Slotting In.

18th July 2014.

Just had the best days surf for 10 years, the last time I had so much fun was at Ellensbrook with Roozen and Matt which we followed up with a bottle of sav blanc and salt and pepper squid at The Valley Restaurant. No sav blanc but freezing cold Bintangs this time.

Surfed the inside left at Bay of Plenty, 4 foot and just perfect waves although the inside is bloody shalla, as the Beachhouse boy’s say. I have bounced off the reef about 10 times today, lucky I have got the springsuit, what a savior. Even face planted twice on the last section but didin’t make contact, you just can’t flick out even though you know danger is coming, but the last bowl section is worth it, even if you don’t make it. About 50/50 for me today.

The waves have been smallish up until yesterday which has suited me, I can now paddle onto most waves that come my way and not getting to tired or intimidated, before it was horror, puffing and about 1 paddle to slow, making the takeoffs was heart in throat stuff.IMG_0386

Have surfed every morning then we go fishing for tea, who said Trevally is neighbor fish, it goes great in a Thai Curry, Jen caught it on 15lb line and it was going off, good action all round. We have been getting a few esturine cod, which are superb for shallow frying and the other day Jen caught one of the best fish around here.IMG_0259

We were trolling down through the mangroves, headed to the Bay for a surf, when all of a sudden Jen’s on and it is a beauty, Mangrove Jack, and a bloody good one too, she fought it to the boat and into the bucket, we then had another go and lost the lure, light blue, yella and red Lively Lure, last one of them too, bummer, so back to the boat, scaled, gilled, gutted and in the freezer for tea. Heading back down she’s hit another fish, this time an excellent cod but he didn’t get the treatment the MJ got, he had to hang out in a bucket for a couple of hours. Jen fished, I surfed and then home we come, what a day, you wouldn’t be dead for quids.

Had a bit of a blinder with the boys, last drinks were a concoction of some Gamet Tonic which is a sort of medicine made out of sea cucumber, and tequila.

The MJ was devoured along with, papaya salad and some Job Fish and spuds that the boy’s bought. Apparently beautiful and I did enjoy it but buggered if I can remember it.P1030142

Had a surf free day, went fishing and lost 3 lures, Jen even caught a tree with the tip of her rod, so we gave up, went and hung out on our bank which was the right move for no actual effort required. We have found this excellent spot that has nice chest high water with lumps of coral spread all over the show in crystal clear water, good for a snorkel, and is on the edge of a bank that is only about a foot deep, great spot for a couple of hours in the arvo, something to do when you are a bit hot or have nothing to do. Jimmy climbed a coconut tree and flicked down the coconuts, pretty amazing really.

Headed home had left over curry, AC on and watched The Straits and another couple of Breaking Bad. Went to bed to a freezing boat, best sleep and up early for a surf.

Oh and what a surf, I finally overcame my fear of the right hander albeit pretty small, 3 to 4 foot but bloody shalla, got myself 10 waves in no time then got pasted onto the reef, went back for one more and copped it on the inside section, up until then the wave was a beauty but using Tai from Lugu Bay’s rule, never get out on a flogging, out for one more and snared a pearler all the way through, grinning like a dead fox, although missing a bit of skin.

Back at the boat Jen had been visited by a few fishermen but they are getting used to us now and just say helo as they pass. Captain, Lakon and the young fella still drop in for a Kofi or a water but they are more like mates.

Makes you laugh, they roll up, jump aboard, tie their boat up and come and sit with us, they all sit in the same spot each time, they always shake your hand and say helo Captain, helo Mummy Jenny and Mollie gone, to which we reply in like. We usually sit around for an hour or so, laughing, trying to converse with each other, eat some biscuits, smoke their ciggys which they seem to always ash on the deck, even if there is an ash tray, give us some fish or chumi chumi then they say goodbye and off they go waving and Terama Kasehing and jumpa lageing in their boat. Excellent dudes.

Another day, more surf and more bark off, this time only grazes so not to bad, the good old aloe green grass oil from Chinatown in Singapore is getting a flogging, stings like hell the first application then not to bad and it drys the cuts and grazes up quick smart.

Got back to the boat and a big splash in the water near bye, the rod was right next to me with a gold bomber lure already to go so flicked it at the swirl in the water, gave the reel a spin to click the arm back over and bang, off it went for a hooting little fight. Spanish Mackerel about 2 foot long, bled it, filleted it and shoved it in the freezer, from being alive and swimming to chilling ready for chowing in less than 10 minutes, not bad. Good eating too.IMG_0558

The beachhouse boys upped anchor and headed for Lizards, surf spot on another island about 6 mile away, I serviced the port engine, sweating like a, won’t go there, but all done and looking good. They gave us a call from the island trying to entice us over there, fish everywhere, little right hander, but it was all a bit late in the day so we stayed put and they headed for the Bay of Plenty with their awesome catch. I have never had Job fish before, it is right up there as a eating fish, they also had coral trout and a few other species, not bad for an afternoon dive.

We had Fire Garouper, which has been in the freezer since Langkawi, salted, shalla fried with rice and chilli sauce, filthy.

As we have been at anchor for over 2 weeks we thought a change is as good as a holiday so we moved around into the bay, only 7 miles and mirror like conditions made it easy with Jen up front looking for bombies as we came into the lagoony bit of the bay near the floating surf camp. The guy who runs it, Bailey, is a ripper and being a yank this is even more impressive. What a life and from all accounts the camp is well run and value for money, unbelievable location, even has satellite TV.IMG_0430

Found a good spot to drop the anchor then off to bed for a nanna then wake up to no one surfing the right which is now only a few hundred metres away, so off I go, no Beachhouse Boys to push me out of my comfort zone, they love hyping you up and pushing you with their noises which is great but at present I am just happy to take my time and do my best not to get splattered. Well first wave was a beauty but typical Rod had to go a little bit further and splat, cant help myself, paid for it though, heaps of skin off the calf but it didn’t hurt so back out and just got wave after wave, best surf for me so far, easy eclipsing the last one. Really hooting steep takeoffs that have all of a sudden become a lot easier, even getting time for a few hard turns and stalls, instead of the flat out straight down the line stuff, unreal fun. Two hours later and it has got crowded, 7 people, so left on a ripper, paddled over to the dinghy and sat there in a bubble I didn’t want burst.

Had a big fish BBQ with the boys, Jai kicked arse with the Job fish and trevally, Jen did the same with papaya salad and fish larb and we all pigged out and then passed out, a very good day’s work.IMG_0240

Beachhouse left for Sibolga midday so farewells all round, Lindsay left on the small ferry headed for Singkel with 70kgs of lobster which he would be escorting all the way to Medan by road, good little adventure I would reckon, Jimmy and Jai were frothing to rub an elephant , see some orangatangs and pick up babes, I think that is their order of preference, sick, and to extend their visas.

We need to go next week so I guess we shall just sit around here and try not to get bored. Surfs only three foot but every wave usually has a barrel somewhere along it.

Back we go to The Bay Of Plenty.

11th July 2014.

Just got caught having a snakes off the back, thought I had time but a savage wind front came through and cut me short. From10kns NW to 34kns West in the blink of an eye. Add to that a complete white out and things are getting a bit exciting.

We have been in Calm Bay waiting for the storm now for a couple of nights.

Left Sinabang harbour on Thursday morning, it wasn’t the plan but the weather was so nice we had to go.

Sinabang was good fun, and a pretty good spot to stay for a while, the water is pretty rank with the towns effluent system being just that but the little town paints a great picture of Indonesian coastal habitation. You can get pretty much anything you need, our Visa and Mastercard didn’t work but luckily enough our good old Westpac handicard did. I came across three Australians who were having exactly the same drama so I think it might be a common problem. You can change cash with Ranu, he also supplies fuel, milk and the best bread, still warm from a bakery in town, we also needed some small hose for our vaccum pump for draining engine oil, the second shop had the gear, great markets and perhaps one day the Padang Sate shop might be open, we tried twice but no luck.P1030123

Our sail back down to P. Bangkaru was pleasant we sat above 7kns the whole way and made the 70 mile trip in just under 10 hours which was handy as we got up late, 0800, but were in Calm Bay with anchor set as it went dark and the mossies came out, 1900.P1030128

Arced the Genset up and watched some movie about Mary Poppins, bit like reading a dodgy book, you may as well do it as eventually there will be nothing else left to watch or read. Speaking of reading I have been ploughing through the books, the new Michael Connelley, Gods of Guilt is a ripper, the Nelson Demmille Quest is a pile of shit, Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino, who is apparently the “The Japanese Stieg Larsson”, dreaming, is alright but I don’t think Stieg would be to happy, Shadow Woman by Linda Howard is just alright too.

Onto this one now called the Malayan Trilogy, three books in one, at first it was pretty hard to get into but once you get used to the way Anthony Burgess writes it has become one hooting read. It was written back in the 50’s and is about that time in Malaya as it was then known. It is so accurate for Malaysia as it is now that it is not funny, have also been picking up heaps of new words to use on the Indo’s and Malaysians when we get back. Their language is the same thereabouts.

Being alone in Calm Bay has been superb, there are not even any fishermen here this time, we spent the morning down the Bay of Plenty on Seriti, Jen got to meet Coco, Mick, Raja and Suzuki. There punters for this trip come from Bunbury, unbelievable, they were spinning out a bit with the waves, I don’t blame them, first day they had 6 to 8 foot Treasures to contend with, horror, one board with no fins another with the fin plugs ripped out on one fin, it is gnarly.P1030140

After our morning of socializing we went fishing around Calm Bay, first fish in 5 minutes, a stinking Baracuda, same with the next, then Jen caught a small Coral Trout looking thing, see them in the restaurant aquariums all the time, top of the wazza, threw it back, then another Baracuda and then Jen has pulled in the prize of the day, a lovely definitely size Cod. We ended up losing 2 lures but we are now set up properly with swivels and stuff.

I gilled and gutted, Jen sliced and salted, then we floured it up, chopped up some spuds into chips and had fish and chips cooked on the back step, the fish was shit hot and so were the chips, another fine meal cooked on sv Boomerang.

Another yacht arrived in the arvo and proceeded to park up on top of us, the owner came over and introduced himself, Pedro, seems like a nice bloke from the Canary Islands. Told him we had out 90 metres of chain, he looked surprised, told him about the storm, 30+knots, that was expected and off he went to shift his boat.IMG_0228

They went for a surf, people just kept on popping out of the boat, must be either like a tardis or very crowded, we counted 13 in dinghies and on deck. Once it got dark they upped anchor again and shifted again.

The night was pretty calm and then as the sun was coming up and time for my usual morning piss it hit us, it is now 1000 and the place is calm, not a breath of wind and the sky even looks like it is clearing up, hope so, time for a surf.

Beat the Visa part 2.

9th July 2014.

Bloody Bouyweather has let us down, but luckily we turned back and holed up in the bay at Treasures.

We came around the southern tip of P. Tangkura on a falling tide and had 1.5kns of current with us and up to 12kns breeze at 60 degrees so set the jib and doing 7kns heading for P. Babi or P. Lasia just depending on time of arrival.

We made it to the southern tip of P. Bangkaru and stuck our nose around the corner, not real flash, NW at 15kns and lumpy as so we turned around and headed back to Treasures which was a pretty good decision as boats started arriving and anchoring up everywhere. A tug and barge combo even have pulled up in the bay. Come six oclock we upped anchor and headed further into the bay to get more protection in the night. I was a bit baffled as to why everyone, all four charter boats included, were heading in, we had spent a couple of nights out last time we were here and no problem, the forecast on Bouyweather was for up to 10kns NNW and a building swell. Nothing to get to worried about.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Let me tell you, after watching the tug and barge anchor up, then Dream move down into the bay I thought why not so up with the anchor and in we go, Jen said check out all the boats and when I turned around the rest of the fleet were heading in, why I asked myself, although quite happy to be a sheep. Later on it started to rain and then it started to blow and now it is still blowing, good call turning back. The wind is slowly swinging to the south so here we sit, 02 2.236N    97 7.338E, waiting for it to bugger off. Made the call on the Iridium sat phone to Captain Mike in Langkawi, cut in and out but we finally got it, to check the weather for us, Passage weather has it exactly as it is, 25kns SW tending south and should be clearing by this evening, good really as it is Friday and you know what that means.

We spent all day day doing nothing, it was quite nice, the bay filled up with fishermen, charter boats and a couple of cruising yachts all getting tucked up out of the wind, blowing 20 to 30 knots, must be good sand, we were in 18 metres, had 90 metres of chain out and swung in a 90 degree arch throughout the night and day and the next morning we pulled her in no worries. The new chain is a bargain, if it is going to get windy, chuck it all out and don’t think about it hopefully. The old saying, chains not much good in the anchor locker just stick it all in, is absolutely true here. The weather can change so quick.

We left our anchorage 0700 on Saturday and headed around the Northern tip of P. Bangkaru this time, sussed the tide on our way across and we flew around the island, incoming head north and outgoing south. Really nice way to go as well, it is an awesome place, wild as. They even still have crocodiles, one big mother if you listen to the stories, someone should just shoot it, I reckon they are the scurge of the earth.

Once around the tip we had light winds on the nose and pretty bumpy seas which calmed down after 5 miles and it was just plain motoring once again headed for P. Lasia about 5 hours away. I was having a well earned snooze when Jen wakes me up and says there is a storm coming, up I get and horror, the whole horizon is black as, Lasia is just getting smashed and fishing boats are headed there for protection, changed course a bit and copped 27kns for an hour or so but snuck up the middle of both fronts but then once the initial storm passed the weather behind it was shit. 20kns and a couple of metre seas and slop. Lasia was out and so was Lugu, down to 3kns heading there and still were 20 odd miles out so another change of course and we are now headed for, Labuhanbaja, which is a bay right down south of Simuelue, approx. 02 23.705N 96 28.563E, on Navionics you are on land again. We anchored in 20 metres and has good holding.IMG_1446

This place is pretty cool with fishermen everywhere, got started on lightening the load by handing out a few of uncle Alf’s sinkers to the more inquisitive ones who came by to say, helo. Had a BBQ so now all the porterhouse steaks from the grocers at KLIA2 are gone. Big bummer. We have now used all the pies and snaggers that we got from Sailors as well. Not much meat left, it is now becoming precious. It was a great meal, steak and mashed potato with brown sauce, Worchestershire, no scraps in fact finger licking, plate licking and saucepan licking good.

Woke to still conditions and got everyone up and the anchor and away we go this time headed for Sinabang. It rained once we started working our way up the east coast and didn’t stop until we were right near the harbor enterance. As we passed an island on the way I did a measurement on the GPS, the Navionics charts are 348 feet out to starboard, in the rain it was a worry as you could only see about 20 metres around you and I knew this island was there somewhere, the radar picked it up spot on so at least you can rely on something. We had a ship go past the other day, good size with no AIS, back in Indo I guess, bargain.

Followed good port and starboard markers up into the harbor and anchored in 7 metres out the front of the mosque. It gets shallow quick close in.IMG_1466

We sat around doing stuff all, backgammon championship between Jen and Mo, I think Mo actually won, although I also reckon Jen was taking it easy on her.

I have got a book that is set in the 50’s in Malaya, learning some new words and phrases, the best so far is Tida apa which means I don’t really give a shit, whatever or like the French go phhhh through their lips, I like it and will try it out on someone today, add this to the other three phrases I have and quite a few words now might mean the end of the charades that have got me through so far.


Matt from Lugu gave us a contact, Seriti a charter boat which is here in the harbour so I went over and saw them last night to say gidday, Mick and his wife Coco and their son and also their partner Suzuki were there and made me very welcome with Leo beer from Thailand and I even ate oxtail soup Sulawesi style, bloody beautiful. Ended up Mick had to put the spot light on our boat so I could find it as the girls had gone to bed without leaving any lights on, it was black as and pretty late, excellent night, the girls missed out big time.

Once back on board I sat back and listened to the harmonies coming from the mosque and decided that’s enough for one day.

It is Rahmadan here now so the mosque is playing their tunes much more frequently like every few hours, last nights catchy little number was a siren screaming, sounded like the ones out of the battle of Britain, Jen got me up going what is that siren for, the only explanation to me was Tsunami warning shit horror. Pulau Simeulue is where the 2004 earthquake and Tsunami happened so you cant blame me, but when we got up to look no one was running around yelling and screaming, then the usual old wailing tune broke through the siren sound then more sirens and then to end it, a big scratch as the needle was roughly removed from the record as it was being recorded, DJ Sinabang.

Mo and I did a bit of walking around town to top up phones and wifi, she got stared at, I just said helo to everyone, it was good fun. We went to the market, good but better on a Tuesday or Wednesday was the word.

The supermarkets are pretty strange, they will have powdered milk, chocolates, soaps and stuff but no real milk or noodles or rice, that will be someone elses domain, like the phone shop sells phones but not the Telkomsel chips, that’s next door. You can buy filters for the water maker, 5micron for 16000IDR and a carbon filter for 22000IDR, they are even the same USA brand that came with the watermaker. You can find this shop on the right headed for the markets, it is the supplier of treated water, you can buy 25 litres of water for 5000IDR from them as well.

We bought all the kids at the jetty a soccer ball yesterday, it turned into a fight between the older ones and the younger ones and of course the older ones won, so today I gave the little dudes one, Ken, the guy who looks after the dinghy at the jetty for us, explained to them to share it but superman, due to his outfit and he is my favourite, he spends all his time fishing off the jetty with his best mate and grabs the rope off you always, was the carer of the ball. They all stood there and said thankyou, it was great, they are all pretty poor I would say, so any gift seems like Christmas to them, I don’t even know if they have Christmas, they have Ramahdam that’s for sure and certain.IMG_1454

We were leaving but the forecast for Friday and Saturday is pretty full on, normally if Buoyweather says 8 to 10kns you can double it if it comes from the west through to the north, Friday is expecting 25kns so who knows what to expect. We are sitting on a mooring in the bay at Sinabang safe as houses, have to service the engines so good time to do it. We saw 35kns the other day on the anchor, hate waiting for the anchor to drag, especially at 0300 which is the normal time for anchor alarms to go off, it has not dragged yet but you never know when it might, the joys of being a skipper.

Mo left on the single prop plane, she ran into Aaron, off Beachhouse who is off to Jakarta for knee surgery, in Medan Airport, then flew to Penang and then a ferry to Langkawi where Michael and Captain Mike picked her up so she is in good hands. She beat the visa by 1 day so all was good. We had a run in with authority over her on the boat but it sorted itself out we hope.IMG_1457

Hired the car off of Ranu for half a day, 200000IDR, so hit the markets, heaps of good stuff, found some good long beans but then found some ripper long beans so gave a young woman the 2nd grade ones, she was absolutely blown away, “why you give to me”, a gift gratis, she finally accepted them gratefully. We scored some spring rolls, only warm, but they were hooting, went into the fish markets pretty average but we were a bit late. We also went to the place where we bought our pineapples, sugar nanis, last time and were met by a really sad story as the girl who took us for the tour of the family farm’s mother had just died the day before. We bought heaps of pineapples off her and we both gave her a hug which she was happy to receive, not like the last time I tried to hug a lady up here.

Ranu and Uncle Louis organized fuel, bread but forgot the butter, never mind, so we loaded that all up and are pretty much waiting for the storm to bugger off and away we go. Still having internet problems but it might be the location, not going to help much where we are going back to anyway.

Here we are.

2nd July 2014. (An apology is due, I stuffed up and hit the publish button instead of save draft button, it is Mo’s fault.)

Just got back from the most fun surf so far. I think I wrote before that I have got a bit of fitness back, well that is the biggest load of crap ever written. I am so unfit and with the waves like they have been it is life and death for me at all times.IMG_1368

We left Lugu Bay and had a nice little 17 mile drive over to P. Lasia, the sea was like a mirror with lumps on it, not a breath of wind. The anchorage, 02 10.564N 96 38.800E, at Lasia is well protected from the west and such a beautiful place, we were anchored in 10 metres and stayed a bit further out than has been suggested but we had no effects from wind or swell.

Set sail next morning for P. Bangkaru, aka Treasure Island, a 30 mile stretch and made it by mid afternoon, coming around the southern tip of Bangkaru I spotted 2 dinghies and then 3 surfers and it was going off. This is undoubtedly one of the best waves around, it was grinding away each wave the same every 20 seconds or so. We parked up and I just watched it for the afternoon, absolutely filthy waves.IMG_0203

Next day up and out for a surf, there were now two charter boats anchored up and when I got Mo to drop me off I counted 17 people out and it was a fair bit smaller than the day before, 5 or 6 foot and a bit all over the place. I paddled over and got a close out which got the heart going, the reef is sharp and you don’t want to go there. Made it back out and became a lot more choosey about the waves I went for. Ended up getting a good one but it was more takeoff than anything else. Mo came back, that was a quick hour but I was pretty glad to get out of there.

We upped anchor and headed for the Bay of Plenty, on the main island of the Banyacks, P. Tanngku, which is only 12 miles away but then we decided on going to Calm Bay which is on the eastern side and has been recommended to us as the preferred anchorage. We had a course from someone so plotted it and followed it up between an island and then around into the enterance of the bay which kind of turns into an estuary with islands here there and everywhere, pretty snazzy place. We made our way down to the other boats that were anchored up, 02 3.906N 97 20.815E, and who do you think is there, The Beachhouse Boys, we were right next to them before they realized it and then, aah Rod and then all the funny noises they make, it was excellent. Also anchored up was Bonnie who we had last seen in 2011 in Dampier, Black Billy and Surf Machine. We anchored in 12 metres and were visited by the boys, coming for a surf, yeah why not so off we went down a creek that comes out into the bottom of Bay of Plenty, good value, gets pretty shallow in parts especially on low tide.IMG_1442

My first thoughts of the bay were you have got to be kidding, this is unreal, we had Aaron giving directions myself and Mo following Jimmy and Jai and we passed an amazing left hander but headed for the right which looked superb, I was actually hanging to get in, but as soon as I got there Jai said watch out for inside it is really shallow and that burst the bubble I was in, then Quentin off Bonnie paddles past and says don’t stuff up the inside is so shallow, I finally got one wave, it closed out on me and luckily I was able to jump on top of it and come out unscathed, I just paddled over to the dinghy and climbed back in. The boys were going off and excellent to watch with backhand barrels and some sick reos.

We headed back to the boats after they came in but we had a little diversion as Aaron was chasing a doctor about his knee, poor bastard hasn’t surfed for two weeks but has been having to watch his mates going hard, lucky he is Aaron, top bloke but he is shit at guiding you through reefs, go around the bouy and head into the floating surf camp, all good, but luckily I saw the reef out front before we ploughed into it, we bounced off one boondy but were going pretty slow by then.IMG_0166

Back at the boat it was beers, dingen, the boys freezer was rooted so they could not believe how cold the Carlsbergs were, frosty, and they went down a treat. Jen had made a big dish of Tuna Macaroni, Mo was keen on scoffing it before we had visitors but we did the righty and fed them when they came over a bit later to party. Good party, we were fully loaded with the boys, Quentin, Lou Lou and Shaun and I think Matt although in the morning it was all a bit hazy. There was dancing in the cabin with the AC on and the stereo pumping. The boys were frothing for the video, like they are frothing for just about anything, wish I was 23 again, they are certainly doing it right.

Got the paddle board out and paddled out to the reef and back in the morning and felt much better, visited Black Billy, not real flash, they were meant to be leaving that morning. The boys not real flash either so back to the boat feeling as if I must have taken it easy, doubt it though. No surf for me, Jimmy and Jai came back frothing over Jimmy’s SICK barrel, they were pinging.IMG_1424

Smallish gathering with Jen doing the job with rice and papaya salad and I did some salt and pepper squid that I traded with some fishermen. Scored 3 large cuttlefish for 4 sets of Ray Bans, they looked pretty cool and they just kept pulling more and more seafood out of the hull of their boat to give to us, in the end I had to say enough is enough, so generous and when they left they were all wearing their sunny’s, good to see.

Next morning back to the bay, high tide and hooting waves. Surfed the left for a couple of hours and actually caught waves and just started to find my feet again, felt heaps better and enjoyable. Got two pearlers so got to be happy with that. I was surfing with a bloke by the name of Clayton, from Trigg, we had it all to ourselves for an hour or so then the boys came too. Clayton was just going, I can’t believe this, perfect waves, over and over, it really is just that, perfect. I was still gaying out on the big ones but I was happy as.

Next day up early and back for more, I got more waves in an hour than the whole of the day before, my paddling was easy for the first time and I could get to my feet and take off easily instead of kooking around, but it was shallow, my last wave was a beauty but I went to far and got smashed on the reef, got a sore bloody hip and a bit of bark missing but not much else.

Back at the boats Quentin gave us a weather report, which looked ok. The sky was black and rainy looking but light winds so it was decided to get going as we have to get Mo back to Simeulue by Tuesday the 8th, it is only 70 miles so fingers crossed.

I had one last job to do, look at the freezer on Beachhouse, so over I went and wiggled a few wires and the thing starts up, ahha, bad connection somewhere, found the neg was really hot, cut off the spade terminal and replaced it and Wallah, the boys can have icy cold beers again. It has been great to catch up with them, also Quentin and to meet Shaun and LouLou, and the guys on Surfmachine, Rebecca, Keith and Matt, all good dudes all doing it hard in paradise.