Eight months of being rehabilitated, lets see.

6th July 2017.

Back to the real stuff.

Huge days and nights were to be had in Langkawi leading up to Boomerang’s departure, final fish and chips Friday. Big turn out and a very messy afternoon.

Then numbers on Sunday at the Shin Mi, the duck saved me.

The usual shopping spree, Scotch fillet, pies, sausages, pretty much anything that caught my fancy as I wandered down the isles of countless supermarkets, bottle shops, dingy back rooms filled with freezers full of pork, freezing cool rooms with the good veggies and herbs, geez it’s a good time just be for you head out for a while.

Then its back to the boat, crivac thingy plugged in and get to work preserving our next three months of non-local food. I get off on cutting up the meat and sucking it dry and then double sealing it, ahhh what a job.

One last quick trip to Penang was as I expected, a hoot. Ate Dim Sum twice, got on it at Healey Macs with poor old Irish mate Benji, in crutches after kicking a soccer ball, good luck Benji and Lynn when the baby arrives, remember Benji you don’t have breasts so just lie there and pretend you are asleep.

Achieved our visas in two days Langkawi return and even got a filthy duck feed at the Red Garden in. Jam packed couple of days.

Said our good byes and headed off west for Sumatra, a couple of hours late and well and truly hungover, just what I was planning not to be. Thanks Phil and Dale, no more sleep overs for you. Thanks to everyone who dropped in.

Pretty uneventful day sail with heady and main up most of the day, sitting on 7’s most of the way but then all of a sudden we crossed a line of rubbish the likes you’ve never seen, big logs, plastic bags everywhere, nets, ropes, bottles, thongs, you name it, horror, and to make it worse we slowed to 4 knots with 12 to 15 knots of wind at 90 degrees. Thought we had a net or something for sure but alas it was the current and it has stayed in that direction all the way since.

Around 2300 I was watching a lightning show, twenty four miles off to the south but it looked like it was right there, it was going off, scarey shit, huge bolts hitting the water and others going horizontal right across the dirty black cloud, then quick as, it was up our arse and eventually surrounded us, it was like it saw me looking at it and went lets get that wanker and for the next four hours it was shit. Just had the headsail out, it was blowing 25 knots and rough as guts but we got our speed up to mid 7’s again and we just sat in the middle of it until it just disappeared, the water went calm in about half an hour and back on with the Yanmahs. The current has got me buggered, it must only go one way at this time of the year, not tidal at all.

We had one ship try and run us down, he was ok though and even got a yack out of him. He was worried about us in a yacht crossing the Melaka Strait at night and pirates. Told him not to worry. He passed by at about a two hundred metres, his wake just finished off the desimation of the cabin from a very rock and rolly night. The crew did well with two sail changes in not really flash conditions. We had the main down and packed away right on dusk, pretty gay but hey, it works for me.

The sunrise was pretty nice, I was doing the old fifteen minutes asleep, phone alarm on, get up have a look and set it again, don’t know how many times I did it but I was pretty rooted by the time the crew got up.

Today we had a large pack of dolphins swim with us for a bit, heaps of them, they were crowding on top of each other, good to see and we had the OOCL Poland sail past, massive container ship, it’s pretty awesome seeing ships that big go past, its 400 metres long and over 50 meters wide, fifteen minutes later the wake hits you, that’s not awesome.

Scored a spinnacker run all day with the winds southeast up to 12 knots, hit by a storm at sunset, thought we would be driving in it all the way to Banda Aceh but it just pissed off and we are cruising on engines, making water and not drinking.

Knocked off a sneaky bottle of wine this arvo, I managed to get my glass knocked over by a wave, dickhead. We are trying this new way of sailing, no drinking, its pretty shit really, but apparently other boats do it, yesterday was a success but as I said there was a sneaky bottle.

We have 40 odd mile to go so should get there at sunrise, coffee for me, a frog would hit the spot right now though, we’ll see. Geez the last fifteen miles has taken forever, the moon disappeared into the clouds, its black as, and its all by the light on shore and chart plotter and depth, I know you can cut one of the points close but can’t remember which one it is.

Anchors in, Lampageue, the suns just coming up and its time for a beer, shower, beer and bed. Got to go ashore and meet our mate Linda and her husband Ade, great people, at 1100. Wake up and it’s blowing 35 knots, need to hold off a bit which paid off, ended up a beautiful day.

I took Linda for a drive to get some cash and top up my pulsa. She showed no signs of being scared by my driving which I reckon is getting very close to the way the locals drive. No road rage here, just saying. The other day the crew and Dale reckoned I would have done my points just driving to Fish and chips, pretty lucky the crew drove home then.

A nice lazy day sleeping and kicking back, finished up waking up surrounded in beer cans and an almost empty bottle of red, buggered if I know.

It was all cool though, no rush, I don’t think there is ever any rush to hit the Aroih Cut. We waited till 1000, pulled the anchor and headed around the corner, it was a welcome site, a few white caps and swell but nothing too severe, we hit nine knots and wore a couple over the front but like I said, nothing to severe, still gets your heart racing and your hands shaking, but that’s the fun of it, I think.

Headed out the Cut into 15 knots on the nose so just motored the twelve miles down to Suedu and anchored up, went in organised fuel, listened to the mighty Dockers have a win and had a four and twenty pie for lunch. The Eagles lost, what a perfect day.

Just finished fuel, 2000hrs, some problem with Jam Lima, Nam or Tujoo. My fault sort of lost in translation. Great looking fuel though, 8000idr a litre and clean containers. Last jetty in, its been extended, and walk straight across the road to the shop on the left. They let you take their containers and bring them back, nice people, not to many fuel stops up here would do that.

Was going to hit it tonight but the weather looks pretty good tomoro so big sleep and be gone at sparrows.

Filthy morning, calm as and not a breathe of breeze, upped anchor and made our way out of Seudu Harbour, once out it was lumpy as and rock and rolly for a couple of hours but it gradually smoothed and the wind filled in from the west to 15 knots, unbelievable really, we had the perfect angle for the kite and sat on sevens and eights all day. Had the want to pinch myself, are we actually in Asia. Dropped the kite at dusk and set the heady for the night, I can gladly say the alcohol free shit is now a thing of the past, so a few beers and some savy blancs later we were still sitting on sevens, just the wind was from the north west at 13 knots with a swell pushing us along and beerly a bump, this doesn’t happen.

I resorted to the 15 minute sleep routine which got pushed out to half an hour, the moon was huge and not a cloud in the sky, you could see for miles, we have only seen three other boats since leaving Seudu.

Sunrise we finally got some crap, fully encapsulated in a storm, going the same way as us and not much quicker, I saw 27 knots on the wind instrument, and it was pissing down, big drops too. That lasted for a couple of hours, got to read Harry Hole in comfort on the lounge instead of perched up in the captains chair, couldn’t call it the crews chair, doesn’t seem to spend to much time in it.

“The Thirst” by Jo Nesbo, good book, you have to love Harry Hole, rooting king, arrogant, doesn’t give a shit, alcoholic homicide detective, not his best book but has done the job this trip.

We have 45nm to go to the top of Pulau Pulau Banyak, then about 15nm through the islands, last year we made a track with Ariels, used to go up to Balai for the footy and usually come back pissed as in the dark. We listened to the grand final up there I think. So I decided our destination to be Calm Bay, it is probably going to be around dark too, but as usual the mighty Boomerang  back.

Now lets see who or what has been rehabilitated.



4 thoughts on “Eight months of being rehabilitated, lets see.

  1. Gday rocket and jen,great to see you back on line and following the breeze again.Its freezing here in augusta rained most of july.Take good care my friends LOL keith.PS Go the Deemons.

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