Busted arse in the Bay Of Plenty.

8th August, 2017.

Happy birthday Sooly and the twins, hope it is a beauty.

The trip back from Sibolga went with no real issues, perfect conditions and the night flew along. Left 1800 and arrived 1000 the next day. Even experienced a sunrise, not one of my usual joys in life.

Hit the inside left straight away, three foot and perfect, scored a big wide one and milking it to the last I found myself stuck on this wave which is now barreling off its tits along and over the bombies way to fast, over the falls, slammed down once then twice for good measure, fully rag dolled me, bounced me off the bottom and luckily I put my foot down on the only rock that wouldn’t shred it to shit, I hit the boat and only injury was a sore bottom rib, thank god for the wetsuit, then the water started pissing out my nose for at least an hour, welcome back to the Bay of Plenty.

Therman and his mates rolled up for the bisquits, that’s how they say it, I said I would get them a tin in town.

Good mob at the Floating Surf House, couple of Bails’ mates from America. A Cuban and a Hawaiian, funny buggers. Speak so strange, so I increased their vocabulary ten fold with Aussie slang. These guys in the end could even say poofter right and every other dirty word I could think of.

We had big nights of playing arsehole, with some ending up so messy, classic FSH style. The tree of knowledge is on line, there has been a fair bit of sand washed away so now if you do fall off it you are pretty much rooted. After half an hour precariously perched up there your legs get a bit shaky and stiff which makes for an interesting, but slow dismount.

The other guests are three Frogs and a Murderer, Swedish, a doctor and two lawyers and an oxygen thief, sorry engineer, these guys are good value, spend as much time as possible in the water, love a few beers after and are good areshole players. Mike, the murderer has spent weeks out here and he was like a good luck charm, no, a wave magnet, from the day he got here the waves turned on big time and the day he left they were gone.

Speaking of the waves, they have been perfect, two to four foot and with little or no wind, glassy as. Only got iPhone photos, pretty crap so I won’t bother, but got the camera back in action again finally. We shifted Boomerang up to Calm Bay the other day, The crew was over the rock n roll shit from the last big swell, I gotta say, so was I. Plus being calm we got cauliflower cheese, my favourite veggies.

Calm Bay bought us a couple of surprises, we found Lala’s and gong gongs, both a type of shell and pretty good chewing. One thing this year is there aren’t any bugs around. You get a few sandflies, which can send you spare, but the big swarms of mossies and other buggy things are not here, Im happy. Just got to Rid up if you go to the beach.

We were shelling the other day and the family from the island came and joined us, soon we had way to many shells but it was impossible to stop them collecting them, in the end it was out to the boat with them, a t-shirt or hoody for everyone, a ten pack of ayam noodles and bandaids, betadene and insect spray, one poor girl was covered in bites which she had scratched, horror, I took them back all grinning though.

Had a big night with the Frogs on the FSH playing arsehole, my homie lighting crackers and then had to drive back to Calm Bay at 2300 in the dark and a little bit sideways, hit a few things, a log and a couple of rocks, low tide, we were only going for a few quietys to say goodbye to the boys.

Next day we moved down the Bay again, went for a spin in the dinghy, all’s ok, picked up Mornie and Raman to head to the beach and the prop wasn’t right, damn ham. The crews just done the old roll the eyes and let rip with a tirade along the lines of those f…n rocks you hit last night, you cant remember, can you, can you, can you, couldn’t even escape, horror and she was right, I couldn’t really remember, what rocks, it was a log. Buggered if I know.

The creeks that make the Bay such a good place to stay have all but blocked up so it was declared, we need a creek, get a shovel and lets dig our own. At the breaking earth ceremony Bailey as always blessed this and blessed that and we all got into it. Only took an hour and we had flow, Cameron and Fiona, a couple of cool FSH guests joined the fray. Hope when we go back we will have a pool to hang out in during the hot part of the day.

Our creek is a ripper, excellent white sand and we now have a barbie area over there. Landscaping here is a piece of piss.

Had one of the best surfs so far yesterday out at Gunters, two to three foot and some nice wide ones, ribs are still a bit delicate but pilled up before I went out, one filthy barrel and another not to badie. Powdered on a big one, too slow, and was kicking myself for hours, it would have been a beauty. Back on Boomerang the beers weren’t touching the sides, Bails paddled over so it turned messy as per usual. Searching for the JD I found the two bottles of rum I have been looking for, bloody Malibu, not quite Poofter Hill, bit depressing really, I am sure there is a couple of bottles stashed somewhere but who knows where.

Been book worming big time, stand outs were, A Question of Blood by Ian Rankin, Dead Mans Grip by Peter Cross, The Big Knockover by Dashiell Hammett, this is a pearler book of short stories and Elmore Leonards Cuba Libre. Did a book swap with Keith from Surfmachine the other day so will get stuck into them soon. He’s going good, picked up a new crew member here, Jake who comes from Margaret River, after a few weeks aboard he will be talking really loud I reckon, Keith’s a bit deaf. Which helps with his surfing because he can’t hear all the people dropping in behind him. Seeya.



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