“You should feel it not just hear it”, Lou Reed.

After a long and at times painful few months I can once again type for more than a paragraph, sorry about this turn of fortune to some of you out there. There are a couple of posts I wrote up during my alcohol fuelled months locked up onboard Boomerang so hope you like some of it. I have lots of photos though so might fill in the gaps with them.

Heres a video I made but Facebook won’t let me publish it because of the music, I reckon without the music you would all get bored after a minute so here it is.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Isabel rolled up and I had a drinking partner, Jen in hospital still but getting better, heaps of storms hitting Bungus Bay so spent fair bit of time sitting on the boat doing bugger all. Jen got discharged from hospital but went down hill so got her to KL and watched them wheel her away in a wheelchair to her plane, then slept at the Dome, so uncomfortable in those booths, got to see some AMA motocross about 0700 for a couple of hours then flew back to Padang.


I became a hermit pretty much, Christie from Langkawi had done me up a hard drive of heaps of series’s, I took to them with avengence, all the seasons of Weeds, Endeavour, Strike Back, Indian Summer, Jack Irish 3, London Spy, Poldark, The Fall, The Night Manager,True Detective, and Vinyl. Didn’t do much and my days often were spent asleep hungover, Frogged mostly, after a 10 hour viewing feast. Didn’t leave Boomerang for over two weeks, probably lucky really, ate heaps of papaya and hundreds of limes the boys would drop out to me.


Then one day Ad Astra came along, I grabbed my little mate Ade and joined them for a trip to Cubedac Island, got on the piss there, climbed a mountain, jumped off a cliff and hurt my shoulder again. The little resort there is excellent, they have a happy hour at 1800 each day and we lucked in with the guests and staff that were there. Apparently I chatted this German woman up. She got all frocked up for dinner and plonked herself down next to me, one to many Margaritas I reckon.


Funny times of what I can remember. A standard shot for a Margarita is a wine glass full of spirits, horror, especially on a few bar snacks since breakfast, but it was all good Marco, Domenique, Hugh and Jan were gracious hosts and the two meals we had with them were superb.


We went back to Padang and the Astras kept going South on their circumnavigation of Sumatra. Good dudes.

A mate of mine from Barrow Island, Watzy, got in touch and next thing you know I am on me way to Batam for the weekend, went and caught up with Acok, walked up behind him and gave him a surprise, excellent look on his face.


We hit the bars at Kampung Bule, laughed our guts out playing pool and being entertained by the guys at Asylum Bar, 89 Bar and a few others. Excellent live band at one of them, reminded me of Beaver Fever, an unreal Margaret River band. Stitch you up on the drinks though.


We went to Delima seafood and had a feast, muddies, prawns and squid and Bintangs of course. The old go-kart track has been reserected and a bloke by the name of Will lent me his cart, some other bloke lent me his shoes and boy is that good fun, they fly. Got off and was buzzing for ages. It was an excellent weekend, good to get out and do something.


Got to do it a couple of weeks later as well, visa run to Singapore, hows this, twenty eight bucks each way, Padang to Batam, twelve bucks each way Batam Singapore, and done by mid afternoon. Can tell you something else, Indonesians smile heaps more than Singaporians.


The weekend was spent pretty much the same but we got Mikes driver and friend Ayu to come racing. Pretty excellent fun all day. Had an allnighter, got on the plane and went to sleep. Not as young as before but still gave it a pretty good crack, hahaha.




8 thoughts on ““You should feel it not just hear it”, Lou Reed.

  1. Jeez a blog, didnt think we would see one till the dockers won thier next game !

    Merry christmas captain erratic and jen the legend and true master

    Muz n kaz

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year Rod, from Keith and Rebecca Stirling. I am back in Margs working like a dog!
    There has been some great surf and more to come!
    Cheers Cap’c Rod…

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