It’s a Banyak Seafood Smash.

29th Augustus 2017.

Happy birthday Bailey, Siti and Tony. And happy fathers day to all fathers.

Went for a surf the other day and I might as well have been in Margaret River, paddled out and some bloke covered in zinc says, giddy Rocket, I looked at him and went , got me buggered, its Macca he says, still none the wiser, then another guy comes up and says something about karaoke at The Knights Inn, now I am completely stuffed, although he reminds me of a bloke I helped get his car started one morning, 0400 on Station Road, his pants fell down while we were pushing it funny as, Tommo. The good old days. And Kym, the boys got his head screwed on right, way to go. I had a session with them on Huey 1, geez I was thirsty. Nearly everyone on board was from Margaret River, classic.

Left it a bit late to leave BOP but in the end just had to go, swells pushing a metre coming into the bay, upped anchor, the crew was nervous but all went as normal, stick to the plan Sam, and we dodged around the reef into absolute shit, bit like riding a horse but once around the corner it was up our arse and we anchored up in Calm Bay where it is pretty much always calm, funny that.

It blew it’s guts out for three days, lots of reading got done, read the best Elmore Leonard book, Out Of Sight, what a ripper tale, could not put it down, if I did it was for a nannary, then straight back into it. Read this book. He wrote, Get Shorty, which is a movie and has none other than John Travoltta in it. Good movie.

Anyway we have been up here doing it hard, sort of anyway, hunting gong gongs and lalas, got in touch with my mate Susie and got the recipe for cooking them, you need an onion, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and salt steeped in water, of course, and just boil them, so good but a bit gritty, looked at her instructions again, make sure you clean them, oh well next time. Good recipe mate.

Amazingly lemongrass is hard to find here but we found a lime tree at our mates on the island’s house. They work pretty good and we have been using lemongrass and ginger tea from Thailand so getting by. If you have never had gong gong you are in for a treat one day. Have even sussed out when and how to get them in big numbers.

Since its so calm, it is blowing twenty five knots, it was time to service the engines, in particular the raw water systems, what a can off worms to open out here in the middle of nowhere, but it had to be done, the water out the holes in the hull, must have a name those holes, I had noticed was getting a bit less than normal, so start at the beginning, cleaned out strainer then moved onto pump but much to hard so onto the heat exchanger, full of bits from the pump impeller, damn, so clean that up and go for glory on the pump. What a shit job, got to take all the hoses off, be like Inspector Gadget getting the pump cover off and then get the busted impeller out, horror, but a bit of blood and heaps of swearing later it was done, then you’ve got to grease the new impeller and stick it in the not circular hole, ahha, cable tie around it, nice and tight and it’s a piece of piss, put the cover back on, dropped the allen key and bolt into the bilge, not really grinning but sweating like a rapist, ahhhhh, found it because it landed on a nappy I left in there, hows that for forward thinking, not, but you got to take a win when it comes your way, especially doing dirty mechanical shit, who would be a mechanic or a fitter, really. Anyway I finally got it done and no leaks first time, grinning.

Today, next day, I was putting it off but the other engine needed looking at too, bugger me dead the heat exchanger is also full of bits from the pump, ahhhhhh, so the process was to be followed once again, thankfully with a bit of hindsight it went pretty smoothly, a few dropped things but nothing to wet your dacks over. Ran it up for a bit and no leaks so happy and then changed the oil, forgot to change the filter, dickhead, but hadn’t really put to much new oil in so no problem and not even much mess, bullshit, a bit of mess but by now I have come to grips with that, oh that reminds me, yesterday when I am transferring the black oil to the old five litre container, I, for some reason, checked how much to go and spilt about half a litre on the teak, what a wanker. Forgetting that, both engines are serviced and running good, thank god.

Shelling was not quite as fruitful today, may have cleaned them out, the ones from yesterday were mighty fine though. Huge plate full.

Hows this for a sunset. Red sky at night, sailors delight, and some shepherds to, looks like good the weather is back.

Surfs pretty small but the occasional head height one comes through, only two other people out so take it in turns and in no time you’ve had ten waves then twenty, but not to day, as soon as I jumped in I felt tired and after six waves completely rooted, Im not sure but I think it could have been the Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory mix, fully spaz. Came back to the boat and slept for five hours. Bails had bolted to Medan to meet his mates from Hawaii and escort them to Banyak, plus run amuck in town I reckon and on his return we have avocados, limes, a carton of beer and most important the new thermostat for the fridge. Have been turning it off and on manually for a few days now, so with the help of Beng2 it is now a goer. Something else broke too, ah that’s right had a fresh water leak in port hull, searched everywhere for it for days, finally found the bastard hose clamp, how do they come loose?

The surf meanwhile has been small to good, then it got real good, three to four foot and all three waves breaking for four days, lucky as there were four charter boats in the bay and FSH and Julian’s camp both full, once again so many waves, jelly arms twice a day, and the rib is only hurting after a couple of hours but feels more like a stitch now, everyone said it takes a month for ribs to get better, pretty well spot on.

We had Bailey’s birthday, messy, two litres of Bloody Mary 50:50 tomato juice, and vodka, plus Tabasco, Worstershire, lime juice and salt and pepper, good blend. Fireworks as usual. On the subject of fireworks we had Ronnie and Rolf here for a while and they let off some fireworks on their last night, one was broken and in the middle of it going off it exploded on the deck outside of their room, I saw it from the boat, it was a ripper close up cracker experience for the boys. They were yacking about it for ages. I reckon this is Uncles first ever steak burger.

Had another haul of gong gong, heaps of them, found another spot, also took a couple of crew from Julian’s shelling for Kram, we call them lama’s, they had been eating rice and an egg a day for ages so a change was greatly appreciated, I think. They were from The Basque Country, south of France, excellent dudes and they were great fun to surf with. They understood the term, sharing, it is surprising how many people can’t seem to grasp such a simple concept.

Bails’s mates were like a breath of fresh air, they bought fishing gear, diving gear, surf boards, cameras so big they must take good photos, vodka, beer although about ten cartons short of the real deal and they were keen as to use it all. They go diving to forty metres and sit there for a while, Erwin was spinning out, wondering if they were ok, underwater for three minutes, classic.

With their arrival so came the cumi cumi, squid. One jig in particular decimated the stocks, you could go out the floating platform now out at Gunters and catch a dozen in five minutes, go for a two hour surf, come and get another pile and go home and clean them. Boomerang is a bit of a mess on the steps, squid ink everywhere. They were up the front hanging by our bridle, down the back with the shells, all you had to do was put a jig in and they monstered it, my cumi2 score in the week was 74, still haven’t caught a fish though.

The creek is going off, had a BBQ over there the other day, three hours of fire to cook three spuds in the coals, good spuds, definitely worth the effort. Our food is running out so before it is canned food we are getting the most out of whats left.

Was out sharing some waves with Ernie the other day, what song would you be singing in your head surfing with Ernie? Turned into a perfect lago, got ten hooting waves and said to Ernie that the first wave was a dud, any excuse, so one more will do me, way too deep and ended up on the reef, kicked my heals for the second time in a couple of days, spewing, going to have to wear shoes soon, thats going to be fun, then felt the doong of fins hitting bottom, paddled star fish style off the reef and then out in the channel checked it out, should have been happy with ten waves, greedy tosser.

Erwin bought The Baracuda into the bay, their new charter boat, what a beauty, they loaded up and headed for Treasures, I was gunna go but not this time, no boats in the Bay so no crowd and not to bad waves either.

Fixed the board, Rod style, bit dodgy, bit like The Lunar Circus, if it’s not dodgy it’s not The Lunar Circus, but it is done, fin is stuck there now, used Roozen’s fin replacement tip, worked a treat Ronnie.

Well it is time to move out of Banyak after two months and head down to Lagundry Bay for a bit, really, I ran out of beer, unbelievable. I am going to miss this bloke. We are all 62ers.


Bigger and Better in The Bay Of Plenty.

26th June 2015.

The swell is coming, you can just see it building from stuff all to about three foot and we’ve got the bay to ourselves, feels good sitting out there by yourself singing away happily just catching everything you want that comes through, when I got back to the boat Frederick was singing the same song over on Lara Pinta, Four Non Blondes, theres a bit in it about a REV-O-LUTION, stuffed if I know what it’s called, how’s that for a bit of dooodooodoodoo.


Surfed the right with a young bloke, who is now called young fella, whenever he comes out, I have been helping him out, its cool cause he is no hassle and just likes a bit of a yack. He paddled into a beauty at Dindo’s yesterday, you should have seen his head when he got back out to the lineup, grinning like a dead fox, just about covers it.

The new swell brings people here just on a whim, hoping to get it, the new guys at the camp look like Thomo and Dogsy, found myself singing, “If your dads got no beard you’ve got two mums”, just another reason why you should listen to Tales from the Tinny, every Saturday morning on ABC Darwin. I am missing it big time.


Normally we head up to Calm Bay for the phone and email but I have been going over to The Tree Of Knowledge lately, with unexpected results, internet, email and phone calls and no stuffing around, geez up the Bay you have to drive around in circles trying to get a bar, over at The Tree Of Knowledge it is three bars but if you stuff up and fall off, it’s gunna hurt. Saw today that the WA coast is getting some big waves along it, not sure if this is the same swell we are getting but it is very impressive.


There are four charter boats here now so it is getting way to crowded, can hardly be bothered, the problem is the wind direction, it is coming out of the East which seriously cuts back the number of breaks available to surf, Lolok Point and the Dindo’s are perfect offshore but the rights are side shore and Treasures is onshore, so everyone is here, normally Treasures would have twenty plus guys out which keeps the crowd factor tolerable, reckon it might be time to move on.


Yesterday I spent more time in the water than above it, three surfs, heaps of waves all at Dindo’s, three to five foot and pretty nice, went to look at perhaps going out to the right, bugger that, way to old for that shit, in other words I gayed out, still got all my skin on though.


Had an excellent afternoon surf today, got my fifteen waves and called it quits, wines on Boomerang with Faezy while Hubert worked on Dave’s back, poor bugger was just about rooted but after a bit of the Hubert magic he is feeling much better. We have sussed out Hubert’s water maker problems, at least he can use it now even if the water is a bit high in salt, about a thousand PPM, good enough for showers and stuff. Also had a big win with the Sandy’s freezer, replaced the thermostat with a spare one Dave had stashed and winner winner chicken dinner, Dave reckons it is a different boat now. The creek has completely stopped running, no rain in two weeks, wish it would piss down but it just doesn’t even look like it. Wish the internet here would let me upload a movie Dave and Fay made one day while we were amusing ourselves at the creek, also got some sick footage of Bailey, Cheech and Chico at Gunters but just can’t get it to do its thing, got 3G and heaps of bars but you reckon the prick of a thing will work, not a frigging chance.

surfing dindos _20150629_015Late June 2015

Time for a change, out with the Byrne 6’6 and look out, first couple of waves were a bit dodgy but now it feels like the Nathan Rose with a bit more punch behind it, you seem to have more time to do stuff, loving it.

Actually looked in the mirror today, the crews was spewing, had to have a shave, at least my turtle has almost gone and I am catching stuff.


Well the 6’6” and I weren’t quite up to five to six foot Gunters, what a flogging, just can’t get going quick enough on it, about a second late I reckon, at least everyone else was copping the same, geez, got bark missing and my confidence took a beating, after bouncing off the bottom it felt like I would be fine then another surge slammed me down again, horror, got to the surface and climbed aboard just in time to wear the next one on the head, just held onto that board for grim death, then popped up and just about got off the reef but copped the third, sort of starfished away from the board in about a foot of water and luckily just popped out the back, horror. Sat there for a bit and noticed another bloke in the same peril, he was on the second one and pretty well copped a similar dose to me, we both ended up sitting there, huffing, puffing and me atrial fribulating but alive so there you go, that will definitely scar me for a day or two. Took a fair bit of time to come good, even back at the boat I was all over the show, tell you, perhaps some things we do are pushing the envelope just a bit, but then again if I had have made it I probably would have had the same feelings just with a big bit of elation not horror.

Called Persian Sands at 1900hrs on frequency 8291.00 and what do you know we are now in contact via the airwaves. They are still in Telaga just getting everything sorted and should be on the road in a couple of days.


It rained and blew its arse off this morning, first real Sumatra style blow but it didn’t last long, Keith on Surfmachine made two hundred litres of water, we didn’t get too much, couldn’t be stuffed ginning around in the wind and rain but at least our boat is all shiny again.

The last swell has gone, strongish SE winds so not much happening, the Bonnies left today, Hubert come over for a bit and we all did pretty much the usual, read and slept, BP 115/60, not doing it too hard you’d reckon.


Bailey got back from Nias today, reckons he was a bit humbled down there, ten foot tubes with twenty foot faces will do that, bugger that, had a good little session with him, a corona and a couple of jacks, what more can you do for the milkman, he delivered us four litres of milk in the canoe, yeah. We got to pay Hubert back one but I am styling as I have become a coffee drinker now, we haven’t got enough limes for the old green tea and lime every morning, which is a bummer. The new accommodation at the camp is almost ready, they powered it up tonight, it is looking flash, big effort by the guys and of course the beautiful Goddy.


Went to the tree of knowledge this morning also, good bars and even got a phone call off to the real estate, classic as Nadia answered and asked, “where are you?”, up a tree in the Banyaks,        “ Whats it like?”, beautiful, great waves, suns shining and sweating my arse off up here. Had to send a photo to show proof of the extent that us poor yachty’s go to make contact with you guys out in the real world.

Buoyweather reckons it is flat for almost a week, damn what are we going to do, dilligaf.




Lets Get This Show On The Road Again.

25th April 2015.

Anzac Day. Lest We Forget.

The boat is chocker, Farid proved to be good for his word, and the job he has done is unreal, the covers look great and with the patches on the wear points he reckons it should last another five years at least. If you need a new dinghy or one repaired go and see them at Swift Inflatables near Kuah. If you ask any one about Farid and Elina they just say how nice they are and what a good business they have and I cant fault those sentiments one bit. Cheers Farid.

Just need to fuel up, pay the marina bill and clear out and look out Sumatra here we come. Went up to Scarborough’s for one last fish and chips, good one but short lived for me, jobs to do. Every one was in good spirits and wished us a good trip.

Took Jen out for dinner to our ex favourite restaurant, Privilege Restaurant, what a shocker, ordered lobster broth and got three pissy little bits of hard over cooked flesh and to make it worse the broth was luke warm so it was obvious that it hadn’t just been cooked, probably last weeks left overs, Jens things were also average to the point that when the waiter walked past, Fer asked her if they had a new chef. Geez at 35rm for a bowl of stock they have got to be taking the piss. After our notification of dissatisfaction our mains come along, mine, beef rendang was really good, Jen got some salad stuff which was not real flash, they gave the entrée’s to us for nothing but to late, last time we go there, the other owner Peter would have spun out, it was a pity he was on holidays.

Had to pay our bill for Boomerangs pen and power, Norma asked when we would be back, told her about six months and she was disappointed as she wanted to ask us to her wedding, spewing that’s two now, Farah, who is Sophia’s daughter was getting married today but plans had been made and that was that, I would have loved to have gone cause Sophia is a ripper and so is Norma.

Dawn happened on the peninsular in Gallipoli, we listened to the broadcast live, stood when told too and as usual enjoyed this heart felt celebration for all the diggers and the soldiers that followed in subsequent battles and wars. Had a thought for good old Tom Milo as well. It amazes me how many more people now get into Anzac Day, great too see, dawn service is a bit like Christmas morning these days.


We left our berth 1300, filled up to max, 460 litres diesel, and headed out through the pond, straight into Cest Le Vent, pronounced, close the vent, and had to have a pow wow with them as we hadn’t seen them since Batam a couple of years ago. Good dudes, another spew as we didn’t know they were in Telaga and they were only a k away. Said our goodbyes and headed off to Koh Lipe for the night and then the assault across the Melaka Strait dodging ships to Banda Aceh, bring it on.

Got to say gidday to Peter at Love and Peace Bar, Roman at the Elephant Bar and all the girls at Fino’s, grabbed a carton of Leo and drove the dinghy back to Adang, fair way in pitch black but we got there. Another boat had come into the anchorage while we were away but by then we were both pretty rooted and carked it.

Had an excellent sleep and got underway as the sun came up, the other boat was Ivory Street, a Perry 57 from Penang, must have been coming back from Phuket.

We headed around the bottom of the Butang Group and set course for Banda Aceh, 235nm, with the spinnaker up and doing 6 knots pretty much for the whole day, lowered the kite and set the jib for night and just motor sailed at 6 knots dodging ships all night. With morning came a storm which we are still in so doing 7+knots for the last couple of hours and it doesn’t seem like it is going to bugger off any time soon, which is great, flying along. Hubert had the main up, now it is reefed down, 25 knots of NE will do that, I am sticking to our usual game plan, don’t bust nothing and anything over 6 knots is money in the bank.



Well we are now in Calm Bay, Pulau Pulau Banyak, it was a pretty tiring passage with good wind nearly all the way. We hit the Arioh Cut at midnight and right at the bottom of the tide, not the best scenario but the weather was to good to be pulling up and having a rest, at 0400 it was deemed by both boats it was time though. Woke up about 0900 to find we are in a ripper little bay, crystal clear water and no one about. Still the push was on lets get going and by nightfall we were well and truly on our way to Pulau Similue dodging logs and fishermen but no real dramas, hit something solid but it just bounced off and we motor sailed off into the half moon lit sea. This is where our luck really came to bear, we travelled almost 50nm in a straight line with 13 knts of wind at 70 degrees and we passed storm after storm after storm on both sides without copping one, it was unreal, called Hubert up and asked how he was going, all good, so I had a kip for a bit well until my crew came out and tickled my foot, came out of a dead sleep with a bit of a jump, spewing. Tried to explain Hubert was keeping an eye out but that fell on deaf ears.


The wind deserted us about twenty miles out from the top of Pulau Similue so on with the Yanmahs and we anchored up in the top bay near Pulau Tepi checked the anchor and carked it, for about fifteen hours. Hubert broke our sleep on the VHF telling us we had had a visitor, some bloke trying to get in touch with us, didn’t hear a thing. Thought about it and didn’t want to upset anyone so upped anchor and bolted down the eastern side of Pulau Similue with a good current and a bit of wind down past Sinabang and by the afternoon we had made the southern end of Similue and headed out for Pulau Pulau Banyak.


Current against us, no wind and doing four knots with both engines going, spew, but we just plodded along and at sunup we passed The Bay Of Plenty and headed around Lolok Point and up into Calm Bay. With about a mile to go, you wouldn’t believe it, after all that way we caught a fish, a nice little Spaniard which had it’s head cut off and shoved in a bucket quicksmart as we were heading through the reefs that surround you as you enter Calm Bay. Anchored up with the rest of the boats in Calm Bay, five of them, The Breezies, Mike and Kym, Phil and Iva and a couple of others. The Breezies were over, beers had and a visit to Investigator for a well earned end of passage beer.



Beat the Visa part 2.

9th July 2014.

Bloody Bouyweather has let us down, but luckily we turned back and holed up in the bay at Treasures.

We came around the southern tip of P. Tangkura on a falling tide and had 1.5kns of current with us and up to 12kns breeze at 60 degrees so set the jib and doing 7kns heading for P. Babi or P. Lasia just depending on time of arrival.

We made it to the southern tip of P. Bangkaru and stuck our nose around the corner, not real flash, NW at 15kns and lumpy as so we turned around and headed back to Treasures which was a pretty good decision as boats started arriving and anchoring up everywhere. A tug and barge combo even have pulled up in the bay. Come six oclock we upped anchor and headed further into the bay to get more protection in the night. I was a bit baffled as to why everyone, all four charter boats included, were heading in, we had spent a couple of nights out last time we were here and no problem, the forecast on Bouyweather was for up to 10kns NNW and a building swell. Nothing to get to worried about.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Let me tell you, after watching the tug and barge anchor up, then Dream move down into the bay I thought why not so up with the anchor and in we go, Jen said check out all the boats and when I turned around the rest of the fleet were heading in, why I asked myself, although quite happy to be a sheep. Later on it started to rain and then it started to blow and now it is still blowing, good call turning back. The wind is slowly swinging to the south so here we sit, 02 2.236N    97 7.338E, waiting for it to bugger off. Made the call on the Iridium sat phone to Captain Mike in Langkawi, cut in and out but we finally got it, to check the weather for us, Passage weather has it exactly as it is, 25kns SW tending south and should be clearing by this evening, good really as it is Friday and you know what that means.

We spent all day day doing nothing, it was quite nice, the bay filled up with fishermen, charter boats and a couple of cruising yachts all getting tucked up out of the wind, blowing 20 to 30 knots, must be good sand, we were in 18 metres, had 90 metres of chain out and swung in a 90 degree arch throughout the night and day and the next morning we pulled her in no worries. The new chain is a bargain, if it is going to get windy, chuck it all out and don’t think about it hopefully. The old saying, chains not much good in the anchor locker just stick it all in, is absolutely true here. The weather can change so quick.

We left our anchorage 0700 on Saturday and headed around the Northern tip of P. Bangkaru this time, sussed the tide on our way across and we flew around the island, incoming head north and outgoing south. Really nice way to go as well, it is an awesome place, wild as. They even still have crocodiles, one big mother if you listen to the stories, someone should just shoot it, I reckon they are the scurge of the earth.

Once around the tip we had light winds on the nose and pretty bumpy seas which calmed down after 5 miles and it was just plain motoring once again headed for P. Lasia about 5 hours away. I was having a well earned snooze when Jen wakes me up and says there is a storm coming, up I get and horror, the whole horizon is black as, Lasia is just getting smashed and fishing boats are headed there for protection, changed course a bit and copped 27kns for an hour or so but snuck up the middle of both fronts but then once the initial storm passed the weather behind it was shit. 20kns and a couple of metre seas and slop. Lasia was out and so was Lugu, down to 3kns heading there and still were 20 odd miles out so another change of course and we are now headed for, Labuhanbaja, which is a bay right down south of Simuelue, approx. 02 23.705N 96 28.563E, on Navionics you are on land again. We anchored in 20 metres and has good holding.IMG_1446

This place is pretty cool with fishermen everywhere, got started on lightening the load by handing out a few of uncle Alf’s sinkers to the more inquisitive ones who came by to say, helo. Had a BBQ so now all the porterhouse steaks from the grocers at KLIA2 are gone. Big bummer. We have now used all the pies and snaggers that we got from Sailors as well. Not much meat left, it is now becoming precious. It was a great meal, steak and mashed potato with brown sauce, Worchestershire, no scraps in fact finger licking, plate licking and saucepan licking good.

Woke to still conditions and got everyone up and the anchor and away we go this time headed for Sinabang. It rained once we started working our way up the east coast and didn’t stop until we were right near the harbor enterance. As we passed an island on the way I did a measurement on the GPS, the Navionics charts are 348 feet out to starboard, in the rain it was a worry as you could only see about 20 metres around you and I knew this island was there somewhere, the radar picked it up spot on so at least you can rely on something. We had a ship go past the other day, good size with no AIS, back in Indo I guess, bargain.

Followed good port and starboard markers up into the harbor and anchored in 7 metres out the front of the mosque. It gets shallow quick close in.IMG_1466

We sat around doing stuff all, backgammon championship between Jen and Mo, I think Mo actually won, although I also reckon Jen was taking it easy on her.

I have got a book that is set in the 50’s in Malaya, learning some new words and phrases, the best so far is Tida apa which means I don’t really give a shit, whatever or like the French go phhhh through their lips, I like it and will try it out on someone today, add this to the other three phrases I have and quite a few words now might mean the end of the charades that have got me through so far.


Matt from Lugu gave us a contact, Seriti a charter boat which is here in the harbour so I went over and saw them last night to say gidday, Mick and his wife Coco and their son and also their partner Suzuki were there and made me very welcome with Leo beer from Thailand and I even ate oxtail soup Sulawesi style, bloody beautiful. Ended up Mick had to put the spot light on our boat so I could find it as the girls had gone to bed without leaving any lights on, it was black as and pretty late, excellent night, the girls missed out big time.

Once back on board I sat back and listened to the harmonies coming from the mosque and decided that’s enough for one day.

It is Rahmadan here now so the mosque is playing their tunes much more frequently like every few hours, last nights catchy little number was a siren screaming, sounded like the ones out of the battle of Britain, Jen got me up going what is that siren for, the only explanation to me was Tsunami warning shit horror. Pulau Simeulue is where the 2004 earthquake and Tsunami happened so you cant blame me, but when we got up to look no one was running around yelling and screaming, then the usual old wailing tune broke through the siren sound then more sirens and then to end it, a big scratch as the needle was roughly removed from the record as it was being recorded, DJ Sinabang.

Mo and I did a bit of walking around town to top up phones and wifi, she got stared at, I just said helo to everyone, it was good fun. We went to the market, good but better on a Tuesday or Wednesday was the word.

The supermarkets are pretty strange, they will have powdered milk, chocolates, soaps and stuff but no real milk or noodles or rice, that will be someone elses domain, like the phone shop sells phones but not the Telkomsel chips, that’s next door. You can buy filters for the water maker, 5micron for 16000IDR and a carbon filter for 22000IDR, they are even the same USA brand that came with the watermaker. You can find this shop on the right headed for the markets, it is the supplier of treated water, you can buy 25 litres of water for 5000IDR from them as well.

We bought all the kids at the jetty a soccer ball yesterday, it turned into a fight between the older ones and the younger ones and of course the older ones won, so today I gave the little dudes one, Ken, the guy who looks after the dinghy at the jetty for us, explained to them to share it but superman, due to his outfit and he is my favourite, he spends all his time fishing off the jetty with his best mate and grabs the rope off you always, was the carer of the ball. They all stood there and said thankyou, it was great, they are all pretty poor I would say, so any gift seems like Christmas to them, I don’t even know if they have Christmas, they have Ramahdam that’s for sure and certain.IMG_1454

We were leaving but the forecast for Friday and Saturday is pretty full on, normally if Buoyweather says 8 to 10kns you can double it if it comes from the west through to the north, Friday is expecting 25kns so who knows what to expect. We are sitting on a mooring in the bay at Sinabang safe as houses, have to service the engines so good time to do it. We saw 35kns the other day on the anchor, hate waiting for the anchor to drag, especially at 0300 which is the normal time for anchor alarms to go off, it has not dragged yet but you never know when it might, the joys of being a skipper.

Mo left on the single prop plane, she ran into Aaron, off Beachhouse who is off to Jakarta for knee surgery, in Medan Airport, then flew to Penang and then a ferry to Langkawi where Michael and Captain Mike picked her up so she is in good hands. She beat the visa by 1 day so all was good. We had a run in with authority over her on the boat but it sorted itself out we hope.IMG_1457

Hired the car off of Ranu for half a day, 200000IDR, so hit the markets, heaps of good stuff, found some good long beans but then found some ripper long beans so gave a young woman the 2nd grade ones, she was absolutely blown away, “why you give to me”, a gift gratis, she finally accepted them gratefully. We scored some spring rolls, only warm, but they were hooting, went into the fish markets pretty average but we were a bit late. We also went to the place where we bought our pineapples, sugar nanis, last time and were met by a really sad story as the girl who took us for the tour of the family farm’s mother had just died the day before. We bought heaps of pineapples off her and we both gave her a hug which she was happy to receive, not like the last time I tried to hug a lady up here.

Ranu and Uncle Louis organized fuel, bread but forgot the butter, never mind, so we loaded that all up and are pretty much waiting for the storm to bugger off and away we go. Still having internet problems but it might be the location, not going to help much where we are going back to anyway.