small to good, then it got real good, three to four foot and all three waves breaking for four days, lucky as there were four charter boats in the bay and FSH and Julian’s camp both full, once again so many waves, jelly arms twice a day, and the rib is only hurting after a couple of hours but feels more like a stitch now, everyone said it takes a month for ribs to get better, pretty well spot on.

We had Bailey’s birthday, messy, two litres of Bloody Mary 50:50 tomato juice, and vodka, plus Tabasco, Worstershire, lime juice and salt and pepper, good blend. Fireworks as usual. On the subject of fireworks we had Ronnie and Rolf here for a while and they let off some fireworks on their last night, one was broken and in the middle of it going off it exploded on the deck outside of their room, I saw it from the boat, it was a ripper close up cracker experience for the boys. They were yacking about it for ages. I reckon this is Uncles first ever steak burger.

Had another haul of gong gong, heaps of them, found another spot, also took a couple of crew from Julian’s shelling for Kram, we call them lama’s, they had been eating rice and an egg a day for ages so a change was greatly appreciated, I think. They were from The Basque Country, south of France, excellent dudes and they were great fun to surf with. They understood the term, sharing, it is surprising how many people can’t seem to grasp such a simple concept.

Bails’s mates were like a breath of fresh air, they bought fishing gear, diving gear, surf boards, cameras so big they must take good photos, vodka, beer although about ten cartons short of the real deal and they were keen as to use it all. They go diving to forty metres and sit there for a while, Erwin was spinning out, wondering if they were ok, underwater for three minutes, classic.

With their arrival so came the cumi cumi, squid. One jig in particular decimated the stocks, you could go out the floating platform now out at Gunters and catch a dozen in five minutes, go for a two hour surf, come and get another pile and go home and clean them. Boomerang is a bit of a mess on the steps, squid ink everywhere. They were up the front hanging by our bridle, down the back with the shells, all you had to do was put a jig in and they monstered it, my cumi2 score in the week was 74, still haven’t caught a fish though.

The creek is going off, had a BBQ over there the other day, three hours of fire to cook three spuds in the coals, good spuds, definitely worth the effort. Our food is running out so before it is canned food we are getting the most out of whats left.

Was out sharing some waves with Ernie the other day, what song would you be singing in your head surfing with Ernie? Turned into a perfect lago, got ten hooting waves and said to Ernie that the first wave was a dud, any excuse, so one more will do me, way too deep and ended up on the reef, kicked my heals for the second time in a couple of days, spewing, going to have to wear shoes soon, thats going to be fun, then felt the doong of fins hitting bottom, paddled star fish style off the reef and then out in the channel checked it out, should have been happy with ten waves, greedy tosser.

Erwin bought The Baracuda into the bay, their new charter boat, what a beauty, they loaded up and headed for Treasures, I was gunna go but not this time, no boats in the Bay so no crowd and not to bad waves either.

Fixed the board, Rod style, bit dodgy, bit like The Lunar Circus, if it’s not dodgy it’s not The Lunar Circus, but it is done, fin is stuck there now, used Roozen’s fin replacement tip, worked a treat Ronnie.

Well it is time to move out of Banyak after two months and head down to Lagundry Bay for a bit, really, I ran out of beer, unbelievable. I am going to miss this bloke. We are all 62ers.


Busted arse in the Bay Of Plenty.

8th August, 2017.

Happy birthday Sooly and the twins, hope it is a beauty.

The trip back from Sibolga went with no real issues, perfect conditions and the night flew along. Left 1800 and arrived 1000 the next day. Even experienced a sunrise, not one of my usual joys in life.

Hit the inside left straight away, three foot and perfect, scored a big wide one and milking it to the last I found myself stuck on this wave which is now barreling off its tits along and over the bombies way to fast, over the falls, slammed down once then twice for good measure, fully rag dolled me, bounced me off the bottom and luckily I put my foot down on the only rock that wouldn’t shred it to shit, I hit the boat and only injury was a sore bottom rib, thank god for the wetsuit, then the water started pissing out my nose for at least an hour, welcome back to the Bay of Plenty.

Therman and his mates rolled up for the bisquits, that’s how they say it, I said I would get them a tin in town.

Good mob at the Floating Surf House, couple of Bails’ mates from America. A Cuban and a Hawaiian, funny buggers. Speak so strange, so I increased their vocabulary ten fold with Aussie slang. These guys in the end could even say poofter right and every other dirty word I could think of.

We had big nights of playing arsehole, with some ending up so messy, classic FSH style. The tree of knowledge is on line, there has been a fair bit of sand washed away so now if you do fall off it you are pretty much rooted. After half an hour precariously perched up there your legs get a bit shaky and stiff which makes for an interesting, but slow dismount.

The other guests are three Frogs and a Murderer, Swedish, a doctor and two lawyers and an oxygen thief, sorry engineer, these guys are good value, spend as much time as possible in the water, love a few beers after and are good areshole players. Mike, the murderer has spent weeks out here and he was like a good luck charm, no, a wave magnet, from the day he got here the waves turned on big time and the day he left they were gone.

Speaking of the waves, they have been perfect, two to four foot and with little or no wind, glassy as. Only got iPhone photos, pretty crap so I won’t bother, but got the camera back in action again finally. We shifted Boomerang up to Calm Bay the other day, The crew was over the rock n roll shit from the last big swell, I gotta say, so was I. Plus being calm we got cauliflower cheese, my favourite veggies.

Calm Bay bought us a couple of surprises, we found Lala’s and gong gongs, both a type of shell and pretty good chewing. One thing this year is there aren’t any bugs around. You get a few sandflies, which can send you spare, but the big swarms of mossies and other buggy things are not here, Im happy. Just got to Rid up if you go to the beach.

We were shelling the other day and the family from the island came and joined us, soon we had way to many shells but it was impossible to stop them collecting them, in the end it was out to the boat with them, a t-shirt or hoody for everyone, a ten pack of ayam noodles and bandaids, betadene and insect spray, one poor girl was covered in bites which she had scratched, horror, I took them back all grinning though.

Had a big night with the Frogs on the FSH playing arsehole, my homie lighting crackers and then had to drive back to Calm Bay at 2300 in the dark and a little bit sideways, hit a few things, a log and a couple of rocks, low tide, we were only going for a few quietys to say goodbye to the boys.

Next day we moved down the Bay again, went for a spin in the dinghy, all’s ok, picked up Mornie and Raman to head to the beach and the prop wasn’t right, damn ham. The crews just done the old roll the eyes and let rip with a tirade along the lines of those f…n rocks you hit last night, you cant remember, can you, can you, can you, couldn’t even escape, horror and she was right, I couldn’t really remember, what rocks, it was a log. Buggered if I know.

The creeks that make the Bay such a good place to stay have all but blocked up so it was declared, we need a creek, get a shovel and lets dig our own. At the breaking earth ceremony Bailey as always blessed this and blessed that and we all got into it. Only took an hour and we had flow, Cameron and Fiona, a couple of cool FSH guests joined the fray. Hope when we go back we will have a pool to hang out in during the hot part of the day.

Our creek is a ripper, excellent white sand and we now have a barbie area over there. Landscaping here is a piece of piss.

Had one of the best surfs so far yesterday out at Gunters, two to three foot and some nice wide ones, ribs are still a bit delicate but pilled up before I went out, one filthy barrel and another not to badie. Powdered on a big one, too slow, and was kicking myself for hours, it would have been a beauty. Back on Boomerang the beers weren’t touching the sides, Bails paddled over so it turned messy as per usual. Searching for the JD I found the two bottles of rum I have been looking for, bloody Malibu, not quite Poofter Hill, bit depressing really, I am sure there is a couple of bottles stashed somewhere but who knows where.

Been book worming big time, stand outs were, A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin, Dead Mans Grip by Peter Cross, The Big Knockover by Dashiell Hammett, this is a pearler book of short stories and Elmore Leonards Cuba Libre. Did a book swap with Keith from Surfmachine the other day so will get stuck into them soon. He’s going good, picked up a new crew member here, Jake who comes from Margaret River, after a few weeks aboard he will be talking really loud I reckon, Keith’s a bit deaf. Which helps with his surfing because he can’t hear all the people dropping in behind him. Seeya.



Banyak Bruising.

11th May 2016.

Good luck Davros, just survive the bux party and you should be right remember mate, you get three goes to get it right.

We had a change of skipper, Davros stepped up after I got us out of the bay and we headed for Pulau Banyak, fair few beers and even a frog or two, had me asleep for the first good one for a couple of days, woke up to sunshine and only a few miles to go to The Bay of Plenty and a splattered little toe.


It was pretty much a party type atmosphere aboard Boomerang, heaps going on and just as much going off, the surf was small so we did a bit of exploring up to The Bahamas, cracked my wrist on a mangrove branch, after Dave had hit it with his back and giving it just a bit more recoil, another injury, hurt like shit. Speaking of shit, poor Ty had one go at the dunny and filled it to the top, too much paper mate, then the switch shit itself and this is what I had to do to replace it, horror. Perry Catamarans are certainly built to not fall apart.


On the day we took the crew out in Phang Gna Bay I kicked my little toe on my right foot, between Sabang and Similue I did it again and then the night we picked the boys up I give it a horror kick, almost sooked it, so I have been watching it since and it is finally coming good, the nail is rooted and the toe looks munted but at last it has stopped stinging every time you put it in water. Matt, who we first met on Surfmachine, has been giving me some stuff called medical honey, it is amazing and it has healed in like four days.


Dave and Ty have been surfing each day, they didn’t have many days and it was a bummer it was not real big, geez we ate some lobster kipus as and drank some piss though, you guys are welcome back anytime, Erwin organised there ferry ride back and Davros was there for his bux party, spewing I couldn’t go, Jen wasn’t real keen on staying on the boat alone until I dragged my sorry arse back from Medan, at some stage.


There has been some fun to be had on the Floating Surf House, they have taught me a game of cards called arsehole, I am really good at it. It is a pearler of a game.

The surf has arrived, surfed the right at a couple of foot, pretty spaz to start with but got it together after three waves, even got a nice little barrel in the end.


Next day had a couple of surfs at the inside left, great fun and absolutely rooted at the end of my second surf, some good waves and had a ball. In the end two out and just divvying it up, classic. The right was going off all day, there are a few people here that are really good surfers, Rahaul from Nias is a charger, great to watch so is Daniel from Hawaii. Matty got a great barrel for his last wave, he was pretty stoked, yew yew. Dicko also doing it easy and of course Bailey, he’s got the place sussed.

Anaran and Nabahan, our fishermen mates, were floating next to us as I came out this morning, made a coffee for them, they had been diving during the night for lobster for us, it is pretty bloody big, crazy buggers, ended up giving them a tin of biscuits, a couple of pairs of goggles, T-shirt and a pair of thongs as a trade for five lobster, good deal I reckon, they are coming back on the eighteenth so hopefully a good feed of lobster kipus coming up.


Today was as big as I have seen it and so many people on the left, the old everyone gets a wave was abandoned, took half an hour to get one, pretty good one though, but the sky went black, so back to the boat to get ready for a storm, got to admit it was too much of a hassle out there, just getting old I guess.

Got back to the boat and it pissed down, the wind swung to South and it was evacuate for all the charter boats to another place a bit more protected.


We had five days of big waves, the creek copped it, and a fair bit of rain which led to my downfall, spewing. One night I went to haul the dinghy up but it was full of rain water so instead of baling it out I reckoned it would be easier to pull it up a bit abit and pull the bung out, it came up all pissed so I jumped down from above and the whole thing swung over, my scrawny arms copped the whole weight including a nicely maintained turtle and I pulled a muscle or something in my shoulder, horror, it has done me in, you can paddle but pushing up to your feet is just that fraction to slow, so surfing the right I have been copping it on the head badly since. Doesn’t look like this year is going to be as much fun as I thought. I’ve been relegated to the left but the right is going off, don’t know what I did wrong but I hope my Karma comes good soon.

Lots of storms coming through, heaps of rain and NW’ers and a few big southerly blows as well. We are parked in a pretty good spot so alls good.


The Sandy’s have arrived finally with a tale of woe, but they are here and that’s all that matters, it is great to see them. Wish my arm was better.


All the boys from FBH and Dave had one of the best sessions I have seen here the other day. I shot back to the boat and got the camera and amazingly got some excellent photos and footage, Matty and Bailey and Dicko were the highlights.


May seventeenth came along, my fifty fourth, got some nice lefts in the morning and got a bit spun out in the arvo in really big, for me anyway, Gunters. Anyway it was a party on Boomerang, it was a beauty, I was crowned King of The Bay for the night, a very good night.


In the end everyone was a DJ and the drinks ran out around 0200 and everyone went home, thank god for that, blurrrr.


Thanks everyone it was unreal, yeww yeww.


They were on the roof, it was standing room only.



Tried to surf yesterday, got smashed and hurt me shoulder again, not happy, reckon its time to bugger off. Had a filthy feast over on Sandy last night, Fazey excelled, and then Bailey and his cohort Jules rolled up, horror, frogged. He managed to get home dry, that’s a first.


The swells back again, it has been so consistent for the last three weeks, tried out the inside left, got half a dozen and called it quits, buggered if I know whats wrong with the shoulder, hurts more now than it did before. When I got back to the boat I took the fins out in disgust. Some bad beatings happened on that day with amazingly the inside left doing the most damage, heaps of people wont be surfing for a while I reckon. We went in to say goodbye to the crew on the Surf House, to find Bailey lying on the ground in agony, he got badly smashed up on and around his hip, poor bugger, we sussed out his blood pressure and vital signs, then got him comfortable, he’s going home in a few days. Hope you are coming good Bailey.


We said our goodbyes to Erwin, Goddy, Jules and Uncle, reckon next time I see them I will be a paying customer, good luck you guys. Also to all the other crew in the Bay, it was hard to leave but our visa is just about run out. By the way the tree of knowledge has lost it’s knowledge. It not work no more.


Had a great sail to our overnight anchorage, chucked the anchor out and arced up the Genset and watched three episodes of True Detective, good show. The first series was superb and the second not far behind. Good call Christy and Paul.


Next morning up and at it, but for the second time ever the chain is stuck, horror, it is actually horror stuck. We anchored in a bay full of fishing boats and where the water isn’t really inviting but what can you do. Jumped in and swam down nine metres to the bottom holding the chain, all I could see was that it was around a lump of rock but had no breath left to suss it out, then went for the surface but it was all black around me, shit myself a bit, but managed to find the chain and up I went, pretty much rooted by the time I got to the top. Out with the hookah, in I go but it is only pumping out a poofteenth of what it used too, can’t remember when I last used it, spewing and, I wasn’t real keen on diving down again. So we let out twenty metres of chain and I once again doubled back in the direction we had swung in the night and dragged it in again, still stuck but we are right over the rock as the chain was tight as, let off ten metres right on top and then sucked it back and hey presto we are on our way. Holy shit I didn’t need that.


We made good time to Sibolga and hit the Imigrassi office at 1400, the first thing they wanted was our sponsor letter, haven’t got one as we are just visa on arrival, yes you do, ok Beng Beng you do it so alls good, so it seems. Next day no real joy but we got heaps of other shit done, I got an x-ray on my shoulder, no broken bones so something more sinister I think, did the supermarket shopping, a new Shimano reel from the best looking woman in Sibolga, a new toilet switch and a couple of spare relays. Took the door from the toilet dunny down to a cabinet maker, not like the ones at home that’s for sure but at fifteen bucks I was willing to give them a go.


Had lunch with Beng Beng at the pork shop on the hill, ok, but I think it is wearing a bit thin. No word from Imigrassi so we went for a drive around the place and then unloaded and back to boat. Got there and five minutes later it is pissing down and blowing thirty knots, didn’t even get a chance to drag the dinghy up, oh well a good test for the anchor and it wasn’t dark if something went tits up.


Next day we slept in and got the call from Beng Beng, beer is ready and by the way you have a problem with your visa, horror, it runs out today, so gone from relaxed to in a race to get into shore and find out what to do. It all worked out in the end, some stuff up in Jakarta but is now sorted. Sometimes you have just got to, cross your fingers and hope for the best, something Beng Beng had never heard of, cracked us up, then shut your gob and smile.




Holidays are over, those ones anyway.

21st September 2015.

Its time to get up, the time is six o’clock.

Its time to get up, the time is six o’clock.

Its time to get up, the time is six o’clock.

Floundered around in a blur then finally found the bastard and went back to bed.

The Sandy’s anchorage is safe but bejesus it is rock and roll all night long. A huge lightning storm hit around 0330, lots of lightning and it pissed down. The thunder was like in the Telos, it sounded distorted it was so close.


We hung in there till 0700, knock off time for the fishermen I reckon, they were all coming past yelling and carrying on.

An irritating one foot swell at about three seconds is sweeping into the anchorage from the east, a light five knot SE breeze which is not making things to bad, no sideways action but lets get out of here.


We had anchor up and everything stowed by 0730, then it was hobby horsing out of the place around the port marker and guess what, it got far worse. To sail our course is impossible, fully on the nose, so Penang it is. The bloody autopilot is playing up or it may possibly be the plotter, that is twice now it has needed to be reset. Along the coast fishermen come over to see you and wave, my standard line now is, Aceh bagus, Jumpa Lagi, which they all seem to like. One boat came towards us and they are very animated, I waved back but they more like waved their arms in a Hati-Hati kind of way, I looked where we were headed and be buggered there’s a little wave breaking dead ahead, all the charts say ten metres, we were in thirty and I didn’t wait around to watch it rise, apparently I did good as the waving and yelling stopped.

We set the sails and sailed between thirty and fifty degrees, motorsailng, doing four to five knots, big time current against us, not much you can do, we aren’t going back.


Got Boomerang balanced up and sailing, which improved our situation ten fold, pretty ugly conditions, but Penang is not a bad spot. Mid morning we had some favourable wind direction and were just about able to head for the bottom of Langkawi, things are on the up, plus we are up in the high fives now. By lunch it was all ok, heading for Telaga Harbour.

A ship passed us from behind, I had no idea it was there, checked the AIS, amber light solid, normally green or blue, out with the book, not a great deal of info, perhaps bad area, GPS not working, that sort of stuff. So disconnected everything, checked all leads, opened up the AIS, ah shit, it has the burnt electrical smell, now it’s rooted for sure, this is not really going to plan, we are just about to cross the Straits of Melaka, one of the busiest passages in the world, now with no B class AIS, I dragged out the spare and plugged it in but even though all the indicators are correct there is nothing displayed on the plotter, a real case of the thick plottening. Out with the books, laptop and special lead but don’t really reckon I need to be bothering, it is not going to work but persisted for a couple of hours then spat the chips and had a beer followed by a stiff JD and coke, that’ll fix it. Nope. It is getting on now and the sun is going down, turned on the radar just to check. I was checking the screen and noticed these purple arcs, thought it to be waves but then looked around and there are none, oh shit we are almost in the strait, they are ships and it looks bloody busy as well.


The first one was a beauty, came up behind us, had him sussed, called him on the radio to no avail, he tooted his horn as he went past. From then on it was game on, I was wondering when I was going to get tired, not tonight that was for sure, they started coming at us from all directions although most were heading east to west or close to it, at one stage we had one slow down to give us room and then they all started doing it so you couldn’t just run up the front work out which way they were heading by their nav lights then back to the wheel to make adjustments, reckon they were thinking what’s this stupid prick up to. A couple of hours and perhaps fifteen boats I was rooted, me brain was fizzing, even had the doubts coming on, but they stopped for almost an hour, what a short lived fantasy that was, the bastard things then came at us like there was no tomorrow. At one stage I called on the VHF, all ships, all ships this is sailing vessel Boomerang we are at such and such and heading on course 082 degrees to Langkawi, can you please avoid us, not one of them replied, but they definitely saw us with every light on our mast on. About 0200 they started to slow down, thank god for that, hooked into a couple of beers to settle the nerves. They were still coming but one at a time now with heaps of gap so even allowed myself fifteen minutes nap with the phone on my chest, It’s time to get up, the time is 0230. Back to life check the surroundings and have another go, added up to a couple of hours in the end, plenty, when you know, just make it to daybreak and it is bedtime. The crew doesn’t want anything to do with nighttime and ships, don’t blame her either. You don’t realize how much you can miss something till it’s gone, the AIS gives you the ship that’s bearing down on you’s name, once you call it they are obliged to answer but if you are calling someone, like merchant vessel x 3, this is sailing vessel boomerang x 3, they don’t give a shit about you. They don’t need to give a shit is probably closer to the point.


Well the sun rose, I have sussed a comfy posy on the chair, the morning is startling, beautiful clear sky, an ocean that is so calm and blue as blue, nice, last night was horror, today is like you won and here’s your prize. We had the current with us and engines just tonking along to get 6.3kns, the risk of shipping has gone so iPad is showing the way, given up on the other gear and the autopilot is manageable but needs constant attention, we are going a bit fast as we don’t want to get to Telaga to early, although Jen did suggest the fuel dock, that is a good option. Dropped one engine off and lost a knot, it can stay off.


Saw a whale today, I thought I saw one about half an hour earlier and was thinking, as these Thai fishing boats, ones with the net between them, I imagined what would happen if they caught a whale and there you go one pops up and we both, sitting up the front sipping Anchor beers, saw it, be buggered hey. Yesterday I saw a pack of dolphins, they were going off up front, heaps of them, that was pretty cool too.


We have sat and watched the horizon for the expected 0 – 5 knots of WNW breeze, not happening, so time for a snooze, good one to, woke ready to go which was good as the wind has arrived, ten to fifteen knots at 120 degrees and all is good.


Had a funny thing happen, a boat came over for a look, cut me off to start with, then they just took off, the strange thing was all the dogs barking on it, guess it was someone’s navy but not sure whose.


The going was good so I had another snooze but a storm was headed our way, Jen give me a shake around 2300 as the wind had come around on the nose at twenty knots, it then moved to beam and eventually back to 120 degrees, so much for taking our time, we were flying, by this stage all the squid boats are packing it in for the night and heading for cover, we just ploughed on Langkawi now a glow on the horizon. About 0200 and it has passed but the lightning show we got was superb, full horizontal stuff, looked like it was joining the clouds together and then the occasional direct hit on the ocean, spectacular, our conditions continued to improve and I set about getting the fenders and ropes ready. As you come into Telaga there are some bamboo posts that are bunched together at the top and a few metres above the sea level, it might be a FAD not sure, but I know they are there and approximately where they are so I was looking out for them, you wouldn’t want to hit it as it would skuff up the gelcoat pretty badly. I quizzed on whether I had passed them and decided that I had and moved up front to tie off a fender, this is when I saw it, it went sailing past and all I could do was just watch it as we missed it by a couple of metres, just goes to show after all the crap with the electronics, the ships and the weather when your lucks in it is in.

Dropped anchor out the front of the marina as it was pretty calm by then, I had a shave for my appointments with Imigrassi, Harbour Master and Customs officials in the morning and hit the sack, slept in in the end but we were safe and sound in berth A34 by 0930. Had Cath and Gary help with the ropes, then we helped another boat come in and finally kicked back for a bit. All things considered it was a good sail, 250nm as the crow fly’s, not sure how many miles we actually did, in forty three hours, pretty much the standard.

All the paperwork over, with no dramas, we were welcomed back by the Imigassi boss and the Harbour Master, that to me is way cool. Came out of there with a spring in my step. Up to the Marina Office, cleared with them and we are back home.

BRING ON THE OCKWOLD’S, sorry Ockwells..

The Rangas would like to thank, Hubert, the lone sailor, party organiser and constant backup for ciggys, lighters and red wine, The Sandy’s for I am not sure what, but it is always good fun when you guys are around, Fred and Rosie, our live entertainment and a constant smiling face, The Persians, what a big effort to get there, Bailey and Erwin and Uncle and Goddy at the Floating Surf House, BengBeng for services done under extreme corruption, Dr Libra Christian for being our mate, Firman for his driving skills, Allie, Anaren and Nabahan for the Udang Kipas, Mangrove Jack, taking me diving and just being good dudes, Marcus for the fins, Mick for the JD and Ballantines, perfect timing, Paul the photographer for my Barrel shots, Uni and the kids at Lagundri Bay you are rippers and we really hope CaptainR’s is there next year.


We travelled approximately 2180 nautical miles, we used 1620 litres of fuel, we made 13000 litres of water and including getting the boat ready up in Thailand, six grand, we spent right on $15000 over five months for everything, to do a 12 day charter is close on five grand each, lets say four, so looking at it that way, I saved $35000 dollars and Jen got hers for free. Geez with calculations like that you may as well just go surfing, eat lobsters and drink heaps of piss.