About us.

Captain Rod, also known as Captain Erratic and when in Indo Captain Fissing Rod.


Jen, also know as Mummy Jenny, Mrs Jenny or Mamm, depends which country we are in.


Mollie, also known as Moe but likes Mo, is our daughter and when on board, first mate.


13 thoughts on “About us.

  1. Well well, finally some good night time reading……
    Hope the plans are all going well, no gout yet and the media player worked !!!!


    • Hey mate, alls good up here but been on it a bit just of late, still going hard on boat with little bits and pieces i find, but is ok. Haven’t tried the movies yet, still to much crap everywhere to sit down.

  2. Fear not captain, your new gilligan has aquired many fishing lures for you to lose
    Departure date coming, what stuff di you need

  3. Hey Capt. Rod! I am Wanda. One of rizal’s mate. do you still remember me? haha
    where are you now? Fantastic Adventures. are you in australia right now? please say hi to mummy jeni 😀

  4. Hi captain,
    Good to see you both are still living the dream , it’s vintage the easiest ever but Greenie and I are sitting around talking about the good crew who have escaped the matrix of the daily grind. Keep up the writing as you help us escape to your boat for a little while anyway

  5. Ahoy Rod from Keith from Surfmachine…
    Are you still around in Augusta?
    Rod, how do you find Raymond who does your cait etc, is he reliable?
    My agent, Lytha is ill.

    No need for a cait in 2016, just a cruising declaration lodged at Pulau Weh?

    cheers from Keith
    0413306719 in Margies now.

  6. Rod it’s Dunc and Jaine. Heard your selling the boat and tried to email you direct. We’re seriously looking at buying a cat and have a buget around $250k. What will you take for Boomerang?

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