Waiting, Waiting for Farid.

24th April 2015.

Happy Birthday Mo and Jan and of course Jen.

We are waiting in Telaga for our dinghy, I have been doing jobs that could have waited, just for something to do, the dinghy, our only failure to complete project in Thailand, is due on Friday, the alcohol is due tomorrow, so Saturday is D day.


The refloating of Boomerang went smoothly as, although my thirst for knowledge when it came to the props bit me on the arse, stuffed around with the pitch, then had to spend an hour or so ginning around, fighting the tide, diving on the starboard one adjusting it back to where it used to be, dickhead. I know how that works now.


In the end the G&T bill was around $6000.00, we were on the hard for 18 days, got all the planned jobs plus a bucket load of others done, new gas bottle and all the solar panels done so we are grinning like dead foxes.


I mentioned before that Toi is a ripper, well she is, she completed our doors the day before we went in, it is funny now as the rest of the saloon looks a bit plain, like it needs a face lift, next year perhaps, they look brilliant and the rest of Boomerang has that squeaky soft shiney feel to her. The anti foul line has been raised, lucky with all the extra weight that is about to be piled on it it needs to be, might have to get rid of some books, but it is hard to choose which ones, ahhh I just don’t know. Decisions, decisions, decisions.


We had a big night in Nai Yang with Gerry and the G&T crew to say goodbye and thank you to them and we left Ao Po headed for Ao Chalong to clear out and as usual when you are organized and ready to go something always try’s to stuff you around, this time it was a public holiday, which means you have to pay for the privilege of clearing out, about sixty bucks, but by then I was pretty well Thai’d out, so bugger it, we are going. We thanked the immigration guy, who was excellent, for having us and he said to me I am welcome back any time I like.


Jen told him I am a bit ting tong to which he replied, “no he’s not”, good little chuckle there. Got back to the boat had a snooze for close to three hours and we left with 12kn’s from the NE, heady up and starboard engine doing 2000RPM, a good knot of current had us doing six and a half knots headed for home.


It was pretty easy going up until around midnight when all of a sudden a loud screeching noise erupted, sort of like eeoo eeoo eeoo, then it popped out the back, it was a bloody great big piece of foam that the fishermen use for moorings, scared the shit out of me and for the next three hours it was dodge the blocks, tried sitting up the front and bolting for the controls whenever one came into sight, come a gutser big time and took the tip off me little toe, again, before I gave that up as a bad joke. The eyes were getting a bit heavy when all of a sudden we passed the last squid boat to starboard and that was the end of the floats, bargain.


Not long after this happened we came across a fishing boat towing a net, they do about a knot but love to go in front of you, we pulled up to let them have their way, it’s meant to be good luck for them so you couldn’t begrudge them that, anyway there was one about a mile off to starboard and doing two knots so kept a bit of an eye on him and once we got in front of him I just turned my attention to my new Rebus book and every five pages stood up and had a look around, all of a sudden I heard a loud throaty engine noise and I jumped up for a look, this bloody fishing boat had changed course and come over for a look, I squealed like a girl and the guy who was looking down at me from the bow of his boat just smiled and after his curiosity was quelled he waved to the skipper to get going again and they just headed off, not a word was spoken, they just arced up the engines and headed off, what a spin out, tried going back to reading but read the same page ten times just thinking how lucky was that, glad my Karma levels are running high. Now I am thinking, first the foam then that, what is going to be number three. So sat up on the roof and sucked on coffees till the sun came up and Jen surfaced and took over. By now we had Koh Lipe in sight and had the heady on tight sailing at sixty degrees, almost got the main up but in the end had some fish net dodging to do so easier just to do it the easy way, still doing 6 to 7kns, it was an excellent passage if you forget about the minor intrusions, I still can’t get the fishing boat out of my head though, bet they pissed themselves.

We drove into Telaga Harbour Marina at 1100 after altering the clocks so 18 hours is not to shabby, pulled into our usual possie, got the paperwork out the way, went up and said gidday to the marina girls then in airconditioned comfort slept till midnight, then finished Ian Rankin’s, Tooth and Nail, which is a hooting read, by sunrise.


Langkawi is the same, not much changes here, the gang is a bit short on the ground but fish and chips was fun, Phil is back so good to see him again, Jeffery is at anchor at Pantai Tengah, I changed his genset over to 240 volt, success this time not like last time when I let some smoke out. John Spider and Eric were also there and then Raffis and then Champor Champor, some things stay the same, Blurrrrr.


We have new shades for the boat now, the boys from Yacht Worx in telaga did a great job,all the port side staunchens and fittings have been reglued, but still no dinghy, come on Farid.

Hit Penang for our social visa for Indonesia which gives you two months and extensions for up to six months. Made a bit of a blunder, we went to the Shin Mi the night before and ended up on the Laphroaig back on Boomerang. Then up at 0700 and off to the airport, then Penang and a taxi to the Grand Inn, then sleep, then check what we need for our visa’s, long pants, long sleeve shirt, shoes, passport photos all of which I had but are sitting on my bed back on Boomerang. Frogged again. Jumped in a taxi and went to a shopping centre and 172rm later I am decked out an relieved, Jen who was also in the same boat, pardon the pun, frocked up in some brown gear and looks the part. Next morning 0855 we were out side the passport photo place, all done quick smart, Guna my new mate and cool taxi driver was waiting outside at 0907 and then we sped off to the Indo Consulate looking a million bucks. Queued up for a bit and then fill out one page front and back each, hand over passports, photos, photocopies of front page of passport and 170rm each. Laid on the charm and had a chat with the young women, she then let us know, “come back at 1000 tomorrow”, which worked well for our flight so pretty stoked with that. Normally have to wait till 1400.

We had a filthy feed at a Chinese restaurant just off Chullia street, superb food, this place is chocker from the time they open to the time they shut every day, spewing we didn’t get its name. There was a hooting storm while we ate, we were out on the pavement, only place left, and it pissed down, the plates flew of the table, one chair went flying down the street, it was madness. We just hunkered up against the wall and ate out of our laps. The boys kept coming out apologising to us but it wasn’t their fault and after we explained we lived on a boat and a bit of wind is a good thing they felt much better.


We had another feast at the Red Garden, a hawkers centre, all the specialties are there, frog, sate, pork, duck, yumcha and different types of noodles are all cooked for you and bought to your table for bugger all, ours was number 120, we had a constant supply of food, Tiger beer and Hubert’s Bangladeshi mate cleaning our table every couple of minutes, good rule here, tip the cleaners and reap the benefits. It was a crack up, all the tables around us were piled high in crap with people shishing and waving their arms to get our waiters attention but they just ignored them and wiped our table or topped up our beers, Hubert told us about it and after seeing it, always look after the cleaners and the beer girls, they were even filling our glasses after a sip, it was brilliant. By the end all the people around us seemed to learn a lesson and instead of just treating them with disdain were much nicer about it.

Scored well as we went early to the Consulate and after my new mate saw us she had our paperwork ready in ten minutes, so it was out of there and off to HSBC bank then on to an Indian restaurant that Guna recommended, we had mutton curry and it was something out of this world, mouthwatering, we ended up having two serves each.


Also fitted in a few hours on a bike tearing through the hills up the north end of Penang, had a couple of beers at the durian shop up there, then had a chilli crab at Restaurant At The End Of The World, it has been there for over thirty five years, well that was the first time we ate there anyway, it’s pretty flash now, used to be a bit rough but the place is hooting now, no cats or rats.


We made our flight and were back in Langkawi in half an hour, not bad at 39rm each way. Air Asia rocks.

Our job list is now down to buying stuff and believe me it is flying out the pocket, geez, just got to remember there isn’t a great deal to buy when we get there.

The Sandy’s have rolled up so a bit of fun to be had, also Jasmine is back on the Gator and having a look around Langkawi, then hopefully by Saturday we will be off. Farid should have the dinghy back today, all on schedule though so plenty of faith in him, fuel up just as we leave and we are out of here, so we are waiting, waiting for the man.


Seeya Later Langkawi.

12th December 2014.

It has been 4 days since we saw our box, if only the first Air Asia employee was as switched on as Aliza, reckon we would have had it a lot quicker, she asked me yesterday to describe the box and lucky for me there was a cardboard box just over by the wall, just like that with silver tape wrapped around it and a picture of a garden blower on the side I said, she had no idea what a garden blower was but was a bit surprised that she was meant to be looking for a cardboard box and not the brown suitcase she had been attempting to find. As always the box was found, in Saigon I think she said, but nevertheless found. It has now arrived by taxi a little bit worse for wear but still in tack, well travelled as well.


Have had a couple of lazy days down Cenang having beers on the beach, bloody beautiful up here now, but now hard at it. Borrowed a pair of bolt cutters and snipped the padlock off the outboard then proceeded to lift it off the dinghy but only made it by a bees dick as the dinghy was moving in the opposite direction to me with the outboard, bloody close, could easily have been a disaster.


Trying to find a pissy little hole has proved a difficult task but with it on dry land a fair bit easier. I was working my way around the port side of the boat and at the aft end when JB Garry came up and said hello, I proceded to explain what I was upto and rubbed my soapy brush across a seem to show him, the suds went a bit higher up the tube and we both stared at two air bubbles coming out of a wee scratch, I could have hugged him but he is a Kiwi so just shook his hand instead. Then went in search of the glue and patch material, not to hard to find but the glue is rooted, gave old mate, Farid from Swift Inflatables a ring and I was soon en route to his factory to pick some up. He has the real deal stuff, primer and two part glue.

Procedure to repair patch to Hypolon dinghy.

  1. Wash and clean surfaces with good detergent and clean off with water and allow to dry..
  2. Roughen up the surface to be repaired and the surface of the patch with some sandpaper, I used 40 grit and it worked well.
  3. Use primer to clean all surfaces being glued, patch included.
  4. With gloves on, the hardner is majorly dodgy shit, Mix about 10ml glue to 3 drops of hardener, it goes off pretty quick so better off having bits ready and just do what you can per batch. It took me four batches. If the glue goes white and hazy there is too much moisture in the air so don’t continue as it apparently wont last. If it is really windy it goes off even quicker.
  5. Spread mixed glue over primed areas and let sit till dry, about 5 minutes.
  6. Repeat this process coating all surfaces twice, this is to make sure you have covered all surfaces and let dry once more.
  7. Let air out of dinghy so it is flat.
  8. Adhere patch to surface by rubbing it together to remove any air. It sticks like shit to a blanket so get it right as it won’t come back off for a second go.
  9. Let sit for 72 hours and is fully cured, can be tested at medium pressure after 24 hours.

If all else fails call Farid, +60194177370 or email him at nautika2004@yahoo.com, he and Elina are good dudes.It worked and the dinghy is now a beauty again.


It has been party time on Langkawi again, Jonno’s 62nd and Captain Mikes 59th within two days of each other, just means a bit sluggish off the mark if you ask me, enough. Both were good fun, Jonno’s was at Rays Place in Kuah, she put on an excellent spread, her mashed potato and curry was filthy, bummer it was chicken but there was heaps of veges mixed in so got myself a feed then a top up. Sue and Paul were there, haven’t seen them since Lukes 31st, she still uses the lines, fuckyou very much and I resemble that comment. It is a crack up. The guys from Sea Hog rolled up, Lukey in good form getting birthday boy to play some party games, funny as and great fun. Ginge was even rooted at closing time.


Next night it was up to Tanjung Rhu for Mike’s, a quieter affair but with once again beautiful food, heaps of beer and a few rums to finish up with. A bit of a mission getting home, a dinghy trip, then bike ride in a storm, yehaa. No rain just wind.

Coming home from Jonno’s we got pulled up by a road block, the copper took my license, looked at it, asked where are you from, replied Australia, he nodded, gave back the license and sent us on our way. You have got to love that, grinning like a dead fox.

I can’t believe how many jobs come up when you reckon you are ready to leave. We were leaving on Monday, this is now Thursday and we have just fueled up and the autopilot has shit itself. Lucky we have a full spare one, I can remember Keith from Surfmachine asking me what I reckon is the most important thing aboard. I had replied, Autopilot even without thinking about it. That is why I have a brand new one in the box ready to go. So Thursday arvo and Friday was spent swearing, running new cables and swearing but once it was all plugged together, turned it on and Hey presto it’s a goer.


We did some commissioning out in the pond and that is that, she’s a beaut. Amanda this time. I had people at the jetty bagging Raymarine, I cant really see it that way, our old Autopilot was from brand new, 14 years old, and the new one pretty well worked straight away, way to go Raymarine.


We had Ravi, Roby to me, over for some drinks. He works at the Mahuraja Arabic Restaurant right next to the marina and is leaving so we won’t get to see him again unless we go to Delhi for his wedding, remember the 3 rules Ravi and don’t let your mum, granny and aunties pick you out someone who is not suitably attired. It was a great night, he is a good bloke, when we first arrived he never smiled but I sorted that with a dedicated smile Ravi campaign, it worked because now he smiles all the time. It is a good Indian smile as well. It was a night made better with the cricket score.


Next day started out with a mission to Cenang to get a bucket of KFC for the marina guys, they all appreciated it with smiles and thanks, they love their KFC.

We had a few beers down at Cenang, Raffi,s where we checked the tide and then the Beachhouse Boys met us for some fun at Champor Champor, even saw a bloke all beaten up, ended up it was a movie they were making. He was lying on the ground covered in what looked like blood but wasn’t and all the crowd around him gawking at him on the ground, I pushed my way to the front of the pack and I don’t know why but said, hey he’s my cousin in abo, this got some action as he leaned up to see his white skinned cousin not. The crowd just stared and we pissed ourselves. You had to be there.


The motorbike just about knows its way home so we once again made it back safely to the boat.

Next morning said our goodbyes to Keith and Cath and we were finally ready to go.

Left Telaga at 1200 and headed out to the blue yonder with a bit of wind and it was breezy too!




Not enough hours in a week.

24th October 2014.

Brian and I had a beauty, the girls dropped out after Scarborough’s so we headed for Raffi’s, then Champor Champor, then Drifters and ended up playing poker into the wee hours. We had one good win that boosted our rm100 bank, so we lasted a fair while although a local bloke by the name of Kumar was doing all the work. Without my glasses I could make out it was a picture but of what, who knows, good to be able to blame it on something. It ended up a slow drive home. The car was found unlocked and the windows down, buggered if we know how that happened. Same car that got lost at the airport, you got to wonder.


Have been trying to get my Gopro happening, it is a saga which just never seems to come good, a job for Alex our computer man when we get home. Tried using Brian’s lead and it works so my brand new lead is rooted and do you reckon it would be hard to load the app on the new MacBook, IT SHOULDN’T BE SO HARD.


Brian and Lyn left for Thailand, it was as always, great fun hanging around with them, will hopefully meet them in Koh Lipe, Thailand, in November.

I mentioned the Sandys in an earlier post, well this is a crack up, we had the Muscat’s leave Telaga heading for Phuket, the Sandy’s were bought up, I thought they were already back in Sumatra, but that very afternoon they passed by the Muscat’s and as I woke up from my nanna nap, need at least one every day, I looked out my window and here is Sandy parking up at the jetty. Couldn’t believe it, bolted upstairs and out to say giddy, Fay saw me and went, oh shit, in a friendly way as only she can do. David parked Sandy up, big catamaran, and we helped with the ropes. This place is like bloody Hay Street, never a dull moment.


Next to arrive in town that afternoon was Keith and Joe, up for a fortnight, staying on their boat so we are getting a bit of a gang happening, poor liver, although the new 1700 start time is pretty good.

Keith and Cath had done some excellent things for their arrival back, their canopy had a set of eyes in the window slots, looked unreal, their boat is also known amongst us as the burka boat and a pair of Keith’s brown shorts were up the mast, it was later found that they were not the good old favourites, which Keith found in his cupboard and wore for the rest of his holiday. Nice brown ones.

We had an excellent night at drifters on Monday, bought our own crowd, Brian and Lyn, The Mobbs’s, Keith and Cath, the Sandys and the locals, the music was good, Jonno and Lan seem to be polishing their act up nicely and Keith even played and sang a couple of songs.

I got hammered by Terry’s ex about smoking, she wouldn’t stop, on and on and on, felt like drowning the bitch, could have ruined a good night but guess what, apart from a few cigars, being covered in patches, chewing Nicorete gum I haven’t had a ciggy for weeks so I guess thanks for that, I couldn’t stand copping that again.


We also had the Langkawi Mountain Bike Challenge that week and Telaga was the place to be with a couple of stages being ridden around the marina, local beach and the jungle. These guys are fit, skinny and pretty serious, it was about the fiftieth person who came past us that gave the first smile, bloody Kiwi too. We did the usual, stood around having a ciggy and this time even took the camera. Got some good shots and this smile is a winner.


The difference between MTB and Iron Man competitors is huge, the mountain bikers are lithe but strong whereas the Ironmaners are built bigger and look a bit stronger but I think it is probably courses for horses. We got into a couple of local men, Kedah team, which is the province that includes Langkawi, the guy behind, copped go on catch him, get him and it just perked him up to get in front and beat his mate, it was good value.

The Sandy’s got their paperwork happening and got going to Sumatra, it was excellent catching up with them again and hope to be heading back to Sumatra with them in April 2015. They put so much fuel on the poor boat it was down in the water at the bows but they will need it. Apparently fuel has just gone up in Indonesia, still rm2.86 per litre from the marina. It is a bit difficult buying Diesel from the Petronus stations here now. They are not keen filling plastic jerry cans, the Baraq stations don’t seem to fussed.


We had a hooting BBQ over on one of the islands with a couple of Gary’s, Keith and Joe. We set up the fire early and went over on dusk, then the sky turned black, then the wind came from the NE, then the wind dropped then it came from the SW and then it pissed off all together, we got half a dozen raindrops, all around got a drenching, you wouldn’t read about it, you would here I suppose.Had a great little Barbie and a few beers, nice out there. Even had to put the fire out.


Another pretty good fish and chips, Raffis and Champor Champor preparing ourselves for the next adventure, four days in Thailand.


Hit the shores of Satun, an hour ferry trip and you are there, cost rm23 each way each from Jetty Point in Kuah. A short tuktuk ride and we were at The Gleam Resort, Keith and Cath come here all the time when doing visa runs, excellent place, clean as and the rooms are unreal and for, 1200thb which is about $40 bucks a night I reckon a bargain. Converting to bart you divide by 10 to get to ringgits then divide by about 3 for AUD, easy.


We all went bike riding on pushy’s to town, ended up in Ons Bar, as you do, and finally got to eat some Topman Goong, prawn patties which are Captain Mikes favourite, so filthy we ordered another plate full, you were right Mike, sensational. The street markets are just right in front of Ons and the food is a real step up from the Malaysian market food, have been waiting to get some Thai in me, bloody hot though. I knew it would be ring stinging next morning first taste but soldiered on. In the end all the food, a few hours drinking came to about $30.00 each. Good value.


Riding the bikes is so easy as the place is dead flat, Jen had the old style girls bike, Keith and I got a MTB, Little Keith had the old banana seat model with T-bar gears and Cath and Joe had a couple of all sorts. We rode to The Big C, a shopping centre, then back with no great effort hardly getting a sweat up, Jen leading the way on her Mary Poppins model.IMG_1546

The food at the Gleam is good but the food on the streets is great, found a place that served up awesome pork larb, green mango salad and a plate of Topman Goong, not much point ordering rice as it just never comes, first time for that. We ended up eating there twice in one day, big joint on the way into town, you cant miss it. Very popular with buses and tours, forget what it was called.


Our stay at the Gleam was so relaxing and sleeping in another bed was a treat especially with the AC set to 16 degrees C, all the blankets on and the TV going.


The round golden thing on Jens fork is Topman Goong, then we have seafood green mango salad, noodles and the pork larb and back at the beginning raw fresh veges. It would be easy just to live on what you can see here.                                       Good wet markets, fresh fruit and veges and very friendly people. Also went on a motorbike ride to a beach, sore arse and not much of a beach, huge mangrove forest, no wonder they have a giant mud crab at the jetty, there must be heaps of them out there.

Returning to Kuah we were met with a big rainstorm and took us a couple of hours to get back to Telaga, pulling into places for cover every few k’s.

The Mobbs’s left after a big night and another great feed at Shin Mi. It has been great to see them as usual and now it could be time for the liver cleanse. Our toilet decided to shit itself. Our port main bilge pump did the same, both in the same area on the boat. Once I got into it I found the sump pump was not pumping thus filling the bilge every time we had a shower and brushing teeth. Whilst having a shave I heard a new noise, the splashing of water as it landed in water, found it, moisture had got into the connection to the sump box, new crimp and heat shrink and job done. We filled the toilet lines with vinegar and it didn’t take long for them to be bubbling away. I was hopeful that this was the end of it but after 24 hours I had a piss in it and it just about overflowed when I tried to dump it. Pulled the toilet to bits, lots of floss and black cotton, not much but something, reassembled it all and tried it out, a bit better but not like normal so stuck more vinegar down it. Next commissioning run was a failure, found hard white rock like stuff that had come away from the hoses and blocked the discharge, the vinegar did well. This is where I stuffed up big time, got Jen to push the button while I put the pipe in a bucket, it came out quicker and of a quantity not expected, so filled the bucket and then the bilge, not good especially as Jen had a surprise for me which I won’t bring up, although I almost bought up me lunch. Jens turn to clean the bilge. In the end I stripped the dunny down again, this time getting to the delivery side impeller and what do you reckon, yeeha it is rooted. The Mobbs’s were with K&C in Kuah, got them to drop into Multi-Quip and pick up a newy, then installed it and hey presto it is now a fully functioning dunny again.

Some people ask what we do all day, not much normally but then a problem comes along and boy can they sometimes go from a rock to a bloody big boondy in no time at all.


Had some bad news from home, Cala’s dad Mario passed away, he was an excellent bloke and pretty much my Augusta dad, you could always get a beer at Barbara and Mario’s, sit around and be entertained by his antics, loved a bet especially when his footy team, West Coast Eagles were going good. Our $200 bet when backwards and forewards for four seasons with me coming out on top. Eating olives out the bucket and drinking home brew up in the shed listening to his jokes was about as much fun as the body can take, he would laugh his way through the whole joke and slap his side when he delivered the catch line, then repeat it a few times to make sure you got it, getting more and more animated, he would even have tears rolling down his cheeks, it was good for the soul. You are going to be sorely missed mate. To the whole Clabrese family, our hearts are with you.


I checked for flights, being in Langkawi with the airport just down the hill was a bonus and without to much trouble I am heading home on Air Asia for a few days. Just after I booked it I got a message from Muzz in Geraldton letting us know his dad had also passed away, this put me on my arse, just grabbed a beer and went and sat up the front for a while, two excellent people in a couple of days. The flight was booked so couldn’t change it and couldn’t get in touch with Muzz so just hoped both funerals would be close.

I used to go around John and Beth’s and sit in the shed where he would show me how to splice all sorts of ropes, he knew them all, we would have a few beers, Beth would join us and we would talk about all sorts of stuff. We made mooring lines for Boomerang all with eyes spliced into them, all splices up to Johns high standard otherwise pull it apart and start again, it was a good craft to learn and he was a pretty bloody good teacher.

So left Langkawi at 2010, for the first time I got to fill in the Australian Immigration card with Empolyment- retired, although Mo reckons it should be retard. Arrived at Perth airport 0545, Dad picked me up and off to Augusta and the Karridale cemetery for Mario’s service. Said to him as we were walking in, don’t you bloody make it three. A very sad day, lots of balling but Cala and Emma got through their parts and we all said good bye to our mate. Barbara looked great and you could sense a strength in her I had not really noticed before. It was a great turn out. We had a big wake at the Augusta bowls club and then back to Cala’s for more, big bonfire and then bed, slept like a log. Had a good time with Dad, your turn next trip mum. Had a look at our house, looks fine but forgot to get the mail, dickhead.

Next day heading back to Perth Muzz got in touch, Johns funeral tomorrow, so out to the airport first thing next morning, then up to Gero, Mellissa picked me up and back to the house. John’s funeral was in the afternoon so had a few hours to go and see the cousins, not much luck there, but caught up with Uncle Mal whilst looking for Leigh. Good to see him and we were entertained by the dog chasing dragon flies around the pool, in the pool and on the pool.

John had the crematorium packed, Muzz did well and so did Beth and the rest of the family. One of John’s old mates from the wharf spoke of their life as waterside workers, a very entertaining and thoughtful uligy.                                     Another sad day but John had been pretty crook for a while after he had a stroke so perhaps he is in a better place. Once again guys our hearts are with all of you.

Flew home at 1810, my mate Bill picked me up on his BMW 1600cc motorbike and gave me a good dink home, powerful piece of technology, awesome. In Gero I had been driving around in Mellisa’s Cooper S so got a pretty good dose of bogan for the day.

Dinner was waiting at Jan’s, Mark, Brownie and Leanne rolled up and a few ales and wines were had. Alex the computer wiz got the Gopro software sussed, fixed Mo’s computer, and sort of fixed my emails but it was a bit hard as I have forgotten the password for my iCloud account. Don’t ever do that as it is like your MMSI number, you only get one chance. Mo came home from work at midnight and we all crashed, Mo and I having to be at the airport at around 0430. just about had enough of planes, looking forward to getting back home and having a good sleep in. She got me to the airport on time, great seeing you mate, thanks for taxiing me around. Thanks Jan for the help with the share trading account and the food, roast lamb was a winner.

Made the plane easily and here I sit tapping away down here in cattle class, even so it is better than the seat I had on the way down. There must be a good movie on as three blokes are just pissing themselves, really loud laughter, they have got everyone grinning, just what the doctor ordered.

Getting to know the ins and outs of KLIA2, it is a huge airport, I know where Burger King is, last whopper for a while I guess.Today we arrived at Q4 and had to walk to J13, it only goes to J22 so pretty much traversed the whole new airport, I reckon it is a ploy to make Malaysians thin. Got an hours kip in some lounge chairs, jumped on the plane and rode the bike home, a few beers and wines and goodnight she wrote.

Alcatraz the new Rebak.

20th May 2014.

Well as far as marinas go Rebak is a bit isolated but Moe’s description as Alcatraz is a bit harsh, I reckon its pretty good fun, yacht’ys bar, happy hours, pool bar, entertainment, big bar, more happy hours, dancing even and a ferry to get you to the mainland seems more like paradise to me.IMG_0066

Fish and chips was excellent, crumbed dory although not on the menu is becoming popular, Dylan the owner doesn’t think much of it but he was away so there were quite a few takers. The ride back to Cenang was incident free and Raffi’s was what I have come to expect, fun. We then hit Champor Champor for the last time as Theo and Uma are off to Europe for holidays. A couple more cohorts joined the gang this week and were pretty funny so I think the Friday tradition lives on.

Next day, my birthday and hung over and sorry for myself, it was time to shift out to the boat, still crap everywhere but liveable, the AC is cranking, we have gas again and the job list is deminishing. Sofea, my landlady for the last couple of weeks, bought me a birthday cake which was a really nice of her, I even got a hug although she wasn’t that keen, some religious thing perhaps. Once on Rebak we had a boat renaming party to go to, big turn out, the outboard man came and we decided the old outboard needs a new carburettor as the other one is rooted but it has to come out of America, 6 weeks, that wasn’t going to happen, so we are now the proud owners of a brand new two stroke 18 HP Tohatsu Ever Run. Hopefully get my hands on it in a couple of days, it weighs in close to 20 kg’s lighter than the oldy, that will make Jens end easier to lift.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Next went for a beer and a swim in the pool and then it was happy hour, Bloody Mary’s and frozen Margaritas for rm12, expertly made and very drinkable, we then moved down to the Dock Bar for tea and my birthday cake. This is where Moe called it quits, bad move as we all headed back up to the main bar where there is live music and happy hour number 2 was just starting, a Phillipino singer who dragged me up for a dance was a good looker and the other twenty or so patrons were clearly partying on. I guess 52 isn’t the age you slow down which is comforting.

Back at the boat we have put the headsail back on, I have cleaned, brightened and oiled the teak in the saloon which flogs you, hands and knees scrubbing and rubbing and more rubbing, inside is getting tidier with bits disappearing from table to who knows where but she is looking a bit more like she used too. We bought a thing you plug your hard drive into and then your TV, it is unreal, worked first time, Moe thought she knew how to scroll but didn’t, up the oldies, and we watched a pretty funny movie, the . Good call Murray I am impressed and so small.


Moe has been to the big waterfall with Michael, all dayer, seen a few places and had a feed at Teo’s all aboard the bike, she seems quite comfortable on it now so not so worried anymore, she even hit the mainland herself the other day for some shopping and probably a few at Raffi”s.

Tomorrow its off to Klang for me, return airfare was rm162, but I have to get a cab to the place thats sells Iridium sim cards and spare minutes, he’s also going to set up the new computer for satellite wifi then we will be cruising. Its longer in the cab one way than in the air both ways, Air Asia are okay. I’m hoping for a talkative Indian taxi driver so we can talk about the cricket. They aren’t that cocky anymore after our last couple of test series’s.

The week has flown by, it is now Sunday, it is hard to remember what has been fit into the last 5 days but it goes a bit like this.                                                              Klang was a successful mission and we now have sat phone coverage all over the planet so hope it works in Indo, got a hair cut, asked for a number 4 got a 2, saw the results of 2 cars going to fast, horror crash, went for 3 light poles, thats how many were flattened, and took out heaps of armco rail down the middle of the highway. There was a traffic jam both sides, our side was due to all the people parked up taking photo’s. Boon, Iridium man, offered to take me back to the new airport, KLIA2, so made it back in plenty of time, had a good yack, nice fellow. He couldn’t believe I had flown to KL for a sim card, but sometimes the things you must do to get things done just make for an adventure and it is not as though I had something better to do. Back at the airport bought some steaks that came from Harvey, at the grocers in the mall, this is one hell of an airport, It takes close to half an hour to walk from one end to the other, just like going to the city with all the shops you can think off, unreal, and it was built to service Air Asia, Malaysian Airlines and some other orange and white one. I didn’t realise how many Air Asia planes there are, love their motto to, Now Everyone Can Fly, they are cheap and seem fine to me.IMG_0039

Next day back on Rebak we had happy hour at the beach bar, bloody mary’s and frozen margaritas, a going away party for Mike off Blitz, great bloke, from Townsville and a really good Joke teller, funny as. Moe somehow was in charge of the BBQ, probably in hindsight not the best choice although to her credit there was nothing left to eat. But we stood back in amazement as 2 of our steaks were ripped from the barbie, still rare and chopped up and the middle strip from both devoured, Jen came to the rescue and salvaged the remains and the one full one that was left. Sabina was hungry and it looked like it, Jen wasn’t backing down and a standoff ensued, I just sat back and watched in awe. We ended up with only one full steak and the remains of the other two, but the meat, the fatty bit which was apparently my bit, was beautiful. Homemade frozen margaritas and the Rolling Stones is about all I can remember after that. Woke up at 1030 with Noah sitting outside waiting to hoist me up the mast, took a couple of hours to get me up there, suffering big time and so was he. Dropped the new aerial as soon as I reached the top but other than that it all went to plan, although I changed a light globe that was probably OK, just got my anchor and steaming lights arse about, blurr.

We are now running in our new Tohatsu 18 HP outboard, it is so smooth and quiet, gave me back a pinch getting the old one off, Abu from the marina helped me, it is bloody heavy, the new one was a piece of piss to put on. The boat even looks lighter. Cant wait to see how quick it goes, Moe can drive it to Telaga on Tuesday when we leave. Moe and Michael have been touring Langkawi  on the bikes while we have been hard at it on the boat but Moe said, in front of everyone at Fish and Chips, that she would help polish the boat. Time is running out but it will be done, probably by me.  On the food side we have hit Scarborough’s again, same result, Jen and I hit Teo’s for lunch yesterday, we have had numerous meals at the Hard Dock Cafe on the island. Had a huge plate of fried rice at the Pier for rm5, didn’t need to eat anything else that day.

Went over and checked the swallows, there are only 3 now so perhaps LFB has died.

MOE POLISHED THE BOAT. All day job, sweating like you know what but it looks great. The outboard is a ripper and is almost run in.

All jobs complete on Sunday 25th May. Spent a couple of hours in the pool. Off to Telaga tomorrow for a fuel up, food shopping, some new fold up chairs and top up the drinks cabinet.