Nias part 2 plus a fair bit more.

31st July 2015.

Well I have stuffed up big time, instead of using Word I bashed away using the blog software, it has been a while since I have done any blogging and now in the Telo’s Group I am buggered if I know where I was up to and the internet here is pretty bloody useless and I can’t access the blog to get started again.

The coverage although showing four bars is good for a email or a phone call, but hard to even get Buoyweather, it is amazing that you can go and sit up a tree at The Bay Of Plenty and do what you want but here, stuff all. Mark was telling us that the locals pinched all the solar panels and batteries from the towers, that probably doesn’t help. The thick plottens.

Oh well here goes!!!!!!!!


Once upon a time, the other day at Nias, Dave and I paddled out for our first bash at it, we both were feeling a bit on edge, this is one of the best waves in the world but when we got into it, all the days of surfing Gunters paid off big time. Lagundri Bay has one of the best take offs going, quite easy to pull in quick and then if you are lucky you’ve just got to do a bit of steering, tucking and then grinning, what a wave, check the shit eating grin, yewwww yewwww, some of the best seconds in my life.


We had three days there, surfed everyday, the crowds are a bit of a killer but we always managed to get waves, then we did a runner, crap weather coming, down to Pulau Telos with some really good Easterly wind, forty four miles in six hours, main and heady all the way, felt so good to sail again, it has been a while.


Since getting here we have looked for waves daily, for stuff all return, just no swell at the moment, everyone says how filth Telo’s is, cant see it as yet. We checked out Telos Town and we all were very impressed, nice people and friendly as, found a great restaurant, Warram Raza, which is near the wharf. Cleanest restaurant we have been to in Sumatra, it was such a nice change, makes fresh juices with apples and blunder, which is tamarillo, nasi goring, mie goring and even burgers, all good value too.

While we were there I went and checked the dinghy, to my surprise it had been shifted and an enterprising young dude was busy cleaning the green shit off the hull, just said go for it. When he came for payment the rot set in, 130000idr, more than most people make in a couple of days and this for a couple of hours work, no chance, but ended up giving all the small notes I had which came to 89000idr anyway, he snaffled this up pretty quickly with a real sheepish grin. Made me feel like there was some wool getting chucked about, right on my head.

You can buy fuel, got some unreal long beans, they were the best veges we saw available in town and good tomato’s. You can even get Bintang and Guiness, the Indo’s say that funny, gwinus, tried to correct them but no point.


We had a storm last night that was the loudest noise I have ever heard, the thunder was like the cracking noise a tooth makes as it is being pulled out but it was so loud it was distorted. Lightning hitting the water, it was going off, went out the back and witnessed a lightning strike in our vicinity, the air went hot, bloody lucky, then we had the wind and a bit of rain for a few hours, still cant get over the noise.


We moved down to Marks place on Pulau Sopika, very laid-back joint with some of the best architecture around, all the shacks and bungalows in the area were finished off to an excellent standard, which is sometimes lacking here. We had a BBQ at Marks one night, good fun and by the end a bit messy. We cooked our spuds in the coals of a beach bonfire, ate them with butter and salt and pepper, one of the best meals of late, pretty easy to. Christ you get hammered by the locals selling you stuff all the time here, the ones who get in first kill the pig with absorbitant prices that soon get slashed once the competition gets a bit more willing. We bought a couple of really big papaya for 100000idr, later they were easily bought for 20000idr each, a young coconut is 5000idr which is good value as they are really good, not as salty as some of the others from up north of here. If you really push you can get them to chop the tops off ready for chucking in the freezer, then you only have to cut a flap out of the top, drink the water and scrape out the flesh. The young ones are the best breakfast drink straight out of the freezer, go with bacon and eggs or the Indo coco pops perfectly. Just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy. We have polished off some eggs, we bought ninety at Sibolga twenty odd days ago and we are down to a dozen left, it has been a bargain as only one has been dodgy, cooked the shit out of scrambled eggs on toast covered in tomato sauce, to get rid of any egg taste, is and has always been a favourite of mine. Churches are popular around this neck of the woods.


50000idr will also get you a two whopper Chumi Chumi, squid, that’s a couple of meals for two people in each one. Tried the besar, local fave fish, boney as all shit and a pain in the arse to fillet. Spend more time spitting than chewing.

The search for surf had us splitting up, The Sandy’s and the Rangas headed south and the Persians and the Gator hung around up there. Still haven’t had a surf but have looked for a bit, good potential down here at Finger Bay on Pulau Tanahbala. The locals kids are driving me nuts, it took me an hour to read three pages today, I handed out a couple of exercise books and some colour pencils to some little kids who were in a dugout with their dad this morning and for the rest of the day it has been satu lagi book, got the dictionary out and now my standard reply is tidak lagi book, no more book, or book finis. They then ask for pensil, so we hand them over one each. Jen’s idea was a beauty but to late, we should have chopped the pencils up and spread them out a bit more. Late this arvy we had a dude come up and ask for medsin, he was pointing at his gob, I had a look in and the poor buggers back tooth was smashed and black looking and his gum was red as, he kept on going hessshhh, sucking cool air over it, I know what that feels and tastes like, it’s a smell you can taste, we found some stuff we got from Malaysia for toothaches but his was not just a toothache, we gave him a Panadol with caffeine too. Reckon we might see him again tomorrow.


Still no swell, meant to be here today but, nup. The young fella hasn’t come back either, Jen reckons it was good stuff.

We have been going on dinghy runs and leaving the big boats anchored up in Fingered Bay, finally got a surf on an island off the coast a couple of miles, big lumpy lefts I call it, got a few and bailed, the current got so strong it was pretty much impossible to sit on the spot, Dave tried for another hour, then he paddled back to the boat. I went for a spin this morning around the corner, come across The Mad Fish’s, Jeremy and Cassie, long term explorers of the Telos area, they are a wealth of knowledge and don’t mind giving a little bit away which is both unusual and cool. Mad Fish is a Fusion 40, they didn’t have much good to say about Fusion the company but like their yacht all the same. Cassie asked me where we had bought our boat, told them in Cape Coral, Florida, turns out they had been looking at the same time as us and were thinking of checking The Ranga out but decided to build their own.


Had a good yack with them, stood up and on their cushion was a black stain, checked my boardies, squid ink all over my arse, I thought Cassie would have spewed but easy as you like, it’ll wash out, don’t worry about it it’s ok. Jeremy sounds like Fatso from the Lunar Circus, an easy voice to listen to.

We surfed a spot called Skateparks this arvo, got a few of the bigger ones, got dropped in on by a Brazillian chick in not very much, could think of no reason to worry her into getting off the wave, not to bad a view, reminded me of the chick at Nias, I am sure they are just trying to put all the blokes off. It appears to work as this one seemed to get more waves than all us put together. Where is the camera when you need it.


Have read heaps of books, Fredericks pile he gave us was exceptional reading, I now have a couple of new authors to look out for, Sue Graton and Jeffery Parker, they write how I like to read, hard and fast. Also read an autobiography by Roland Perry called Sailing To The Moon, it’s about the great Rolly Tasker, what a beauty, I never had a clue how famous he was, all the titles from West Australian to Australian to World and even a silver Olympic medal which could have so easily been gold if he would have protested, something he was not known for though. Pissed him off a bit but, oh well I’ll just go build another boat that is lighter and faster and flog them next time, no wonder John Sanders renamed his yacht the Rolly Tasker Perrie Banou for the Freo to Bali race, Rolly Tasker was a ripper. He reckons he had a yacht design for the Americas Cup, which Parry lost in Freo, that would have been unbeatable, after reading this book it would be hard not to believe it, with his local knowledge and genius for yacht and rig design, why didn’t anyone listen too him. Couldn’t put it down. Inspector Morse is another beauty by Colin Dexter.

Woke to screaming noise this morning at about 0300, I just hope it wasn’t a human, if it was a pig it would be bloody tough, the only good outcome was it was a monkey just going off, somehow doubt that though.

Shifted spots from Fingered Bay over to a surf spot called Monkeys or Skateparks depending on who you talk to, it is pretty easy but does have some really nice sections down the line. Surfed for hours.

Had a hooting party on the Ranga, few of us can’t remember to much but it was pretty good fun, dancing John Travolta style and holding the roof up John Thompson style, some talk of dry rooting the door frame, can’t substantiate that though, but it probably explains the grazes on the top of my head. Jeremy was in the same boat, in more ways than one.

The Persians and Gator are here, hopefully they aren’t ready to get on it, I cant.

Another excellent lago, all the charter boats buggered off at 1700 and left it to us guys till dark. Pete came out on the mal and caught an alrighty, getting to like this place big time, love to be here when it is a bit bigger.

Bloody hell I am rooted, just had four and a half hours out at Monkeys, although I can see why people call it skateparks, you can pretty well make it up as you go, so much fun, Dave, Jeremy and Cassie were all partners in crime, although Jeremy was on the SUP, so got to drop in on him a couple of times which bought a smile to Cassie’s dial, we were pushing her to go for some of the bigger ones and she scored a beauty, even bigger smile, Pete came out right at the end but by then we had all had enough. His first wave was a ripper, right in the spot, he was grinning like a dead fox all the way back out. I actually pulled off a hooting floater, well an old persons floater anyway, now called the pie floater.

These couple of photos are from way back but due to my brain fade they have made it now, you got to love crossing the Equator.


We all got on it on Gator till who knows when, very messy, the Captain came out but at least there was no Frog, the main reason being there isn’t any left.


Off to the Mentawi’s tomorrow, yeww yeww, look out.

Sibolga does it again.

21st July 2015.

We left Calm Bay around 1700 and headed for Sibolga, after saying  our goodbyes to Frederick and Rosie, we will catch them at Telos later on. We had a good sail for a few hours, but as it does up here, it was soon calm and the Yanmah’s were put into action. Pretty uneventful night and as the sun came up we were heading into Sibolga.


This is the first time we have stayed up past the power station and we took our time getting up there, which in the end was bloody lucky, just out of the blue I looked over the side and holy crap, coral bombies, hit neutral then reverse and come to a halt, then the noise you don’t want to hear, sort of a scraping crunching noise, into reverse and the noise again but we safely made it back out to deeper water, think we missed a waypoint somewhere along the line, lucky.

We made it up to the anchorage with no other problems, anchored up with forty metres of chain in four metres of clear but dark water. Our anchor grabbed big time and it was time to get our arses into gear and get to Imigrassi for our visa extension. Our social visa gives us sixty days, then four lots of thirty days, so you must extend before it runs out otherwise you get hit up for overstay which was what happened to us last year, not a good experience in fact it gave me the shits, literally. When we got there our paperwork was not correct and we were missing a copy of our agent, Ray Lesmana’s, Indonesian Identification Papers. Spewing, but Beng Beng was standing there and said we can use him as an agent and we can get it done straight away, cost us seventy bucks each but it was done and dusted so an excellent outcome.


After that we went into town, had a bit of a shop then some lunch at an all mens restaurant, Jen and Pen stood out, but whilst this was happening a very strong storm hit, all I wanted to do was bugger off and check the boat but it soon passed, it was pretty furious and the water out the front looked ugly. I felt confident with heaps of chain out and bridle attached but still had a lets get out of here and get back to the boats feeling. Finally all the food and drinks were finished and off we went back up to the anchorage. Coming around one of the last bends we could see Boomerang and Investigator but no Persian Sands, horror, Pete went white, got to Pak’s house and bolted for the dinghy where we could now see Persian Sands floating but close to shore, dumped Pete aboard and hooked up the dinghy to her bow and started towing her into deeper water, no damage, although I reckon Pete aged a few years, the old saying, something like, better off having your chain in the water than in the locker hit home. We let out another forty metres and Pete and Pen re-anchored with heaps more in. Luck was surely with us on that day.


Next day the Persians had to hang around for Customs, we went to the markets and got some  fruit and veges, had a bistik babi at Papa’s, and found all the bits and pieces we had on our list. Pretty easy now as we know most of the shops that we need and back to the boats for a early night. The Sandy’s rolled up and started their trials and tribulations with Imigrassi, horror, but after a couple of days they were free to go, sort of anyway. We all finished our shopping, the Ranga’s loading up the most by far, not to many supermarkets between here and Padang which is about five weeks away. We is styling. Our fuel arrived around 2000 and was all loaded aboard by 2230 and now we just had to wait for the food BengBeng was getting us from Medan, 2kg Australian fillet steak, 2kg bacon, 2kg cheddar cheese, ham and some salmon which ended up being a piece of fish not slices of smoked salmon as was expected, I don’t like either of them anyway. I reckon it was a bargain and after trying a couple of steaks we were very happy indeed. It rolled up at 0130, we picked it up at Mama’s jetty then went to bed as we were meant to be leaving at sunup.

Just before sunup the Sibolga squirts turned up, all I can say is HORROR. I promised my mum there will be no more toilet stories so thats it, wish it had have been as easy as that though. Have a real aversion for squid for some reason, perhaps thats what got me this time. That is a scorecard of 4 for 4.


We left and headed the sixty odd miles to the closest point on Pulau Nias, a motor sail which had us parked up in a big muddy bay a bit more than half way down the island. Safe as for the night.


Motorsailed to Lagundri Bay early next day and anchored up here as per Larry’s instructions. The surf looks good but geez theres a crowd. We were visited by half a dozen of the local kids on surfboards, I shortened all their names to help me remember them, Dutchy, Mick, Alex, Frappa which believe it or not is short for Frapachini, Cappa same again and Lucy an eleven year old surfy chick who has style and guts in bucket fulls. I am Pappa and Jen is now Mamma.


A bit of a party on Persian Sands for everyone, the Rangas were a no show, still squirting, just lied back and listened to the cricket, go Australia. Next morning Dave rolled up with his board and got me into action, we both went out with feelings of trepidation with the crowds, the waves and the fact that this is Lagundri Bay, one of the best waves in the world, I had the extra worry, would I shit myself?


We paddled over, I got one straight away and by the time I got back out Dave was away too, then a beauty came through and I just paddled through the crowd and found myself going alone, tucked in half way down the face and got a nice open barrel to the end, I was hooting, the photographer in his boat was hooting, I was also shaking like a leaf with a shit eating grin from ear to ear, I just got a barrel at Lagundri Bay, frothing siiick. I could have just gone home then, what a sweet wave. We got a few each and I went to the boat to take some footage, probably shouldn’t have bothered, pretty crap at it and just next door is a photographer anyway, his name is Paul and has ended up being a ripper.





Big and Bad on the Bay Of Plenty.

3rd July 2015.

Happy birthday Teniele and Penny.

 Another week gone, that’s nine since we left, it is pretty amazing how quick they go by, although the moon is more noticeable, we are now in total full moon and if we were sailing it would be perfect, Ramahdam is half over, the full moon proves it, so hopefully our mates Danny and crew will have some fish and bugs for us soon. They haven’t been around since the beginning of Ramahdam.


The Bay is pretty much deserted with only Investigator, The Sandy’s and us anchored up, Frederick and Rosie are clearing in, in Sibolga, we are waiting for the Persians to arrive, we had radio contact at 1900 tonight and they had ninety odd miles to go to Banda Aceh, blowing 25kns on the nose though, poor buggers, at least they are in a Perry 43 so you would feel confident with the boat.


The waves have gone as well plus the wind is SE and just enough to stuff any chance of a surf. We have just about run out of veges, one cabbage left, got heaps of tinned stuff, a dozen eggs and plenty of meat. Had a hooting potato pie the other night, hit the spot nicely, used the powdered potato that we got from Sailors in Langkawi and pretty impressed. Hubert is in the same boat when it comes to food, although he was telling us about his sausage kebabs and his chicken kebabs today as we learnt how to play poker, sort of anyway. Old mate Ali keeps us with food on the table though, he is a beauty.


Had a visit to the tree of knowledge and got a weather report, bit of a blow coming and you’d reckon some rain so looking forward to a bit of a drenching. Need some water in the creek system, bit dodgy washing clothes as they pong a bit from the water, which has a real sulphury smell to it.

There’s a turn up for the books, Imigrasi just paid us a visit, checking visa and stamps, all was good but just goes to show if you were doing the wrong thing they could catch you out anytime, not sure what would happen but I don’t want to find out.


One of the local charter boats, captained by Aswin, has pulled up and with him are the same guys as last year, a couple of Germans Johannes and Jenns, good blokes and as they were going for a surf I went and got me board also, knew it was to shalla being low tide, dickhead, now got a couple of ripper cuts on my foot and knee, dickhead. Back to the boat for liberal splashing’s of the Chinese version of Betadine, Die Da Yao Jing, stings like buggery when you put it on a new cut but it dry’s them out in no time, the one on my knee wept for two days, not a good sign, even stayed out of the water as a result of it, but it came good just in time for my best session so far this season at Gunters. Could do no wrong for a few hours, got my best barrel, then got a bit of a pounding but got back to the boat frothing, siick. Had a few beers with the boys staying at the FSC, Zac, Des, Duck and Justin and recanted the day’s happenings, frothing. One of the boys that moved into the new section of the FSC came back with a suspected stonefish spike, but ended up being a hoax but better than actually getting spiked out here. Remembered Thomo’s at Dirk Hartog Island, he had to dunk his thumb, which looked like a bloody great sausage, into boiling salty water, bloody painful but he toughed it out and survived, this young fella squawked first go and then they added cold water to his bucket, I walked away in disgust and had another beer.


The Bay has been devoid of Charter boats and if you wait till around 1100 all the guys from the camps are back in bed leaving the place deserted, perfect way to spend the middle part of your day, surfing and singing by yourself or with a couple of Germans, doing it tough.

We went to the opening of the new accommodation at the Floating Surf Camp, Dave and I pulled out the fireworks, Bailey supplied the speech and the coca cola, we the JD and voddie and with a bit of rope we tied down the 4” bomb, it went off, got to buy a few of them in Phuket next time we are there. Jesus wept, the noise was scary and the result was awesome with the sky above lighting up big time.


It was a lay day next day, blurr.

Another big swell is coming, time to shift as the winds will have us facing in the wrong direction for the swells coming through into the anchorage, gets a bit rock and rolly, so we are up in Calm Bay again, like a millpond here.


The Persians have arrived after a harrowing voyage, well done guys, and we celebrated their arrival with a good sundowner up at The Bahamas, which is what we call our old swimming hole now, a pretty apt likeness if you ask me.

Next day was Pen’s birthday, big lumpy waves and first out in the water for a bit then got bombed with the crowd, didn’t take much to get me back in the dinghy and out of there.


We went down and said our goodbyes to the crew at the FSC and the boys, who ended up being rippers, well, really must have been rippers before they got there as they were rippers.


1630 and it’s over to Persian Sands for an excellent evening of food and song, Frederick and his guitar were going off and everyone had a ball. We had chicken, bugs, fish and a huge bowl of salad, yews yews, it’s been a long time since we have even seen green veges, it was superb. Happy birthday Pen you are a pearler.


Hubert and I ended up frogged, which also ended up with a few bruises and a pretty funny departure from Investigator into our dinghy, all done on hands and knees if you don’t mind, I certainly didn’t, bit sore now though. Look out Sibolga here we come, reckon even Blackie wanted to come too but bugger that, he bites.






Bigger and Better in The Bay Of Plenty.

26th June 2015.

The swell is coming, you can just see it building from stuff all to about three foot and we’ve got the bay to ourselves, feels good sitting out there by yourself singing away happily just catching everything you want that comes through, when I got back to the boat Frederick was singing the same song over on Lara Pinta, Four Non Blondes, theres a bit in it about a REV-O-LUTION, stuffed if I know what it’s called, how’s that for a bit of dooodooodoodoo.


Surfed the right with a young bloke, who is now called young fella, whenever he comes out, I have been helping him out, its cool cause he is no hassle and just likes a bit of a yack. He paddled into a beauty at Dindo’s yesterday, you should have seen his head when he got back out to the lineup, grinning like a dead fox, just about covers it.

The new swell brings people here just on a whim, hoping to get it, the new guys at the camp look like Thomo and Dogsy, found myself singing, “If your dads got no beard you’ve got two mums”, just another reason why you should listen to Tales from the Tinny, every Saturday morning on ABC Darwin. I am missing it big time.


Normally we head up to Calm Bay for the phone and email but I have been going over to The Tree Of Knowledge lately, with unexpected results, internet, email and phone calls and no stuffing around, geez up the Bay you have to drive around in circles trying to get a bar, over at The Tree Of Knowledge it is three bars but if you stuff up and fall off, it’s gunna hurt. Saw today that the WA coast is getting some big waves along it, not sure if this is the same swell we are getting but it is very impressive.


There are four charter boats here now so it is getting way to crowded, can hardly be bothered, the problem is the wind direction, it is coming out of the East which seriously cuts back the number of breaks available to surf, Lolok Point and the Dindo’s are perfect offshore but the rights are side shore and Treasures is onshore, so everyone is here, normally Treasures would have twenty plus guys out which keeps the crowd factor tolerable, reckon it might be time to move on.


Yesterday I spent more time in the water than above it, three surfs, heaps of waves all at Dindo’s, three to five foot and pretty nice, went to look at perhaps going out to the right, bugger that, way to old for that shit, in other words I gayed out, still got all my skin on though.


Had an excellent afternoon surf today, got my fifteen waves and called it quits, wines on Boomerang with Faezy while Hubert worked on Dave’s back, poor bugger was just about rooted but after a bit of the Hubert magic he is feeling much better. We have sussed out Hubert’s water maker problems, at least he can use it now even if the water is a bit high in salt, about a thousand PPM, good enough for showers and stuff. Also had a big win with the Sandy’s freezer, replaced the thermostat with a spare one Dave had stashed and winner winner chicken dinner, Dave reckons it is a different boat now. The creek has completely stopped running, no rain in two weeks, wish it would piss down but it just doesn’t even look like it. Wish the internet here would let me upload a movie Dave and Fay made one day while we were amusing ourselves at the creek, also got some sick footage of Bailey, Cheech and Chico at Gunters but just can’t get it to do its thing, got 3G and heaps of bars but you reckon the prick of a thing will work, not a frigging chance.

surfing dindos _20150629_015Late June 2015

Time for a change, out with the Byrne 6’6 and look out, first couple of waves were a bit dodgy but now it feels like the Nathan Rose with a bit more punch behind it, you seem to have more time to do stuff, loving it.

Actually looked in the mirror today, the crews was spewing, had to have a shave, at least my turtle has almost gone and I am catching stuff.


Well the 6’6” and I weren’t quite up to five to six foot Gunters, what a flogging, just can’t get going quick enough on it, about a second late I reckon, at least everyone else was copping the same, geez, got bark missing and my confidence took a beating, after bouncing off the bottom it felt like I would be fine then another surge slammed me down again, horror, got to the surface and climbed aboard just in time to wear the next one on the head, just held onto that board for grim death, then popped up and just about got off the reef but copped the third, sort of starfished away from the board in about a foot of water and luckily just popped out the back, horror. Sat there for a bit and noticed another bloke in the same peril, he was on the second one and pretty well copped a similar dose to me, we both ended up sitting there, huffing, puffing and me atrial fribulating but alive so there you go, that will definitely scar me for a day or two. Took a fair bit of time to come good, even back at the boat I was all over the show, tell you, perhaps some things we do are pushing the envelope just a bit, but then again if I had have made it I probably would have had the same feelings just with a big bit of elation not horror.

Called Persian Sands at 1900hrs on frequency 8291.00 and what do you know we are now in contact via the airwaves. They are still in Telaga just getting everything sorted and should be on the road in a couple of days.


It rained and blew its arse off this morning, first real Sumatra style blow but it didn’t last long, Keith on Surfmachine made two hundred litres of water, we didn’t get too much, couldn’t be stuffed ginning around in the wind and rain but at least our boat is all shiny again.

The last swell has gone, strongish SE winds so not much happening, the Bonnies left today, Hubert come over for a bit and we all did pretty much the usual, read and slept, BP 115/60, not doing it too hard you’d reckon.


Bailey got back from Nias today, reckons he was a bit humbled down there, ten foot tubes with twenty foot faces will do that, bugger that, had a good little session with him, a corona and a couple of jacks, what more can you do for the milkman, he delivered us four litres of milk in the canoe, yeah. We got to pay Hubert back one but I am styling as I have become a coffee drinker now, we haven’t got enough limes for the old green tea and lime every morning, which is a bummer. The new accommodation at the camp is almost ready, they powered it up tonight, it is looking flash, big effort by the guys and of course the beautiful Goddy.


Went to the tree of knowledge this morning also, good bars and even got a phone call off to the real estate, classic as Nadia answered and asked, “where are you?”, up a tree in the Banyaks,        “ Whats it like?”, beautiful, great waves, suns shining and sweating my arse off up here. Had to send a photo to show proof of the extent that us poor yachty’s go to make contact with you guys out in the real world.

Buoyweather reckons it is flat for almost a week, damn what are we going to do, dilligaf.




Big On The Bay Of Plenty.

2ND June 2015.

Back in the Bay of Plenty, although there aren’t many waves but there are plenty of people.

Sibolga was good fun, fair few hangovers and put on a few kilo’s, pork, pork and more pork will do that to ya, Papa’s bistik babi reined supreme, sweet and sour pork has always been a favourite of mine.


Jazzie has left the Investigator II and headed back home to Austria, I reckon she had a ball but hard to tell as she doesn’t say much, I was meant to do a cook up of turmeric mangrove jack for her but Libra, sorry I should call him by his name tag, Dr Libra Christian, had other plans for us and we were taken to the Sari Laut Seafood Restaurant, what a feast, started with these black shells, kind of like an inch long spiral in some grey juice, not the most attractive dish, but once you get over that and suck the molusc out of it your mind is made up, filth. Each and every one of them has had the skinny end clipped somehow, this lets you suck it out. We then had garouper fried as we call Thai style, and a local favourite fish baked on a BBQ, steamed green veges, battered chumi chumi, baked prawns which although you had to peel them were very well cooked. Got me buggered why prawns in Asia come with shell on, it is heaps easier to shell them before you cook them, plus you have the burn factor for your fingers, who knows. It was an unreal feed though, one of the dipping sauces, which had an unknown condiment in it was hooting, don’t know what it was but geez it was the best sauce I have had in a while. Bit like kaffir lime leaves in a Thai curry, you have to have it or it just becomes an ordinary curry.


Libra was like an excited kid, he loved taking us out, wouldn’t hear of us paying for tea, then took us home to meet his mum who had apples peeled and quartered for us to take back to the boat, after that it was down to the farmasi to collect all our gear, malaria test kits, active malaria pills, antibiotics and all sorts of other stuff. Libra drew us pictures and wrote out instructions for everything, he is definitely a good mate, we hope to repay him in kind next time we see him.


Old Edy the tuk-tuk bloke from Mama’s is starting to get a bit greedy, caught him ripping us off, so he can get stuffed. Mama, although a bit pricey to use her jetty, at least looks after your boat and it is always there when you get back plus she is a beauty. Then you have Beng Beng, he is a ripper, if you need anything, taxi, fuel, a tour you name it he can do it. We had four hundred litres of diesel delivered to the boat and then pumped aboard for about a buck a litre, about thirty cents more than the petrol station but no sore back this time and as he says, Beng Beng not cheap, but at least you know the price and it doesn’t fluctuate from minute to minute. He took us up to the tunnels, where the main road to Medan is cut through the mountains, reminded me of a decline in an underground mine, it is big enough for the trucks to get through but only just. Further up the mountain is a monument and what used to be a flash hotel, pretty run down now.

We upped anchor on Sunday morning and headed for Pulau Karrang where we anchored up and just hung out for the arvo, had a good sleep so a night passage was possible, solo sailor and all, come 0200 I am trying to get Hubert’s attention to get him out of bed. It was a hooting moon and as we were travelling pretty much due west we would be following it down. One hour later Jen has joined me in whistling, yelling, using our horn thing, unbelievable, 0330, I have jumped in and swam over to Investigator II, stomped up the stairs and across the deck, finally got some action, bit of yelling from Hubert, who I reckon thought he was being boarded by pirates or something. Just told him to get up, then dived back in and swum the twenty odd metres back before he could get his hands on me. Bit spooky but it had to be done. We finally got going 0400 and had the moon for an hour or so and then it was pitch black till the sun come up. Motorsailed at 40 degrees in 12 knots of breeze all the way back to the Bay of Plenty and anchored up pretty much in the same spot as last time at 1500, pretty bloody good day if you ask me.

Surf has been nonexistent pretty much the whole week we were gone, everyone is a bit stir crazy, and they all bolted to other spots, guaranteed to bring the waves back on and it has been pretty good with a couple of pearler days. Had my best surf on the right yesterday, pretty well buzzing by the time I got back to the boat, got some beauties and lost no skin, doesn’t get much better than that. Captain Morgan and his mate the Frog reared their ugly heads later as we toasted Bondy, one of Western Australia’s finest, some think otherwise but winning the Auld Mug and bringing it to Freo is legendary, he was responsible for the best summer I have ever had, Oh that was party time, hard to top it. Cheers Bondy. RIP.

Killed the pig on some fish from a couple of young fishermen, 100000rup, couple of coral trout, and three checkerboard snapper and to seal the deal a cuttlefish chucked in. Eating like kings.

Went for a spin up into Calm Bay this morning to get some text messages sent and spotted a couple of coconuts in a short tree, got two of them with the paddle but the swell was battering the dinghy so I shot back and picked up Hubert and what follows just goes to show how lucky we are.


We got back up to the bay and we were just seeing if the phone worked when all of a sudden coconuts started falling out of a tree right next to the short one I wanted to attack, we both focused on the tree, there was a big long tail swaying from up in the tree, we both went, must be a monkey, bloody big one too, put it this way my coconut hunting wasn’t going to happen, who knows what a big monkey would do to this white arsed farang, then a few fronds came down and as we were just staring in disbelief at the monkey a little bloke appeared and waved to us from about twenty metres up, we pissed ourselves. He was coming back down and I said stop and he did so I got a photo of him. The tail was his rope thingo for climbing up the tree, had us though. Ended up going in and flashing some cash and coming away with half a boat load, he even went up another tree and got me five hooting big young greenies, bargain. So loaded the dinghy up and we were just sitting in it checking old mate out up another tree when, crash and splash, a dirty great coconut tree fell over and landed about ten metres from us, then all the coconuts started floating and we just scooted around picking them up, easy as you like, now the boat is chockers with the bloody things, unbelievable. I had checked out getting a chainsaw in Sibolga to just chop a tree down but no need for that around here. Poor old Beng Beng couldn’t believe that we were going to chop down a coconut tree, I countered his argument with how well they look after the joint themselves, didn’t really get it though and nor did we get a chainsaw. Pretty lucky hey? Saved ourselves a hundred bucks.


The Bay of Plenty is chockers, fourteen in one surf camp, four in another, then either Sereti, Southern Cross or Bohemia Baru roll up so there is another ten plus the four or five of us, the right sorts them out though, heaps of carnage on the reef, saw so many people yesterday stuck up on it with no real relief going in or back out, you are just going to be cut to ribbons which is not a good look, especially if you have only just arrived and your frothing.

Dindo’s turned it on today, good to be back to the safety of me old favourite wave, my arms are rooted, got so many waves, twelve people out but half of them were gaying out, bit like me on the right sometimes. Overheard this tosser going on about the reef and how shalla it was, geez it was high tide in the middle of springs, he didn’t last long, back to his room for some male action I reckon.


Caught the biggest squid ever yesterday, it’s tube is 10mm thick, still bloody nice, we have had a couple of meals from it and still got half the tube and the flaps left, although I am coming round to not bothering with the flaps, chewy as. The new Thai jig is a winner, it just sends them off their heads, they don’t gin around or anything, just dart over and grab it and stuff it down their guts, you don’t really need to pull they do it to themselves, got to love them Thais. I would take a photo of one but then everyone would know, stuff that.

We have been back in the Bay for two weeks now and have spent some cash in the last few days, the freezer is chockers with fish, chumi chumi and lobster plus we have the dive bag hanging off the back with half a dozen crays in it, old mate Danny the fisherman came over and just for a look I checked out his catch, sitting on top were two three kilo filthy mangrove jacks, so we had to have those as well, cost like five bucks each, the Sandy’s went hunting the other day for hours and no result, pretty unusual as they usually do well, but they probably used five bucks in fuel. Last month we spent one million out here but we splurged in town for a week with food and fuel and going out on the town in good old Sibolga. Still this place is pretty good for curbing my money spending problems.

The Bay has turned on, there are four charter boats, one full of French hasslers and another five Canary Islanders, it is a bit of a nightmare but after being snaked twice and almost dropped in on I started my own campaign of revenge, in the end one of the them, called me a wave hog as I snaked him back, rode that wave with a big smile through to the end, that will learn him.


Hooting waves, four to five foot for the last three days and off shore, it doesn’t get much better than this, lost a bit of bark on the right but considering what could have happened, I’m happy. Had so many filthy lefts that it is hard to remember the best ones, no injuries or aches and pains at the moment just the occasional hang over, usually when the Frog comes out. Had a beauty with Bailey from the Floating Surf Camp, he sunk his canoe and lost his paddle, sunglasses and shirt trying to go home, unbelievably he found his paddle in the morning fishing. Got to show him a technique for emptying his canoe, you just rock it side to side and in stuff all time it will be empty. That frog, I can’t find the last bottle but not really trying to hard.

Had a bit of a lull for a couple of days, Sandys have just come back from Sibolga, scored a carton of Bintang, some butter and some avacado’s so we are styling.

The whole anchorage went to The Gator for fish and rice and stuff, very good night, Hubert is a pretty good host, the boys from Valhalla had a ball, they are just about out of everything so it was good to see them hoovering up the last bits of flesh in the heads and bones of the fish which Rosie had cooked to perfection. Frederick, not Freddie anymore, supplied the tunes with his guitar and the place was rocking, Faezy was in hooting form, she had “shit on the liver” when they arrived but a bit of Jim Beam Black and she was on the attack. They have made a movie of us, I will try to add it to the blog if it is not to long.

Woke to the formidable thunder like crashing of waves at Gunters, which is where the locals came up with it’s name. The crowd was bearable so went out got three, the crowd came back from The Dream and then I got a rag doll flogging, blurr, then wore the next couple on the head, found myself up on the reef but floating along and it was time to bugger off out of there. Said to Hallas, “getting to old for this”, it was pretty bloody big, with some waves getting up there. Sitting on the boat I had jelly legs, last time I can remember having them was back in the motocross days after a big race at Manjimup.

Kicked back and read some more of this pretty average Michael Chrighton book, State of Fear, just wish it would end, have read a couple of rippers though, Thai Gold by Jason Schoonover is a goody and Rat Run by Gerald Seymour was a beauty.


Went back out to the left in the arvo and had a ball, got a few rippers, as big as I have seen it, big long walls that had not a ripple on their faces. It was just three of us out as the charter boats are all at Treasures, Gosh rolled up and made it four, just terrible way to spend your afternoon, fully sick and frothing. Sereti rolled up and soon it was ten and time for a Bintang. The pulse was pretty much gone and they were left with smaller, fewer waves and a crowd, so good to be on the spot and suss the swells as they come and go, happens all the time.


The anchorage is crowded with eight yachts in it, she is pretty well packed, the place is getting popular and the charter boats are also piled in here this morning, should have been here yesterday though, reminds me of a song, “wish they’d all go back to town, what do they expect to find, sure as hell ain’t peace of miiiind, deep water.”

The crew just asked what the date is, no idea, what day is it, no idea but when she asked what the tide was doing, high tide soon, shows our priorities as they stand, will need to do a burn off and get rid of the cans and bottles as well today, getting a bit messy around here.

The swell has died in the arse, got a few waves yesterday by myself, just so much more enjoyable with no crowd, you don’t seem to get as worn out when you have got the place to yourself. It is Sunday the twenty first of June by the way, The Sandy’s buggered off to Treasures, we went and made a couple of calls home and even got to send and receive emails and download the latest seven day forecast on Buoyweather, which is not that flash surf wise, might have to get the hooker out and try and shoot a fish. The Persians are getting ready to leave Thailand and reckon they will be here at the beginning of July, so by then we will need to do our visa extension, we pretty much lose ten days out of the sixty because of Ramahdan but that’s how it is. It will all work out in the end.


Hit Treasures for a day but ended up going and checking out cobras and some other joint, Frederick got a couple of beauties, Hubert and I, kitted out in goggles, snorkel and flippers swam over to where the waves were breaking on the reef and as they approached we dived down and watched them roll over you, I have seen it on films but never really like this, it was siick.


Anthony, a pilot from WA, was left in charge of Boomerang to get us home, fair few Bintangs and JD’s involved, he got us back with no problems and allowed us all a bit of a kip and that was another week down in The Banyaks.





Sumatra, you gotta love it.

15th May 2015.

Caught up on sleep for a couple of days, got some good first waves at the inside left, so much fun right from the first one this year, also enjoying the arvo swims at our old spot which has changed quite a bit, a lot deeper these days but still nice. Have sported a few hangovers since we have been here, with the Breezies and the Gator’s in the same bay what would you expect.


Not much swell so have been fishing, snorkeling and letting my ribs come good after their first outing back on the board.


Our afternoon tradition of going up to the sand bar and sitting around up to your neck in crystal clear water sucking on beers is still going strong and has been the start of some good evenings had by The Gators, The Breezies and us and some new partners in crime.


Have been killing the pig on fish from the fishermen, our new mate Danny comes by with lobster and Mangrove Jack’s, which at five bucks each is pretty good value, bloody nice fish, fresh as. You just get him to chuck it too you and then tell everyone you caught it, advice by Quentin. We had the removal of Jens stitchers from her hand by Doctor Hubert, nurses Jasmine and Iva, a successful operation with only a bit of fuss and quite a bit of medication.


Cooked up a big pot of Tom Yum seafood for everyone using the fish and lobsters, filthy and none left, we were saying seeya to the guys off Dali, Phil and Iva, excellent dudes who are making a doco on people, I guess living the dream whilst they do it themselves as well. Good concept. They certainly weren’t up early next day, no one was, blurrrr.


Hows this Jack, cost 50000 rupiah, and got turned into a hooting plate of fillets.


A fisherman came by this morning with a boat full of mullet, they look identical to ours but were not quite as fishy, good fang on them, so get a mullet up ya.


Had some good easy waves on the right, bit of bark missing but not to bad. The first wave that came through was a good four footer, I stuffed it up and fell off the back and got smashed, that was a wake up call, geez, thank god there wasn’t another one behind it.


Got my act together though and ended up having a ball, although I didn’t get any like this one, this is what it turned into later that day. Brian came out and got a couple on his knee board and we sat there by ourselves for a couple of hours just catching a wave, paddling back out and catching another one, over and over again. Just terrible. Seems like there is a swell coming.


Got going early next day and were greeted with another cat in the bay, Tim and Megan have got here, their boat is looking so good, last time we saw them they had just put the first coat of oyster on the hull, came out sick. The waves were hooting, we surfed the left by ourselves for a couple of hours and then Kym and Mike came and joined us, great waves, really cranking on the second section, unreal, sorry fully sick, I was frothing, once again catch a wave paddle back out and away you go again. Almost ripped my shoulder out of its joint on one of them, siick.


Next day same again and again and again, then come Big Thursday, waves everywhere and four to six foot continuously coming through. Wasn’t going to go out due to a really sore Coxix from a couple of days ago but once I saw it, it was back to the boat get the board and back down, only the crew in the water so just take it in turns and all’s fine, so many waves, my first wave was a biggy and took off way to late, made it to the bottom only to be splattered by a pretty horror lip, horror. Got a few rippers. In the end just Tim, Megan and me out, pretty hard to take. My last one had me around the back of the reef, must have been pretty much the fifth section, filthy wave. Absolutely rooted. Have had a bit of a hiding too, three good floggings could be sore tomorrow.


Sure am, Brian has come by, frothing, I just couldn’t say no as it is his last surf before he goes back, wish I had, it was all going great until three blokes paddled over a charter boat, talk about change your surf, two were just complete wankers, even said to Brian I reckon one of them would have to be Gold Coast or some place like that where you have to just continuously hassle for your waves, I got it right in one and the other clown was from Gellong, they were dropping in their poor mate, who wasn’t too bad a bloke but a bit overweight and struggling a bit, reminds me of someone I resemble, they just didn’t give a shit.


Brian got his best wave ever, it was a beauty and Lyn got a photo of it. He was just like a big kid, fully frothing once he got the hang of it siick. I got my fair share then got dragged over the falls in two feet of water with the board somehow between my legs, horror, bark missing, crease in me board and a killing lower thigh. That was the end for me and thankfully Brian had had enough too.


Big party on Investigator II that night for goodbyes to the Breezies and my birthday. It was excellent with everyone in the bay and up our way coming and getting on it, Gosha made me a filthy cake, Lyn made, as she calls it, good old French onion dip, superb, Kym made these new things to me, pickled lettuce on a biscuit, filth, Hubert walked off the back of his boat, Quentin by all accounts got lost getting back to the bay, Jen came out a bit bruised and Captain Morgan had his way with the lot of us, my memory is vague but it was excellent fun.


We woke up and the Breezies were gone, I think I said goodbye to them but if not it was as usual, unreal fun seeing you guy’s again. While they were parked up in the anchorage with the view, we had bread cooking lessons by Lyn, hers were coming out so bloody good, my first attempt at rolls could have been used as cannon balls, heavy buggers.

Have read so many books, Ian Rankin is an author that you can’t go wrong reading, have just read seven in a row, he is a ripper, the last one called “The Complaints” is up there, finally took a break from his books, mainly because there are none left on the boat, so read “A Pirate Looks At Fifty”, by Jimmy Buffett, he is just about as lucky as me, wish I had a pile of his fun tickets though, he must be loaded. Excellent read, especially when he was on his way to making it, couldn’t put it down.

Fer caught another mangrove jack in the creek on lure, she is the only person that i know who has done so, this one was a bit small to claim but if it had have been one of the locals it would have been winner winner chicken dinner.


We moved down to The Bay for a bit of a change of scenery, stuff all swell which has suited me with my numerous injuries and stuff, damming up the freezing cold creek and getting the pool to tit level, then busting it open, then go sit under the shade in the creek by the sea and let it all wash past you is both soothing and a good time to reflect on how tough we are doing it up here, I feel pretty bloody lucky.


Another party on Investigator II, this time the Sandys and the host were the main offenders, not that that is bad at all, but had us leaving The Bay an hour and a half late for our trip to Sibolga, this time when I woke up, my clothes were wet, buggered if I know what happened there. We didn’t make Pulau Karang, about an hour to late with the sun just about gone but made it to a bay just west and anchored up. At least the Rangas had our act together in the morning otherwise who knows where we would have got to, probably Lizards or back in Calm Bay.


We had a bit of a rock and rolly night, at least it was cool, it pissed down pretty much most of the night, upped anchor and headed for Sibolga 0900 and got here about 1400, good little run with the main up and some wind for a good chunk of it. Anchored out a bit and went ashore, Mumma and family were there to meet us, then Eddie, their smiles were so welcoming, probably going catchung catchung, but I reckon they were pretty happy to see that Boomerang come back.

We went to Immigrassi and handed over all the paperwork, the female officer from last year served me and recognized me straight away, so everything went swiftly and we just need to go and pick up our paperwork in the morning, then off to Customs and then The Harbour Master. All’s good, in fact it was quite nice to come back here, the traffic is loose, seems a bit more busy, but everyone waves to us and I had forgotten about the old, “Hello Mister.”

We dropped in for lunch at our old favourite restaurant, Sian Malam, Papa and Chen were so excited to see us it was hooting, he served up his sweet and sour pork, bistic babi, filthy and he even found us a dingen Bintang. Bargain. My old mate down the fishing tackle shop filled us with afternoon tea, stripy cake, then old mate in the blue phone shop got us going with phone and internet so we are styling.


Immigrassi went well, customs were coming out to the boat at 1400, it is. Well now 1600 and customs have been and gone, pulled a few bits and pieces apart, checked under the floors and all cupboards but as there was nothing to find all was good and they left happy. Ended up being quite an extensive inspection. Poor old Boomerang got clobbered as they somehow managed to T-Bone our bow, classic, everyone shit themselves but no damage so all good. We now wait till tomorrow to pick up our paperwork and start shopping. We need about 300 litres of fuel, veges and we have run out of beer.

Looks like they have just about finished with the Gators and Capricorn has rolled up, so it looks like bistic babi and a couple of Bintangs at Sian Malam once again, bugger.


Was going to finish there but have just got back from our visit to Customs, left this morning at 1000  and went to sign the paperwork and stamp it, sat around for a bit as the power went out, comfy lounge suite so not put out or anything, then the offer for lunch was made and off to a famous Batuk restaurant, serves pork traditional style, up in the foothills, it was absolutely superb, they know a few different ways of serving old porky up that is for sure. I am not sure if this is the norm with these guys but it was pretty special for us, the officials in Sibolga are good value, you have just got to smile, be nice, not be impatient and what will be will be.


Lets Get This Show On The Road Again.

25th April 2015.

Anzac Day. Lest We Forget.

The boat is chocker, Farid proved to be good for his word, and the job he has done is unreal, the covers look great and with the patches on the wear points he reckons it should last another five years at least. If you need a new dinghy or one repaired go and see them at Swift Inflatables near Kuah. If you ask any one about Farid and Elina they just say how nice they are and what a good business they have and I cant fault those sentiments one bit. Cheers Farid.

Just need to fuel up, pay the marina bill and clear out and look out Sumatra here we come. Went up to Scarborough’s for one last fish and chips, good one but short lived for me, jobs to do. Every one was in good spirits and wished us a good trip.

Took Jen out for dinner to our ex favourite restaurant, Privilege Restaurant, what a shocker, ordered lobster broth and got three pissy little bits of hard over cooked flesh and to make it worse the broth was luke warm so it was obvious that it hadn’t just been cooked, probably last weeks left overs, Jens things were also average to the point that when the waiter walked past, Fer asked her if they had a new chef. Geez at 35rm for a bowl of stock they have got to be taking the piss. After our notification of dissatisfaction our mains come along, mine, beef rendang was really good, Jen got some salad stuff which was not real flash, they gave the entrée’s to us for nothing but to late, last time we go there, the other owner Peter would have spun out, it was a pity he was on holidays.

Had to pay our bill for Boomerangs pen and power, Norma asked when we would be back, told her about six months and she was disappointed as she wanted to ask us to her wedding, spewing that’s two now, Farah, who is Sophia’s daughter was getting married today but plans had been made and that was that, I would have loved to have gone cause Sophia is a ripper and so is Norma.

Dawn happened on the peninsular in Gallipoli, we listened to the broadcast live, stood when told too and as usual enjoyed this heart felt celebration for all the diggers and the soldiers that followed in subsequent battles and wars. Had a thought for good old Tom Milo as well. It amazes me how many more people now get into Anzac Day, great too see, dawn service is a bit like Christmas morning these days.


We left our berth 1300, filled up to max, 460 litres diesel, and headed out through the pond, straight into Cest Le Vent, pronounced, close the vent, and had to have a pow wow with them as we hadn’t seen them since Batam a couple of years ago. Good dudes, another spew as we didn’t know they were in Telaga and they were only a k away. Said our goodbyes and headed off to Koh Lipe for the night and then the assault across the Melaka Strait dodging ships to Banda Aceh, bring it on.

Got to say gidday to Peter at Love and Peace Bar, Roman at the Elephant Bar and all the girls at Fino’s, grabbed a carton of Leo and drove the dinghy back to Adang, fair way in pitch black but we got there. Another boat had come into the anchorage while we were away but by then we were both pretty rooted and carked it.

Had an excellent sleep and got underway as the sun came up, the other boat was Ivory Street, a Perry 57 from Penang, must have been coming back from Phuket.

We headed around the bottom of the Butang Group and set course for Banda Aceh, 235nm, with the spinnaker up and doing 6 knots pretty much for the whole day, lowered the kite and set the jib for night and just motor sailed at 6 knots dodging ships all night. With morning came a storm which we are still in so doing 7+knots for the last couple of hours and it doesn’t seem like it is going to bugger off any time soon, which is great, flying along. Hubert had the main up, now it is reefed down, 25 knots of NE will do that, I am sticking to our usual game plan, don’t bust nothing and anything over 6 knots is money in the bank.



Well we are now in Calm Bay, Pulau Pulau Banyak, it was a pretty tiring passage with good wind nearly all the way. We hit the Arioh Cut at midnight and right at the bottom of the tide, not the best scenario but the weather was to good to be pulling up and having a rest, at 0400 it was deemed by both boats it was time though. Woke up about 0900 to find we are in a ripper little bay, crystal clear water and no one about. Still the push was on lets get going and by nightfall we were well and truly on our way to Pulau Similue dodging logs and fishermen but no real dramas, hit something solid but it just bounced off and we motor sailed off into the half moon lit sea. This is where our luck really came to bear, we travelled almost 50nm in a straight line with 13 knts of wind at 70 degrees and we passed storm after storm after storm on both sides without copping one, it was unreal, called Hubert up and asked how he was going, all good, so I had a kip for a bit well until my crew came out and tickled my foot, came out of a dead sleep with a bit of a jump, spewing. Tried to explain Hubert was keeping an eye out but that fell on deaf ears.


The wind deserted us about twenty miles out from the top of Pulau Similue so on with the Yanmahs and we anchored up in the top bay near Pulau Tepi checked the anchor and carked it, for about fifteen hours. Hubert broke our sleep on the VHF telling us we had had a visitor, some bloke trying to get in touch with us, didn’t hear a thing. Thought about it and didn’t want to upset anyone so upped anchor and bolted down the eastern side of Pulau Similue with a good current and a bit of wind down past Sinabang and by the afternoon we had made the southern end of Similue and headed out for Pulau Pulau Banyak.


Current against us, no wind and doing four knots with both engines going, spew, but we just plodded along and at sunup we passed The Bay Of Plenty and headed around Lolok Point and up into Calm Bay. With about a mile to go, you wouldn’t believe it, after all that way we caught a fish, a nice little Spaniard which had it’s head cut off and shoved in a bucket quicksmart as we were heading through the reefs that surround you as you enter Calm Bay. Anchored up with the rest of the boats in Calm Bay, five of them, The Breezies, Mike and Kym, Phil and Iva and a couple of others. The Breezies were over, beers had and a visit to Investigator for a well earned end of passage beer.