The Adventure Begins, again.

3rd May 2016.

Goodbye Thailand.

Well thought I was alone and a bloody great big ship comes out of the dark, we are sixty miles of two hundred and fourteen down, Jens having a snooze and I am listening to Leonard Cohen with a Frog. Have seen three fishing boats and four ships, no wind so motoring at seven knots No moon and hopefully no pirates as we will stand out like dogs balls, Sitting on two thousand two hundred and fifty revs, the new bum job is good, even with this current.

We woke up this morning, listened to Tales From The Tinny, brilliant, then went in to clear out of Thailand, every thing went well, scored a top up of dinghy fuel so looking good there, reckon I need a bit of exercise though, it was pretty hard to pass the jerry can to the bloke, it did have eighteen litres in it but I struggled, I was standing on a rope with one foot and the other, don’t worry about it, excuses, when the guy passed it back full I just about got my second ever haemoroid.


Hows this for a classic, just before we were heading in Joe and Noah rolled up, they are the second closest boat anchored up near us, spewing we didn’t know as we would have got on it with them. I am also glad as we are finally on our way, all I needed was a belly full of Bloody Mary’s, JD’s and coke to get this passage underway. I think it was half a box of Leo’s with Jen, Jerry, Walter, Ian and Lewis anyway. Hey Walter thanks for the T-shirt, Hey Jerry you are a wanker. A good one though.

We have seen a few pods of dolphins, I cant find the new lure and line I bought in Langkawi, Jen asked if I had checked my bed, I lied and said yes, it is more than likely there, with the washing, new books, empty beer cans, the missing wine glass and all the other shit you take to bed.

Just read that back, sorry I am not some dolphin killing Jap.


Boomerang is behaving to her usual standard, tonking along, we slowed down today from seven plus knots to fives so we pulled up and jumped in for a look, it was refreshing, amazing, but nothing wrong and once we got going again back up in the high sixes, weird arse currents.

I cant remember a time when there are no fishing boats, this is unbelievable, reckon we could just cark it and be cool but I am saving all my Karma points up for the Indian Ocean. Is there any takers for a pleasant sail from Cocos to Mauritious, cant even spell it, let me know, Jen will have to vet you, don’t think it would be a hard vetting, do you drink and can you stay up at night.

Just had my look around, it is as black as, hope there are no pirates as we will stand out like dogs balls, I think the Frog is doing its trick, better bugger off.


The Melaka Strait was pretty straight forward, no course altering required and saw some big ships, the biggest was an MCS ship that was over 400 metres long, big black thing. We got into Pulau Weh at 2100, dark as but they have excellent markers in the harbor and they all work. Anchored up in our old spot, sparked up the genset and A/C and went to bed, woke up 0130 freezing.


Went ashore for paperwork, had a bit of a walk around while we waited for all the departments to arrive, phone chip, internet is cheap, 4.5GB for ten bucks, got a spare one.

Had to take the Quarantine guys first, then customs and that was it, both groups didn’t expect anything and it was over pretty quickly, cracks me up why they look under the matresses but that is a favourite. In the end it cost us about a hundred all up, eighty of it for the extendable visa. Plus I bought them all a drink at the restaurant on the shore, we also scored two bags of goat curry again from the same bloke, two meals each, saving them.


We pretty much left straight away and headed for the Arioh Cut to anchor up for the night. Big tides and no moon so daytime job going through it. We tried getting hold of Rizal but no luck, Linda got in touch next morning but we were gone, I really wanted to take Rizal for a spin down to Pulau Similue and say goodbye to him properly, probably won’t see him again.


Pretty crap wind this side, SE at 12kns all morning but it is swinging SW now so hope it goes West like it is meant to. Dave and Ty are waiting at Pulau Similue for a lift to Banyaks, bit hard to give them a fixed time at the moment. I am not sure what public holiday it is today but it must be a big one, we have not seen a fishing boat all day, amazing, you actually feel alone, we still have coast line but that will finish soon, it would be really good if there are no fishermen around.


Spoke to soon, fishermen, a knot current against us but pretty glassy conditions and the boats are lit up big time.


Made it to the top of Similue in pretty good conditions, motor sailing at 6.5knots and then we copped it, all of a sudden thirty knots on the nose, waves from three directions, horror, lasted a couple of hours but it has really stirred the sea up, it is one of those times when you would rather not be here. As we passed Sinabang it went dark so we have to find the bay where we are picking the boys up in the dark and it is black black. Luckily there are lights on the shore and following an old track I saved a couple of years ago we made it in and anchored up. Pretty bloody happy to be here, that was nerve racking, now to load the boys, boards and fuel and Pulau Banyak here we come.