Grinning Like A Dead Fox

26th July 2017.

 Cheers to Dr Aaron Lim and the beautiful torturer, Dr Jo-Anne Lee.

Jumped in after struggling to get into and zip up the wetsuit, gingerly slid onto the Nathan Rose Special retard model and started to paddle very gingerly, bit sore but not in shoulder, more further down the arm and by the time I reached the lineup it was gone. You ripper.

I could have tested it out paddling anywhere but then we might not have come all the way here to test it and once you’re here theres plenty to do anyway. So had two days of couple of hour surfs in guts height waves at Gunters, good for the old boy, the ribs were shocking, arms not much better, but feeling pretty good.

Spent a few days up in Calm Bay just getting the Banyak mojo thing happening, very small waves so good for some fishing along my favourite bit of reef. After two days the score, Crew 8 to Captain 0, that’s unheard of, especially when I’m choosing the lures.

Had some good fresh fish feeds, even tried a tuna spag bog, which was pretty bloody nice. It is a bit strange as there were no fisherman around at all, bit like the trip down the coast, bugger all, was big full moon though, guess that’s what it was. Then one morning you could hear Gunters, the unmistakable rumble of thunder that it creates so we moved down to The Bay of Plenty and by lunchtime it was on, choice of waves with about half a dozen surfers around.

I hit Dindo’s and gave myself jelly arms, so much fun, still not even head height but bejesus, sick as. The boys on the Floating Surf Camp hit Treasures, hows Irwin’s barrel, fully sick. From then on the week has been a mixture of surf for a couple of hours in the morning, back to the boat for a feed and a nanary and finish the arvo off till you cant paddle anymore, it was filth, and it just got a bit bigger each day. The biggest day had the big bombs catching everyone inside, unreal.

One day out with Bails and Irwin and a couple of Reunion Islanders, I got the best barrel, Bails is yelling go Rocket, so hit the bottom turn a bit harder than normal and then pulled under the lip, didn’t even get wet and best of all it was witnessed by the boys, grinning, I tell you. I haven’t seen too many barrels out there.

After you drag your worn out, wrinkled up body back to the dinghy, for the fifth time, and actually go enough is enough, it is time for a beer or six, had lots of arvo’s just sitting on deck watching the last of the waves dribbling shit with Bails and the Crew, then the JD comes out then its bed time.

The fishermen came finally, but with bags full of lobster and kipas, we ended up with the lot, another bit of lost in translation, pigged out on them for a couple of days in any case, good chewing.

We had the usual sit down on Boomerang, have a beer and a scotch chaser, they drink it hot so easy to please, they are also so polite, really good to see them again although Ale is still in Aceh, hope he comes down again. Only takes a couple of beers and they are off their heads, then it livens up when its time to climb back into the now very wobbly boat, I always offer to get in and steady it but they don’t seem to think that’s a great idea, if you ever get a chance to climb aboard one have a go, they are not real stable, especially with 80kg’s up the front.

Played areshole at the Floating Surf Camp till stumps a couple of nights, went home and have a couple of JD’s and watch Bails try to get back home in the canoe, our dinghy and even swim.

Had a rubbish burn, one job I love, I reckon one of the best weeks in a few years.

Then along came SV Galivant, oh dear, more of the same, Craig’s great to surf with and Claudia is just great value, we had a blinder one night that put us all into recovery mode the next day, hahaha, good fun.

The waves peaked in size on Friday afternoon, high tide and glassy, blessed to have experienced that, as Bails would say. The beers flowed that night, I reckon I was still buzzing when I went to bed. Next morning it had dropped off back to guts height and it just didn’t make the grade so we moved up to Calm Bay and got ready for the trip to Siqbolga the next morning. Did a big lobster and kipas cook up, once again the boys didn’t quite understand, 12 kipas and 6 lobsters, classic. They make it so hard to say no, Captain Rod the softy, always ends up with whatever they’ve got.

Good sail and motor to town had us arriving at 2200 on a pitch black night, followed an old track in and anchored up, two minutes later the navy are on us, you must shift mister, bugger that, asked them to lead us into the other anchorage, that was way too hard so there we stayed.

All the paperwork has gone ok, bit of a problem for taking too long to get here, still waiting on customs but today hopefully. Have been searched, the searching has improved ten fold, but not any problems. Fuel runs on a tuk tuk were interesting, 300 litres sola and 50 litres gasoline, the genset is getting a good flogging, A/C every night, ice maker, you know all the trimmings.

I have been into town and said gidday to our mates here. Spun Doktor Libra out, came limping into his surgery, sunnys on and hat so he had no idea who I was, he cracked up when he realised.

It’s a bit dodgy leaving the boat at night where it is, lots of fishermen cruising past, even have a gang of kids swimming by in the arvo, money mister, money mister so a bit hard for the late meal in town which is a bummer, this new area is easier and better for the dinghy but not so secure. Transport is easy though.

Finished in town, Beng Beng the legend took us shopping shopping, wet market shopping which is something I love to do, hello mister, you come back, you buy from me again, a few winks, its excellent.

Old granny with the best limes and Norma for the avocados, old mate for the eggs and up the back there are a few stalls where the women, all with the lippy on, are always asking me stuff I don’t understand, but I’m pretty sure its got stuff all to do with veggies.

They just laugh at me so at least I made them happy. We hit Hoki Smoke cafe, Cumi Goreng, good too and the owner has learnt to always have a couple of king browns of Bintang in the fridge, drained my bank account, no banks where we are going and all thats left is to load up the beer and we can leave.

Mr reliable rocked up on time as usual, cheers mate, grinning big time now. We leave for Pulau Pulau Banyak at 2300, after all you can’t leave port on a Friday,can you.









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