A dinghy ride to remember.

11th August 2015.

Holy crap, we have just been flogged, Jens spun, my legs are a bit wonky, well a bit more than normal, we only went to get some phone credit and some milk and its turned into a do or die mission.


As we were leaving the Ranga I was looking to the north, balmy conditions but a bit of dark cloud moving in from that direction. I ummed and arrred for a bit but we went, famous last words “it cant be worse than the other day”. Flew over to town and parked the dinghy at the wharf this time, easy as you like and headed uptown to have a bit of a look around. Theres a festival on, wish I had have got a photo of the banner, perhaps tomoro if it didn’t get blown away, the first thing I noticed was “free sex” but this followed by HIV Aids, so we bolted.

Found a phone shop, got 100000idr credit for the phone and another 3.5GB of data, easy as you like, all for about twenty bucks, we then proceeded to go for a walk up the street and ended up buying some milk, corn flakes, shapes and some choccy. We came out of the shop and it was like we were in a different world, all the corrugated iron, that the shops are made of is banging and clanging, people are running for cover and the first raindrops are splattering around us, shit, c’mon lets get out of here. As we got to the wharf it was pretty bloody obvious that this was gunna be an all out adventure to get back to the Ranga. I was keen, Jen just obeyed orders, lucky for me, where we got in the boat was tucked away and calm but once we got out of the lee of all the ferrys and other boats, holy crap, about a metre wind wave with who knows what wind, had to put my sunnys on to be able to see, could have, should have turned around but I felt pretty confident we would make it. Plus it was the first real NW blow in the anchorage and you always want to be aboard for that, even if it is only to drink beers. Once out of the harbor we then followed the backs of houses and shops around the last point and be buggered it is now blowing it’s arse off. You have to cross a really bad stretch of water where current and wind really combine to throw up some shit, we were about half way across this when a twenty metre Indo ship appears out of the white we have found ourselves in, the bloke spun out, just gave him a wave and we powered on, but he threw me off my course and we just headed to where I thought Ranga would be, then we saw land, bit to soon for my liking, took a bit but Jen saw the Telkomsel Arial, we are now on the wrong shoreline to where we want to be and now it is going to be head on into it.


I contemplated hanging about but as we got close to the shore it may be sand on the beach but its coral up to it, out of there. Took a bit of a gamble, I knew about where we needed to go and I also knew if I missed we would hit land to the west and a reef to the east, so getting my bearings with the coast and the wind direction we headed off into it, straight into it as best I could, within ten minutes I spied the point out of the white that we were now engulfed in, I then knew where the Ranga was, plus the bonus was she hadn’t come drifting past us so pretty sure she was still where we left her. Once past the point we copped the biggest waves of the mission, the dinghy is chockers, fuel tank floating around in the bottom, milk and corn flakes and all sorts of shit with it but we just plodded on, I saw the Ranga for a sec then it was gone, we were heading in the right direction, then we got hammered by the wind and rain, thought the dinghy was going to flip over backwards, almost said to Jen to sit up the front a bit but she was in no mood or state to be letting go of the hand rail thingys. The last hundred metres was out of control, I started thinking what happens now if the engine stops, so close but no way of getting there, it didn’t and we finally pulled up, Tohatsu, thats who, Jen clambered out and made it to the steps and sat down in the rain, I chucked all the stuff aboard, tied off the dinghy, got out of me gear, opened up the boat and grabbed a beer, that was one well earned beer and it settled me down big time, the second one was better and now the storm has past and we are into a bottle of some Kiwi Savvy Blanc. That was definitely a GoPro moment, but it is flat as usual.


I checked our location on the GPS, we are 182 ft from where we were, the chain is tight but now pulled in a completely different direction. This boating lark, god you gotta love it.