SV Boomerang is for sale.

SV Boomerang

Perry 43 manufactured in 2000 by Bryan Perry and Pacific Yachts, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Delivered to USA in 2001.

Purchased by original owner late 2001 under contract as show boat.

Purchased in September 2009 by present owners in Florida and sailed to Australia in May 2010. Sailed around the top of Australia, extensive cruising on Western Australian NW coast, then SW coast.

Raced in 2013 Fremantle to Bali yacht race.

Has been used as permanent cruising yacht since, travelling between Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

3 Cabin, owners version. Two queen one double.

1 electric head in bathroom, one spare motor and impellers.

Port engine hours: 5762, 40HP Yanmah 3JH3E original. Serviced every 150 hours. Includes, anodes, oil and oil filter, 2 x fuel filters.

Coolant replaced yearly.

Port sail drive Yanmah SD31, serviced yearly.

Autostream folding Stainless steel three blade Prop

Starboard engine hours: 5642, 40HP Yanmah 3JH3E original, Serviced every 150 hours. Includes, anodes, oil and oil filter, 2 x fuel filters.

Coolant replaced yearly.

Starboard sail drive Yanmah SD31, serviced yearly.

Autostream folding Stainless steel three blade Prop.

Genset: Purchased in 2011, Westerbeke 7.6kva 240/110 volts, serviced with engines as per above. Removed and complete overhaul to engine and generator December 2016.

4000VA transformer for 240 to 110 volts whilst using shore power. This allows the use of all loads on boat at the same time.

Inverter/Charger: Xantrex 3000 VA. 110 Volt with control module. Purchased 2015.

Watermaker: Spectra Catalina Mk11, 12 volt, 13 amp, 50 L/H. Fully automatic with control panel. Purchased 2013.

Air Conditioner: Cruisair marine A/C, Model SXR16, control panel and 4 outlets.

Rigging replaced 2011 by original company, David Lambourne, Gold Coast. Inspected 2016 in Langkawi.

Mainsail replaced in 2013 by Extreme Sails, Fremantle, now Dyneema and in excellent condition.

Pryde Headsail in excellent condition.

2 x asymetrical spinnackers in socks in good condition.

Raymarine instruments throughout, includes,

C90W Chartplotter, Digital colour radome, AIS, Fish finder.

Auto Pilot, new in 2015

Depth, wind and speed displays.

TV, DVD, Stereo.


110 volt Electrical Tools.

Spare Raymarine Auto pilot complete.

All spare parts, pumps, impellers, filters, belts etc.



Moving on.

13th September 2017.

Well, been in Banyak two and a half months, time to move on I reckon, tell you what it was great to be sailing again and after ten hours we are anchored up two-thirds the way down the east coast of Pulau Nias. Just got there before the sun went down.

Wake up eightish and get going, five miles from the bottom it turns to shit, rang Rahel to suss out the weather in Lagundri, “it’s just a little bit windy”, stuffed if I know what windy is, westerly 25 knots and seas from every direction, I tell you, anyway, took four hours to do 11nm. But we got there and the place is going off.

Just drank beers and entertained our visitors, the Nias kids all arvy. To me Nias has an allure like not many other places, besides Bay of Plenty and Long Island in the Bahamas, I love the people, the towns and the surf. It was pretty small this stay, no barrels but no real hassles either, especially when you’ve got the kids on your side, they drop in on someone and you drop in on them, simple. Everyones happy. Well at least I was.

Had to go get money, Frappa, his real name is Frappuccino, insisted on taking me on the family bike, good fun, bank, pleasant surprise, cheers Davross, veges, supermarket, top up internet and BBQ babi on the way home. Went to the street fish market but only had female muddies, they looked at me like I was queer when I said I didn’t want them because they were roed up.

The guys at the surf school have now started a school and its packed everyday, must be thirty kids at least, every time I go to the beach I am swarmed with kids wanting to help drag the boat up the beach, with the weight of numbers they get the job done, I tricked them the other day and didn’t pull for a bit and the dinghy kept on going. When we are about to start I give them the countdown starting at ten and counting off with my fingers, turn my hands around so they see the backs, when you get to two and one they laugh so much.

Made eighteen boomerangs at Papa Elin’s place, got on the beatlenut with him again, pretty messy affair, all my shirts end up covered in red shit but you do get a warm fuzzy feeling and I think Papa enjoys my company, spend quite a lot of hours with him, Mama Elin and baby Elin their daughter.

Just up the road you have got Ari and Frappers house, they have pigs so they grow food for them and themselves. Hire bike off them too. Pappa Ari loves the nut and has raised a great family, good kids, very polite and good at school.

Walk another hundred metres and your at Rahel’s place. Scene of many a arsehole battle, freezing beer, and excellent bbq’s. Pappa and Mamma are great and going strong, Rahels kids and wife are beauties too, great people. I didn’t even go past his place this trip. Once on the bike, sorry.

We celebrated Rahel’s birthday one night, excellent night, jungle punch, vodka and sprite and plenty of freezing cold beer and bbq babi, it was a hooting night. Arsehole was very noisy and at times confusing but a really hooting session with the most pissed mate of Rahels being dominant at the end. Got me stuffed, he was blind.

Not much happening next day although had a few sundown drinks with Keith and Steve, found two bottles of red, yewww yewww.

Pretty much packed up and went and said our goodbyes to everyone next day after sussing big southerly change coming, left at 1500 and headed for Pulau Telos, really tight to the wind but sat on sixes motor sailing, crossed the equator at 2237 and cracked a bottle of shampoo then motored to Pulau Sipika with a nice bit of moon to show the way.

Found an unreal lala, pipi or klam spot just depending where you are, big suckers so got them in a bucket getting all the grit and jizz out of them ready for a feast.

Hung out for a couple of days, resting and hoping my little toe gets better, its horror infected, got a couple of lumps in my groin but thanks to my excellent sister, we sussed out what pills and crème to use. All the stuff from the medical box is still going strong, most of the stuff is over four years old now. Used Flamazine crème and Cephalexin 500mg and it knocked it on the head in three days, probably five days worth condensed. Got to double up to start with, always. It didn’t feel real flash, throbbing away and lumps in your groin sort of makes you think.

We moved down to the bottom of Pulau Tanabala to a surf spot called Monkeys, from the moment we arrived to the moment we left it was firing, so much fun, surfed for a fair bit of the time by myself, unbelievable, when the charter boys turned up just went and had a kip and left them to it. Ran into the brother of a mate from Margaret River, Scotty Miller, small world we live in. Back on the smaller board now, shoulder, ribs and toe are all good. Got one smaller board to try, but not yet. Still to fat for that one.

We left earlyish and headed for Pulau Siberut, had to sail most of the way as not much fuel left, so long day but got to Tabekat Bay right on dark and anchored up out the front of the little hut, this is such a good possie to anchor, bit deep, eighteen metres, but safe as.

Woke at 0400 and got going, it was as black as and at one stage I got a bit confused where I was, spot light out and got it worked out, but I was heading off into the mangroves for a bit. Coming out of the bay just followed old track but couldn’t see Starboard navigation light which is mounted to a reef, port working though, then all of a sudden two flashes of green then gone again, not to sure what the story is there. Once out is was pretty clear motoring with the horizon lit by squid boats. Got a coffee into me, book out and got comfy, long day coming up, 100nm to Padang.

About ten miles out we came close to a squid boat and a really big buoy about half a mile apart, my course was straight through the guts so stuck to it, still black as, when all of a sudden all shit breaks loose, banging noise, go for neutral but no go so just killed the engines, horror, grab a torch and go check what’s happened, first thing I see is a rope, big bastard and pretty new looking, then the penny drops, these wankers are tied to the buoy, horror. Had to furl the headsail as we were still trying to sail away. Still dark and off with me dacks, on with the flippers and goggles, the crew shining the spot light in from above, swim over to the sail drive and horror, for some reason I thought of Winnie The Pooh’s bee hive that he and piglet found, that’s what this rope looked like, about a metre long and 400mm wide spiralling down to the thickness of the rope, my first rash decision was cut it, did that before in Thailand, still haven’t forgot the fishing boat chasing after us ready to kill me at the very least so change of heart. There was a bit of dawn light now so could see the mess and started moving each coil about a metre along the rope going to the buoy, about fifty I reckon, then it was about five wraps around the blades, wacking it in neutral you could spin the blades and peel off a loop each rotation and then about ten loops behind the props, they were tight as, so had the breathing going hard, one loop one breath, being off the ciggys for a while helped, anyway an hour later and I am joined by a bloke in orange jocks just as it come free. When I got out they were all yelling sorry, It was a shocker but pretty happy too. I was wide-awake after that hour of slog, all sails up and off we went.

A couple of hours later I pressed the remote for the media player and an alarm went off, pure coincidence, had me stuffed for a bit but finally worked out it wasn’t anything electronic but it was the port engine alarm. Now this is the loose bit, last night I dreamt of having to replace the water pump belt and how it was fitter’s shit not electrical, said to the crew, it’ll be the belt and sure enough it was. How’s that? Not only lucky but now psychic. Got it done, sweated my arse off, burnt my arm and got covered in fitter shit but back under way in an hour, took longer to find the new belts I bought for the trip, a place for everything and everything in its place, found them with the spare hose, oh well, they came from the same shop. Lantrac, Nagoya, Langkawi.

We came into Bungus Harbour, Padang at 2100, no further delays just a slow old day, dropped our sails and went and found Huey’s mooring, and got on it, in more ways than one.



It’s a Banyak Seafood Smash.

29th Augustus 2017.

Happy birthday Bailey, Siti and Tony. And happy fathers day to all fathers.

Went for a surf the other day and I might as well have been in Margaret River, paddled out and some bloke covered in zinc says, giddy Rocket, I looked at him and went , got me buggered, its Macca he says, still none the wiser, then another guy comes up and says something about karaoke at The Knights Inn, now I am completely stuffed, although he reminds me of a bloke I helped get his car started one morning, 0400 on Station Road, his pants fell down while we were pushing it funny as, Tommo. The good old days. And Kym, the boys got his head screwed on right, way to go. I had a session with them on Huey 1, geez I was thirsty. Nearly everyone on board was from Margaret River, classic.

Left it a bit late to leave BOP but in the end just had to go, swells pushing a metre coming into the bay, upped anchor, the crew was nervous but all went as normal, stick to the plan Sam, and we dodged around the reef into absolute shit, bit like riding a horse but once around the corner it was up our arse and we anchored up in Calm Bay where it is pretty much always calm, funny that.

It blew it’s guts out for three days, lots of reading got done, read the best Elmore Leonard book, Out Of Sight, what a ripper tale, could not put it down, if I did it was for a nannary, then straight back into it. Read this book. He wrote, Get Shorty, which is a movie and has none other than John Travoltta in it. Good movie.

Anyway we have been up here doing it hard, sort of anyway, hunting gong gongs and lalas, got in touch with my mate Susie and got the recipe for cooking them, you need an onion, garlic, ginger, lemongrass and salt steeped in water, of course, and just boil them, so good but a bit gritty, looked at her instructions again, make sure you clean them, oh well next time. Good recipe mate.

Amazingly lemongrass is hard to find here but we found a lime tree at our mates on the island’s house. They work pretty good and we have been using lemongrass and ginger tea from Thailand so getting by. If you have never had gong gong you are in for a treat one day. Have even sussed out when and how to get them in big numbers.

Since its so calm, it is blowing twenty five knots, it was time to service the engines, in particular the raw water systems, what a can off worms to open out here in the middle of nowhere, but it had to be done, the water out the holes in the hull, must have a name those holes, I had noticed was getting a bit less than normal, so start at the beginning, cleaned out strainer then moved onto pump but much to hard so onto the heat exchanger, full of bits from the pump impeller, damn, so clean that up and go for glory on the pump. What a shit job, got to take all the hoses off, be like Inspector Gadget getting the pump cover off and then get the busted impeller out, horror, but a bit of blood and heaps of swearing later it was done, then you’ve got to grease the new impeller and stick it in the not circular hole, ahha, cable tie around it, nice and tight and it’s a piece of piss, put the cover back on, dropped the allen key and bolt into the bilge, not really grinning but sweating like a rapist, ahhhhh, found it because it landed on a nappy I left in there, hows that for forward thinking, not, but you got to take a win when it comes your way, especially doing dirty mechanical shit, who would be a mechanic or a fitter, really. Anyway I finally got it done and no leaks first time, grinning.

Today, next day, I was putting it off but the other engine needed looking at too, bugger me dead the heat exchanger is also full of bits from the pump, ahhhhhh, so the process was to be followed once again, thankfully with a bit of hindsight it went pretty smoothly, a few dropped things but nothing to wet your dacks over. Ran it up for a bit and no leaks so happy and then changed the oil, forgot to change the filter, dickhead, but hadn’t really put to much new oil in so no problem and not even much mess, bullshit, a bit of mess but by now I have come to grips with that, oh that reminds me, yesterday when I am transferring the black oil to the old five litre container, I, for some reason, checked how much to go and spilt about half a litre on the teak, what a wanker. Forgetting that, both engines are serviced and running good, thank god.

Shelling was not quite as fruitful today, may have cleaned them out, the ones from yesterday were mighty fine though. Huge plate full.

Hows this for a sunset. Red sky at night, sailors delight, and some shepherds to, looks like good the weather is back.

Surfs pretty small but the occasional head height one comes through, only two other people out so take it in turns and in no time you’ve had ten waves then twenty, but not to day, as soon as I jumped in I felt tired and after six waves completely rooted, Im not sure but I think it could have been the Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory mix, fully spaz. Came back to the boat and slept for five hours. Bails had bolted to Medan to meet his mates from Hawaii and escort them to Banyak, plus run amuck in town I reckon and on his return we have avocados, limes, a carton of beer and most important the new thermostat for the fridge. Have been turning it off and on manually for a few days now, so with the help of Beng2 it is now a goer. Something else broke too, ah that’s right had a fresh water leak in port hull, searched everywhere for it for days, finally found the bastard hose clamp, how do they come loose?

The surf meanwhile has been small to good, then it got real good, three to four foot and all three waves breaking for four days, lucky as there were four charter boats in the bay and FSH and Julian’s camp both full, once again so many waves, jelly arms twice a day, and the rib is only hurting after a couple of hours but feels more like a stitch now, everyone said it takes a month for ribs to get better, pretty well spot on.

We had Bailey’s birthday, messy, two litres of Bloody Mary 50:50 tomato juice, and vodka, plus Tabasco, Worstershire, lime juice and salt and pepper, good blend. Fireworks as usual. On the subject of fireworks we had Ronnie and Rolf here for a while and they let off some fireworks on their last night, one was broken and in the middle of it going off it exploded on the deck outside of their room, I saw it from the boat, it was a ripper close up cracker experience for the boys. They were yacking about it for ages. I reckon this is Uncles first ever steak burger.

Had another haul of gong gong, heaps of them, found another spot, also took a couple of crew from Julian’s shelling for Kram, we call them lama’s, they had been eating rice and an egg a day for ages so a change was greatly appreciated, I think. They were from The Basque Country, south of France, excellent dudes and they were great fun to surf with. They understood the term, sharing, it is surprising how many people can’t seem to grasp such a simple concept.

Bails’s mates were like a breath of fresh air, they bought fishing gear, diving gear, surf boards, cameras so big they must take good photos, vodka, beer although about ten cartons short of the real deal and they were keen as to use it all. They go diving to forty metres and sit there for a while, Erwin was spinning out, wondering if they were ok, underwater for three minutes, classic.

With their arrival so came the cumi cumi, squid. One jig in particular decimated the stocks, you could go out the floating platform now out at Gunters and catch a dozen in five minutes, go for a two hour surf, come and get another pile and go home and clean them. Boomerang is a bit of a mess on the steps, squid ink everywhere. They were up the front hanging by our bridle, down the back with the shells, all you had to do was put a jig in and they monstered it, my cumi2 score in the week was 74, still haven’t caught a fish though.

The creek is going off, had a BBQ over there the other day, three hours of fire to cook three spuds in the coals, good spuds, definitely worth the effort. Our food is running out so before it is canned food we are getting the most out of whats left.

Was out sharing some waves with Ernie the other day, what song would you be singing in your head surfing with Ernie? Turned into a perfect lago, got ten hooting waves and said to Ernie that the first wave was a dud, any excuse, so one more will do me, way too deep and ended up on the reef, kicked my heals for the second time in a couple of days, spewing, going to have to wear shoes soon, thats going to be fun, then felt the doong of fins hitting bottom, paddled star fish style off the reef and then out in the channel checked it out, should have been happy with ten waves, greedy tosser.

Erwin bought The Baracuda into the bay, their new charter boat, what a beauty, they loaded up and headed for Treasures, I was gunna go but not this time, no boats in the Bay so no crowd and not to bad waves either.

Fixed the board, Rod style, bit dodgy, bit like The Lunar Circus, if it’s not dodgy it’s not The Lunar Circus, but it is done, fin is stuck there now, used Roozen’s fin replacement tip, worked a treat Ronnie.

Well it is time to move out of Banyak after two months and head down to Lagundry Bay for a bit, really, I ran out of beer, unbelievable. I am going to miss this bloke. We are all 62ers.


Busted arse in the Bay Of Plenty.

8th August, 2017.

Happy birthday Sooly and the twins, hope it is a beauty.

The trip back from Sibolga went with no real issues, perfect conditions and the night flew along. Left 1800 and arrived 1000 the next day. Even experienced a sunrise, not one of my usual joys in life.

Hit the inside left straight away, three foot and perfect, scored a big wide one and milking it to the last I found myself stuck on this wave which is now barreling off its tits along and over the bombies way to fast, over the falls, slammed down once then twice for good measure, fully rag dolled me, bounced me off the bottom and luckily I put my foot down on the only rock that wouldn’t shred it to shit, I hit the boat and only injury was a sore bottom rib, thank god for the wetsuit, then the water started pissing out my nose for at least an hour, welcome back to the Bay of Plenty.

Therman and his mates rolled up for the bisquits, that’s how they say it, I said I would get them a tin in town.

Good mob at the Floating Surf House, couple of Bails’ mates from America. A Cuban and a Hawaiian, funny buggers. Speak so strange, so I increased their vocabulary ten fold with Aussie slang. These guys in the end could even say poofter right and every other dirty word I could think of.

We had big nights of playing arsehole, with some ending up so messy, classic FSH style. The tree of knowledge is on line, there has been a fair bit of sand washed away so now if you do fall off it you are pretty much rooted. After half an hour precariously perched up there your legs get a bit shaky and stiff which makes for an interesting, but slow dismount.

The other guests are three Frogs and a Murderer, Swedish, a doctor and two lawyers and an oxygen thief, sorry engineer, these guys are good value, spend as much time as possible in the water, love a few beers after and are good areshole players. Mike, the murderer has spent weeks out here and he was like a good luck charm, no, a wave magnet, from the day he got here the waves turned on big time and the day he left they were gone.

Speaking of the waves, they have been perfect, two to four foot and with little or no wind, glassy as. Only got iPhone photos, pretty crap so I won’t bother, but got the camera back in action again finally. We shifted Boomerang up to Calm Bay the other day, The crew was over the rock n roll shit from the last big swell, I gotta say, so was I. Plus being calm we got cauliflower cheese, my favourite veggies.

Calm Bay bought us a couple of surprises, we found Lala’s and gong gongs, both a type of shell and pretty good chewing. One thing this year is there aren’t any bugs around. You get a few sandflies, which can send you spare, but the big swarms of mossies and other buggy things are not here, Im happy. Just got to Rid up if you go to the beach.

We were shelling the other day and the family from the island came and joined us, soon we had way to many shells but it was impossible to stop them collecting them, in the end it was out to the boat with them, a t-shirt or hoody for everyone, a ten pack of ayam noodles and bandaids, betadene and insect spray, one poor girl was covered in bites which she had scratched, horror, I took them back all grinning though.

Had a big night with the Frogs on the FSH playing arsehole, my homie lighting crackers and then had to drive back to Calm Bay at 2300 in the dark and a little bit sideways, hit a few things, a log and a couple of rocks, low tide, we were only going for a few quietys to say goodbye to the boys.

Next day we moved down the Bay again, went for a spin in the dinghy, all’s ok, picked up Mornie and Raman to head to the beach and the prop wasn’t right, damn ham. The crews just done the old roll the eyes and let rip with a tirade along the lines of those f…n rocks you hit last night, you cant remember, can you, can you, can you, couldn’t even escape, horror and she was right, I couldn’t really remember, what rocks, it was a log. Buggered if I know.

The creeks that make the Bay such a good place to stay have all but blocked up so it was declared, we need a creek, get a shovel and lets dig our own. At the breaking earth ceremony Bailey as always blessed this and blessed that and we all got into it. Only took an hour and we had flow, Cameron and Fiona, a couple of cool FSH guests joined the fray. Hope when we go back we will have a pool to hang out in during the hot part of the day.

Our creek is a ripper, excellent white sand and we now have a barbie area over there. Landscaping here is a piece of piss.

Had one of the best surfs so far yesterday out at Gunters, two to three foot and some nice wide ones, ribs are still a bit delicate but pilled up before I went out, one filthy barrel and another not to badie. Powdered on a big one, too slow, and was kicking myself for hours, it would have been a beauty. Back on Boomerang the beers weren’t touching the sides, Bails paddled over so it turned messy as per usual. Searching for the JD I found the two bottles of rum I have been looking for, bloody Malibu, not quite Poofter Hill, bit depressing really, I am sure there is a couple of bottles stashed somewhere but who knows where.

Been book worming big time, stand outs were, A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin, Dead Mans Grip by Peter Cross, The Big Knockover by Dashiell Hammett, this is a pearler book of short stories and Elmore Leonards Cuba Libre. Did a book swap with Keith from Surfmachine the other day so will get stuck into them soon. He’s going good, picked up a new crew member here, Jake who comes from Margaret River, after a few weeks aboard he will be talking really loud I reckon, Keith’s a bit deaf. Which helps with his surfing because he can’t hear all the people dropping in behind him. Seeya.



Grinning Like A Dead Fox

26th July 2017.

 Cheers to Dr Aaron Lim and the beautiful torturer, Dr Jo-Anne Lee.

Jumped in after struggling to get into and zip up the wetsuit, gingerly slid onto the Nathan Rose Special retard model and started to paddle very gingerly, bit sore but not in shoulder, more further down the arm and by the time I reached the lineup it was gone. You ripper.

I could have tested it out paddling anywhere but then we might not have come all the way here to test it and once you’re here theres plenty to do anyway. So had two days of couple of hour surfs in guts height waves at Gunters, good for the old boy, the ribs were shocking, arms not much better, but feeling pretty good.

Spent a few days up in Calm Bay just getting the Banyak mojo thing happening, very small waves so good for some fishing along my favourite bit of reef. After two days the score, Crew 8 to Captain 0, that’s unheard of, especially when I’m choosing the lures.

Had some good fresh fish feeds, even tried a tuna spag bog, which was pretty bloody nice. It is a bit strange as there were no fisherman around at all, bit like the trip down the coast, bugger all, was big full moon though, guess that’s what it was. Then one morning you could hear Gunters, the unmistakable rumble of thunder that it creates so we moved down to The Bay of Plenty and by lunchtime it was on, choice of waves with about half a dozen surfers around.

I hit Dindo’s and gave myself jelly arms, so much fun, still not even head height but bejesus, sick as. The boys on the Floating Surf Camp hit Treasures, hows Irwin’s barrel, fully sick. From then on the week has been a mixture of surf for a couple of hours in the morning, back to the boat for a feed and a nanary and finish the arvo off till you cant paddle anymore, it was filth, and it just got a bit bigger each day. The biggest day had the big bombs catching everyone inside, unreal.

One day out with Bails and Irwin and a couple of Reunion Islanders, I got the best barrel, Bails is yelling go Rocket, so hit the bottom turn a bit harder than normal and then pulled under the lip, didn’t even get wet and best of all it was witnessed by the boys, grinning, I tell you. I haven’t seen too many barrels out there.

After you drag your worn out, wrinkled up body back to the dinghy, for the fifth time, and actually go enough is enough, it is time for a beer or six, had lots of arvo’s just sitting on deck watching the last of the waves dribbling shit with Bails and the Crew, then the JD comes out then its bed time.

The fishermen came finally, but with bags full of lobster and kipas, we ended up with the lot, another bit of lost in translation, pigged out on them for a couple of days in any case, good chewing.

We had the usual sit down on Boomerang, have a beer and a scotch chaser, they drink it hot so easy to please, they are also so polite, really good to see them again although Ale is still in Aceh, hope he comes down again. Only takes a couple of beers and they are off their heads, then it livens up when its time to climb back into the now very wobbly boat, I always offer to get in and steady it but they don’t seem to think that’s a great idea, if you ever get a chance to climb aboard one have a go, they are not real stable, especially with 80kg’s up the front.

Played areshole at the Floating Surf Camp till stumps a couple of nights, went home and have a couple of JD’s and watch Bails try to get back home in the canoe, our dinghy and even swim.

Had a rubbish burn, one job I love, I reckon one of the best weeks in a few years.

Then along came SV Galivant, oh dear, more of the same, Craig’s great to surf with and Claudia is just great value, we had a blinder one night that put us all into recovery mode the next day, hahaha, good fun.

The waves peaked in size on Friday afternoon, high tide and glassy, blessed to have experienced that, as Bails would say. The beers flowed that night, I reckon I was still buzzing when I went to bed. Next morning it had dropped off back to guts height and it just didn’t make the grade so we moved up to Calm Bay and got ready for the trip to Siqbolga the next morning. Did a big lobster and kipas cook up, once again the boys didn’t quite understand, 12 kipas and 6 lobsters, classic. They make it so hard to say no, Captain Rod the softy, always ends up with whatever they’ve got.

Good sail and motor to town had us arriving at 2200 on a pitch black night, followed an old track in and anchored up, two minutes later the navy are on us, you must shift mister, bugger that, asked them to lead us into the other anchorage, that was way too hard so there we stayed.

All the paperwork has gone ok, bit of a problem for taking too long to get here, still waiting on customs but today hopefully. Have been searched, the searching has improved ten fold, but not any problems. Fuel runs on a tuk tuk were interesting, 300 litres sola and 50 litres gasoline, the genset is getting a good flogging, A/C every night, ice maker, you know all the trimmings.

I have been into town and said gidday to our mates here. Spun Doktor Libra out, came limping into his surgery, sunnys on and hat so he had no idea who I was, he cracked up when he realised.

It’s a bit dodgy leaving the boat at night where it is, lots of fishermen cruising past, even have a gang of kids swimming by in the arvo, money mister, money mister so a bit hard for the late meal in town which is a bummer, this new area is easier and better for the dinghy but not so secure. Transport is easy though.

Finished in town, Beng Beng the legend took us shopping shopping, wet market shopping which is something I love to do, hello mister, you come back, you buy from me again, a few winks, its excellent.

Old granny with the best limes and Norma for the avocados, old mate for the eggs and up the back there are a few stalls where the women, all with the lippy on, are always asking me stuff I don’t understand, but I’m pretty sure its got stuff all to do with veggies.

They just laugh at me so at least I made them happy. We hit Hoki Smoke cafe, Cumi Goreng, good too and the owner has learnt to always have a couple of king browns of Bintang in the fridge, drained my bank account, no banks where we are going and all thats left is to load up the beer and we can leave.

Mr reliable rocked up on time as usual, cheers mate, grinning big time now. We leave for Pulau Pulau Banyak at 2300, after all you can’t leave port on a Friday,can you.









Eight months of being rehabilitated, lets see.

6th July 2017.

Back to the real stuff.

Huge days and nights were to be had in Langkawi leading up to Boomerang’s departure, final fish and chips Friday. Big turn out and a very messy afternoon.

Then numbers on Sunday at the Shin Mi, the duck saved me.

The usual shopping spree, Scotch fillet, pies, sausages, pretty much anything that caught my fancy as I wandered down the isles of countless supermarkets, bottle shops, dingy back rooms filled with freezers full of pork, freezing cool rooms with the good veggies and herbs, geez it’s a good time just be for you head out for a while.

Then its back to the boat, crivac thingy plugged in and get to work preserving our next three months of non-local food. I get off on cutting up the meat and sucking it dry and then double sealing it, ahhh what a job.

One last quick trip to Penang was as I expected, a hoot. Ate Dim Sum twice, got on it at Healey Macs with poor old Irish mate Benji, in crutches after kicking a soccer ball, good luck Benji and Lynn when the baby arrives, remember Benji you don’t have breasts so just lie there and pretend you are asleep.

Achieved our visas in two days Langkawi return and even got a filthy duck feed at the Red Garden in. Jam packed couple of days.

Said our good byes and headed off west for Sumatra, a couple of hours late and well and truly hungover, just what I was planning not to be. Thanks Phil and Dale, no more sleep overs for you. Thanks to everyone who dropped in.

Pretty uneventful day sail with heady and main up most of the day, sitting on 7’s most of the way but then all of a sudden we crossed a line of rubbish the likes you’ve never seen, big logs, plastic bags everywhere, nets, ropes, bottles, thongs, you name it, horror, and to make it worse we slowed to 4 knots with 12 to 15 knots of wind at 90 degrees. Thought we had a net or something for sure but alas it was the current and it has stayed in that direction all the way since.

Around 2300 I was watching a lightning show, twenty four miles off to the south but it looked like it was right there, it was going off, scarey shit, huge bolts hitting the water and others going horizontal right across the dirty black cloud, then quick as, it was up our arse and eventually surrounded us, it was like it saw me looking at it and went lets get that wanker and for the next four hours it was shit. Just had the headsail out, it was blowing 25 knots and rough as guts but we got our speed up to mid 7’s again and we just sat in the middle of it until it just disappeared, the water went calm in about half an hour and back on with the Yanmahs. The current has got me buggered, it must only go one way at this time of the year, not tidal at all.

We had one ship try and run us down, he was ok though and even got a yack out of him. He was worried about us in a yacht crossing the Melaka Strait at night and pirates. Told him not to worry. He passed by at about a two hundred metres, his wake just finished off the desimation of the cabin from a very rock and rolly night. The crew did well with two sail changes in not really flash conditions. We had the main down and packed away right on dusk, pretty gay but hey, it works for me.

The sunrise was pretty nice, I was doing the old fifteen minutes asleep, phone alarm on, get up have a look and set it again, don’t know how many times I did it but I was pretty rooted by the time the crew got up.

Today we had a large pack of dolphins swim with us for a bit, heaps of them, they were crowding on top of each other, good to see and we had the OOCL Poland sail past, massive container ship, it’s pretty awesome seeing ships that big go past, its 400 metres long and over 50 meters wide, fifteen minutes later the wake hits you, that’s not awesome.

Scored a spinnacker run all day with the winds southeast up to 12 knots, hit by a storm at sunset, thought we would be driving in it all the way to Banda Aceh but it just pissed off and we are cruising on engines, making water and not drinking.

Knocked off a sneaky bottle of wine this arvo, I managed to get my glass knocked over by a wave, dickhead. We are trying this new way of sailing, no drinking, its pretty shit really, but apparently other boats do it, yesterday was a success but as I said there was a sneaky bottle.

We have 40 odd mile to go so should get there at sunrise, coffee for me, a frog would hit the spot right now though, we’ll see. Geez the last fifteen miles has taken forever, the moon disappeared into the clouds, its black as, and its all by the light on shore and chart plotter and depth, I know you can cut one of the points close but can’t remember which one it is.

Anchors in, Lampageue, the suns just coming up and its time for a beer, shower, beer and bed. Got to go ashore and meet our mate Linda and her husband Ade, great people, at 1100. Wake up and it’s blowing 35 knots, need to hold off a bit which paid off, ended up a beautiful day.

I took Linda for a drive to get some cash and top up my pulsa. She showed no signs of being scared by my driving which I reckon is getting very close to the way the locals drive. No road rage here, just saying. The other day the crew and Dale reckoned I would have done my points just driving to Fish and chips, pretty lucky the crew drove home then.

A nice lazy day sleeping and kicking back, finished up waking up surrounded in beer cans and an almost empty bottle of red, buggered if I know.

It was all cool though, no rush, I don’t think there is ever any rush to hit the Aroih Cut. We waited till 1000, pulled the anchor and headed around the corner, it was a welcome site, a few white caps and swell but nothing too severe, we hit nine knots and wore a couple over the front but like I said, nothing to severe, still gets your heart racing and your hands shaking, but that’s the fun of it, I think.

Headed out the Cut into 15 knots on the nose so just motored the twelve miles down to Suedu and anchored up, went in organised fuel, listened to the mighty Dockers have a win and had a four and twenty pie for lunch. The Eagles lost, what a perfect day.

Just finished fuel, 2000hrs, some problem with Jam Lima, Nam or Tujoo. My fault sort of lost in translation. Great looking fuel though, 8000idr a litre and clean containers. Last jetty in, its been extended, and walk straight across the road to the shop on the left. They let you take their containers and bring them back, nice people, not to many fuel stops up here would do that.

Was going to hit it tonight but the weather looks pretty good tomoro so big sleep and be gone at sparrows.

Filthy morning, calm as and not a breathe of breeze, upped anchor and made our way out of Seudu Harbour, once out it was lumpy as and rock and rolly for a couple of hours but it gradually smoothed and the wind filled in from the west to 15 knots, unbelievable really, we had the perfect angle for the kite and sat on sevens and eights all day. Had the want to pinch myself, are we actually in Asia. Dropped the kite at dusk and set the heady for the night, I can gladly say the alcohol free shit is now a thing of the past, so a few beers and some savy blancs later we were still sitting on sevens, just the wind was from the north west at 13 knots with a swell pushing us along and beerly a bump, this doesn’t happen.

I resorted to the 15 minute sleep routine which got pushed out to half an hour, the moon was huge and not a cloud in the sky, you could see for miles, we have only seen three other boats since leaving Seudu.

Sunrise we finally got some crap, fully encapsulated in a storm, going the same way as us and not much quicker, I saw 27 knots on the wind instrument, and it was pissing down, big drops too. That lasted for a couple of hours, got to read Harry Hole in comfort on the lounge instead of perched up in the captains chair, couldn’t call it the crews chair, doesn’t seem to spend to much time in it.

“The Thirst” by Jo Nesbo, good book, you have to love Harry Hole, rooting king, arrogant, doesn’t give a shit, alcoholic homicide detective, not his best book but has done the job this trip.

We have 45nm to go to the top of Pulau Pulau Banyak, then about 15nm through the islands, last year we made a track with Ariels, used to go up to Balai for the footy and usually come back pissed as in the dark. We listened to the grand final up there I think. So I decided our destination to be Calm Bay, it is probably going to be around dark too, but as usual the mighty Boomerang  back.

Now lets see who or what has been rehabilitated.



“You should feel it not just hear it”, Lou Reed.

After a long and at times painful few months I can once again type for more than a paragraph, sorry about this turn of fortune to some of you out there. There are a couple of posts I wrote up during my alcohol fuelled months locked up onboard Boomerang so hope you like some of it. I have lots of photos though so might fill in the gaps with them.

Heres a video I made but Facebook won’t let me publish it because of the music, I reckon without the music you would all get bored after a minute so here it is.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Isabel rolled up and I had a drinking partner, Jen in hospital still but getting better, heaps of storms hitting Bungus Bay so spent fair bit of time sitting on the boat doing bugger all. Jen got discharged from hospital but went down hill so got her to KL and watched them wheel her away in a wheelchair to her plane, then slept at the Dome, so uncomfortable in those booths, got to see some AMA motocross about 0700 for a couple of hours then flew back to Padang.


I became a hermit pretty much, Christie from Langkawi had done me up a hard drive of heaps of series’s, I took to them with avengence, all the seasons of Weeds, Endeavour, Strike Back, Indian Summer, Jack Irish 3, London Spy, Poldark, The Fall, The Night Manager,True Detective, and Vinyl. Didn’t do much and my days often were spent asleep hungover, Frogged mostly, after a 10 hour viewing feast. Didn’t leave Boomerang for over two weeks, probably lucky really, ate heaps of papaya and hundreds of limes the boys would drop out to me.


Then one day Ad Astra came along, I grabbed my little mate Ade and joined them for a trip to Cubedac Island, got on the piss there, climbed a mountain, jumped off a cliff and hurt my shoulder again. The little resort there is excellent, they have a happy hour at 1800 each day and we lucked in with the guests and staff that were there. Apparently I chatted this German woman up. She got all frocked up for dinner and plonked herself down next to me, one to many Margaritas I reckon.


Funny times of what I can remember. A standard shot for a Margarita is a wine glass full of spirits, horror, especially on a few bar snacks since breakfast, but it was all good Marco, Domenique, Hugh and Jan were gracious hosts and the two meals we had with them were superb.


We went back to Padang and the Astras kept going South on their circumnavigation of Sumatra. Good dudes.

A mate of mine from Barrow Island, Watzy, got in touch and next thing you know I am on me way to Batam for the weekend, went and caught up with Acok, walked up behind him and gave him a surprise, excellent look on his face.


We hit the bars at Kampung Bule, laughed our guts out playing pool and being entertained by the guys at Asylum Bar, 89 Bar and a few others. Excellent live band at one of them, reminded me of Beaver Fever, an unreal Margaret River band. Stitch you up on the drinks though.


We went to Delima seafood and had a feast, muddies, prawns and squid and Bintangs of course. The old go-kart track has been reserected and a bloke by the name of Will lent me his cart, some other bloke lent me his shoes and boy is that good fun, they fly. Got off and was buzzing for ages. It was an excellent weekend, good to get out and do something.


Got to do it a couple of weeks later as well, visa run to Singapore, hows this, twenty eight bucks each way, Padang to Batam, twelve bucks each way Batam Singapore, and done by mid afternoon. Can tell you something else, Indonesians smile heaps more than Singaporians.


The weekend was spent pretty much the same but we got Mikes driver and friend Ayu to come racing. Pretty excellent fun all day. Had an allnighter, got on the plane and went to sleep. Not as young as before but still gave it a pretty good crack, hahaha.