Xmas, New Years and plenty of beers

6th Febuary 2016.

RIP Kiwi Tony who was found deceased on his boat in Nai Harn last month.

I just sussed that this is post 101, hope the previous hundred haven’t bored the shit out of you, I tell you what though I am getting a bit lazy getting pen to paper which means you then have to remember stuff, horror. We had a good send off for Gary Potter aboard his very comfortable yacht, all the Telaga gang were there. From memory there was a bit of Frog consumed.


Since we have been back I have been thirsty as and it all comes down to our intake of ham. I never much got off on it until a few years ago now it is one of my favourites and it’s not just the eating of it but the preparation for the eating of it that also appeals to me. Baz the butcher in Augusta showed me how to pick a good ham, they need to have a thick, say sixteen to twenty millimetre, (that’s also about three quarters of an inch) layer of white fat over a good portion of the ham, this is usually where the skin is thickest. Just look at the bottom of the ham, you can’t miss it. When you get it home you are always a bit undecided on what to do, shall I just put in the fridge or shall I try it, second option works for me. Cut the thick plastic wrapping and give it a wipe down, the ham I mean, I used to hit the thick bit of skin and fat but now I work my way round from the other side, clearing the skin and fat away in small bits and then with a bloody sharp knife, the small Asian cleavers work a treat, slice away until you reach the next bit of skin, it is almost as much fun as eating it. You must also try bits as they fall away onto the board, don’t chew too loud just hoover as much down as possible and pretend you have only just had a taste, hoovering ham whilst carving is a must. Once you’ve got your pile on the plate, probably ten sandwiches worth, then I go and find one of Jens new pillow slips, dampen it up and stick the ham in it and then put it in the fridge for next time, probably fifteen minutes or so.


Speaking of pig, Jen was enlisted to cook a roast pork with apple sauce for Xmas day lunch over at the Breakfast Club, John’s joint, where we had been invited for lunch. Needless to say it came out pretty good, about three quarters of the crackle was crackly and the other bit was a bit chewy but there wasn’t any left.


It was a big day, champers with the Tiggers, then cook the pig with a few gins and vodkas, worked out by putting the temp probe off my Fluke meter I could keep the temperature around 150 degrees, even got a skewer and shoved it into the middle of the lump of meat then extracted it and slid the probe in there as well. I think it might have got a bit hot once or twice but it came out hooting.


When we got to John’s he wanted to see it and when we took the cover off his eyes lit up, he can be hard to please sometimes, hahahaha.


With xmas over we were free to go, almost, the Harbour Master was on a four day break for xmas so we had to wait till Monday to get going. Another day in Kuah shopping, bugger. Hows this car at the countdown lights. I gave the Pooton a bit off the line but got thrashed.


Well we went up to Datai to clean the props and get any barnacles off, not to bad, considering, Prop Gold seems to work heaps better than the other stuff. We sailed to Koh Lanta with one stretch providing us with twenty knots of wind at about seventy degrees and had us sitting on nine to ten knots with a reef in and the heady up, good fun. Made it to Ao Challong the next day, the last ten miles was horror, very uncomfortable and very happy to drop the anchor and get off.


Clearing in was excellent, the young fella who logs you in remembered us straight away, you now must have an AIS working when you clear at the harbor master, the same immigration bloke from last year so that was easy and customs was a mere formality, very efficient.

We hit a restaurant we went to last year, larb moo all round, not a bad one but have had better, the beers were freezing cold, yen yen, though.


Got ripped off at the pier with a green mango and spicy sugar out of a cart, paid 40 baht should have been 10, bitch. We got out of there pretty quickly and were anchored up at Nai Harn for the night, had a full on sleep and next day we headed for Patong for New Years Eve. Got our sim cards sussed out, 9GB for 699 baht, about twenty five bucks, pretty good value.


NYE was on Investigator with Hubert and his family, hooting fireworks that just went on and on and good company to boot. An excellent night all round and the beginning of relaxation, we have no further plans so what will be will be.


Ended up bolting from Patong before the Jet ski kimikasi’s got into full swing and headed up to Nai Yang to nice clear water, a few waves and heaps of squid.


Have caught up with Manny, an excellent Barrow Island gang member, we had the best mob of workers we reckon in our time out there. He was flying around in a rib with twin 175’s on it, very flash.


Nai Yang has really good markets, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with fresh fruit and veges, if you get there early good fish, you can buy larb moo and lard quack (our word for duck) takeaway for like 40 baht, pork on a stick 10 baht a pop and when your finished icy cold beers at the bar for 37 baht, pile all your stuff into a tuk tuk, driven by Witt or Carl the blind Tuk Tuk driver, blind in both senses just depends on how late it is, then be delivered to the beach for 50 baht. The best value this year is passionfruit, 130 baht a kilo, I have eaten so many of my favourite fruit, best effort was twelve in one sitting, just couldn’t stop, geez the macerator makes some horror noise the next day. Thought the old dunny had shit itself one day so started to pull it to bits, luckily I found a fish stuck up in the inlet to the water pump, sheww.


Sonnet is here again and it has been great catching up with Alex and his girlfriend Char, she is and excellent cook and coming from Esaan she is an excellent proponent at larb moo. Have had some filthy feasts on Sonnet that are hot going in and pretty much the same coming out.


The beach house Boys rocked up straight from Sumatra, fun, fun, fun and a couple of very late getups, also one very early getup when my phone rings, “our dinghy is gone,””sure your in the right place?” Then half an hour later, 0400 mind you, “the motor won’t start,” I found Jimmy and some chick paddling it, “Hey Rod, what are you doing out here, are you just driving around?” Classic, gave them a nice steady tow and that’s how we ended up finding Wats Bar, a very busy little place which seems to have all the super yacht mob as its clientele, tried hoola hooping, not much chop at that anymore.


Hubert senior is the Austrian BBQ champion, I think for a few years too, he is onto it, his fish is winner winner chicken dinner.I reckon those guys ate pretty well with father on board.


The Persians came back, Drew from Langkawi rolled up and The Muscats were here to. Then the bay filled up with Aussies, Kokomos as well for Australia Day.


Jen had a cold and I was getting it so a pretty tame one this year, although Hubert and I went over to G&T for a party that night, BBQ ribs to die for, Nok cooked them to perfection, Nook was in charge of fireworks, it was hooting fun, Toi knows how to turn on a show, thanks mate. Check the photo, they let him out and he now lives in Phuket.


The next few days were in quarantine, smashed with the cold, first time sick, besides a crook guts, for a couple of years for both of us, luckily there were some waves so two to three hours out at airport reef sweating my arse off for a few days did wonders.


Alex also took me scuba diving, that clears all the snot out of your head big time. Saw a tiny little fancy pants, pointed it out to my dive instructor but he wasn’t interested, reckons I must be easily pleased.


Jen’s Cauliflower cheese’s make a nice change to larb moo and a couple of nacho’s have gone down a treat as well.


Have been reading a bit, three excellent Ian Rankin, I think that is about it for him until he brings out a newt, spewed the other day when I bought one I was sure I hadn’t read and after a couple of pages I knew what was going to happen, bugger, a couple of Mo Hayder, Pig Island is good, The Treatment is horror. The latest Jack Reacher which I am sorry to say was crap, The Crossing by Michael Connelly is a ripper same as Osama by Chris Ryan, a couple of new authors to me, Sue Grafton and Lisa Gardner are pretty bloody good as well. Pretty hard to read all the Sue Grafton in order but started with T is for trespass, U is for Undertow and all the way back to B is for Burgular.


They probably go to Z is for something will just have to keep the eyes peeled. The latest book is A time to die by Robert Moore, which I think might be a true story but I make a point of not reading covers, just look at the pictures. Yep a true story about The Kursk submarine, good read.


Scrubbed the boat the other day, spent a few hours with flippers and a noodle and a new scraper doing the top foot or so, then Alex set me up with a full tank of air and off I went, bargain it was like I was shearing the hull, some of the stuff was close to an inch thick, the props and sail drives come up smicko and Boomerang is ready to go.


Might be sooner than later, Manny just called and looks like we are going for a spin, geez the anchor is going to be covered in heaps of slime but you get that when you park up for close to six weeks, just see how it goes.


Christ it was blowing its arse off, twenty five knots, one reef in and just hitting ten knots, good fun little spin, the kids got to have a drive on the way back to the anchorage where it is just getting to fifteen knots, chucked the anchor back in, ended up to close for comfort to a neighbour, so pull it back up and do it again, it has been a while and wasn’t missed by Alex and Char, bit embarrassing but no one else noticed.


We have now said goodbye to The Persians, they’re off back home, we had a beer with them at the airport. Hope you have as much fun as we did back in the land of no smells






Better late than never.

11th October 2015.

Happy Birthday Muzza.

 The Ockwell’s are gone, the trail of destruction is still thick in my memory, all rounded off with an extremely erratic blood pressure and a couple of days not drinking or eating in Royal Langkawi Hospital. Impossible to eat their food. Sort of all good now but stuffed if I am riding motorbikes again, everyone, except me, in the ward had there legs up in plaster, bandages applied to most appendages and bark missing everywhere, stuff that. One poor bugger was losing his feet.


We met the Ockwells at the Langkawi airport and had a feast at Shin Mi, duck and omlette of course and a few Tigers as well. This years gift fest was just like Christmas, the Fuel Doctor made it all the way this year, half a cow and a good whack of a sheep, set of carving sticks for Jen, a dockers flag and jumper, the flag only had one day of flying above the bloody eagles one they also bought, a dockers shirt which got instant attention, a new hard disk packed with all the latest shows including Rebus, Banshee and Justified and some hairline crack fixer. Unreal.


We hung out in Langkawi for the Dockers and Eagles preliminary finals, Muzz was happy, then we went on a small voyage around the local islands for a few days which ended up pretty good value, got Kazza snorkeling again and this time in crystal clear water, fish and other things all over the show. It was a bit whirlwind but we got to sit around on a pretty unpopulated beach drinking anything you could think of from the bar.


On this night Jen and I went back to the boat for some cash, it was low tide and it was horror low, by the time we got to the boat the wind had picked up and poor old Boomerang, which was hanging off a mooring, was perilously close to the reef. Still had about a metre but the waves were at times halving that so it was do or die, pitch black now also just to put a bit more pressure on. With the dinghy, I took our new flashing Indo light and tied it to a mooring that was about fifty metres further out, then I had to go for a swim and get the extra rope tied up out the way, also get the shackle three quarters undone, Jen is in the Captains seat with her instructions, just give it shit when I say so. I then went back up the bow and using another rope set it up so once the bridle was free I could pull the mooring outside the starboard bow and clear of our props as we went by. By this stage we are both a bit techy but the shackle came undone easily with my fingers and the mooring buoy and all its rope did as it was meant to and Jen gave it shit, it was a beautiful thing, we motored out to the underwater flashing light, picked up the mooring and rejoiced. Checked the phone, WTF, was the message from our two missing Gilligans, they missed all the action but at least they got a feed in. By the time we got back in to shore Muzz had a newly acquired slur, Kazza was dumbfounded once she heard our tale of woe and after a couple more we hit the sack, big day all round that one.


Grand final was a bit one sided, the wrong side as well so not much joy happened that day, poor old Muzz really hit the wall, could have been the twenty beers but not sure. We met up with a couple from Melbourne, honeymooners again, that’s two in two years, these guys were great except they were going for the wrong team. They joined us for drinks aboard then we hit the streets of Chenang where I introduced them to Theo at the good old Champor Champor.Last seen tacking down the street heading for their hotel. A biggy.


Another sporting event that has been on was the rugby world cup, we could watch it live from England either at 2100, 2330 or 0300. The guys at the pub had a bed set up on the floor. It was a great world cup, the South Africans got done by the Japs, that was pretty funny, if you are an Aussie or a Kiwi, The Aussies just played each game to win, some good hard games then we had  good fortune with our draw after we beat Wales and ended up in the final against the Kiwi’s, who were looking like champions all the way through. The final started out like a kiwi fizzer but just into the second half we scored and converted and you could see us lift, the kiwis I had to put up with suddenly weren’t as chirpy for that fifteen minutes but it was to no avail as they beat us in the end. It was great to watch every game we played and I even know a few of the rules now, some I just can’t work out but if the umps arm is pointed at you it is all good. They use the TMO way too much, nothing gets past it, slows it down to much.


I said seeya to G2 and G3 from my hospital bed, sorry about that guys but I am getting old, G1 was in charge of the car, she didn’t lose it this year which is always a good thing. It was another great Ockwell vacation, albeit a bit smokey at times, bloody Indo’s, it is always good to see you guys and thanks for Xmas in September.


Had a few good Shin Mi’s with Gary, Andrew and Fiona and Tim, also had a couple of meals at Soprano’s, curry night and a Spanish one too with Gary, the Persians and Hubert. There is always something going on although Fish and chips Friday is now cut a bit short with no Raffi’s after any more, guess I am not the only one getting old. I still make it down to Theo’s though, getting home is a struggle.

Got pulled over the other day for a license check, mine was in my wallet on the boat, the cars rego sticker was faded and couldn’t be read and I was in a rush to get some bread, the poor guy just said, “just go, go away”.

We spent a bit of time getting the boat cleaned up and ready for a few weeks at The Butangs, give it the big wash and wax, fuelled her up and started restocking our cellar and beer box, not much would fit in the freezer after the Ockwells so that is a bonus, roast lamb and lamb chops here we come.


Been at Lipe for a couple of weeks, easy to forget about the real world when you are anchored up in some bay around here with no contact with that great big world out there. We did have Radio Australia on the HF radio on weekends but trying to work out what day it was then an issue. Went on two dives with the Arials, formerly the Breezies, shit hot fun, I can’t believe the fish don’t seem to bugger off, with the speargun it wouldn’t be really fair, we have got enough meat anyway. I always thought the diving thing was a hassle but you don’t need to be that organized to have a ball. I only went to ten metres, Brian, with his ipad underwater computer strapped to his wrist looked like inspector gadget, Lyn also has all the matching gear, when they do something they do it right. I almost fell into the dinghy backwards with the gear on, horror, just about shit meself.


The Persians rolled up for a few days, Pete cleaned his hulls, two days of slog, I checked ours when we got here and they weren’t that bad but thank christ I had another look, the antifoul must be just about finished because there were little barnacles everywhere. That is the longest any have lasted so Hempel Olympic + seems to be pretty good, cheap to.


We got hammered for a few days with 20 to 25kn NW, a lumpy couple of foot swell and we had our anchor in with all the chain, pretty hard to get it all up so we stayed put, ended up quite a few boats did the same. First opportunity I got though, we were up and out of there and headed for Koh Rawi, a spot the Tiggers have gone to. It is hooting, the storms just go straight over the top of you, the water is pretty clean and there is a filthy little bay just west of where we have anchored, it is so nice, crystal clear water, creeks and a few critters as well and bugger all crap.


The Persians had talked of climbing the mountain on Rawi, not sure how far up they went but I gave it a shot yesterday, horror, it is steep, my legs were like jelly after about ten minutes, they came good with a rest and a drink of water. From the ground I reckoned I would just cruise up the North side of the first set of rocky terrain, follow a ridge over the top and then make for the next rocky section. Dream on, by the time I had reached as high as the rocks went on the first bit that was enough, I still had to get down, my water was all gone so got a few photos and slowly descended. Coming down was easier but the last bit was a stretch both physically and mentally, but finally got around it, tell you what, it is bloody steep and if you do stuff up well I reckon you are rooted.


Took a while to stop sweating back at the boat, few bits of bark missing, my dacks have got the arse ripped out of them, all in all great fun, not.


We all went for a dinghy patrol and snorkeled a couple of good spots yesterday with a stop off at the Rangers HQ, you can get freezing cold Singha and Chang beers here for 60baht, pretty good value, the place is really tidy as well, they are doing a good job keeping the place presentable, you just have to go to the beach in front of us and the amount of shit on the beach is horror.


Well we were meant to leave yesterday but didn’t get out of bed till 1100 so now we have to leave today, a Friday and even worse it’s the 13th, horror. Woke up and headed over to Koh Lipe to clear out, got there and a ferry had just arrived, load of people at Immigration and asked to come back later, we went and had a feed at Papaya Mom and then some shopping, it seems to be cooling down so head back to the Immigration office, gone to lunch and not back for two hours, spew, then notice a bit of weather coming in, well way more than a bit, a SW blow so back to Boomerang to sit it out. Starting to wonder about not leaving but I really want to go to the Langkawi Ironman and cheer on Jeynelle Lee again this year.


We went for a mercy dash to the shore, a wave half filled the dinghy at the beach, dragged it as far up as possible for the two of us, next clear out while Jen bailed the dinghy with a stubby holder, only tool available, then back to the Ranga and out of there. It was pretty rough but with the sails up we made good time and got into Telaga just as it turned dark, the marina boys were onto it and we were moored up in no time.

Got up 0700 and made my way over to the pond, heaps of people there, the swimmers are already at it so just stood there on one of the most excellent mornings and took it all in. There are world champions, male and female, competing in this race so the swim leg was over pretty quick, good to see a good contingent of Australians up the front end, I just stood and clapped and they all said thanks, pretty cool, Then out the corner of my eye I saw 688 and only got to yell go Jan to which I received a thumbs up, I ran from the beach over to where I had seen her bike and waited for her to get to it but after a while out she came limping badly, I reckon I was as gutted as she was, poor thing, but she waved the medics away and grabbed her bike and pressed on, visibly shaken and upset.

I next moved up to the bike turn around spot, good view to be had here, met a Jap woman whose husband was racing, we gave him a hooting giddy up as he went past, Jeynelle came past, gave her heaps of encouragement but she pulled out after the bike leg, it would probably be a bit crap running a marathon on a bung foot. I don’t know what happened to her but I felt for her.

Have had a couple of good breakfasts at the Breakfast Club, John Spiders new venture, the advertising goes: Slow WIFI, Cold coffee and crap service, Give us a go. I don’t think there is any WIFI, didn’t drink any coffee but the service and food were unreal, best bacon and eggs I have enjoyed for quite some time, oh yeah, leave your tip under the ash tray. Some Pommy thing, oh so sorry, British thing. Very lahdy dah.


At the moment we are aboard flight 6317 to KL then on our way to Perth, look out.