Pulau Siburu – No waves but 4 Bars 3G.

13th August 2015.

Aching all over, must have been that dinghy ride as besides the right elbow not to much else has been happening, except the squid off the back and straight into the pot, changed out the primary fuel filters, geez pretty bloody dirty, then had a rubbish burn on the beach, a good little fire and a well cleaned up beach, you got to do something otherwise you might end up bored..


My iPhone 5C has taken a turn for the worse, it is getting bigger and bigger as the days go by, have tried to correspond with Apple support but they haven’t got back to me so taking photos daily at the changes it is going through, its kind of alive. I tried gluing it down but it just popped those in a day, looked up on google and it is most likely the battery has crapped out, apparently I should get a new one on warranty, hope so as it is a bloody good phone, you can use it for hotspot where no others fear to tread plus the camera is a ripper, really notice not taking photos now. Could have had some goodies, Jens red one has shit the tin as well.

Had a dive on the anchor, it had shifted so decided to try getting it up, piece of piss, then put it back down and checked, should be good. I’ve got a stick in the water that I use to tell me if we have moved, it is pretty good as we move heaps, fifty plus metres on each tide but it is always in the same place.


Sitting here now at 0430, storms all around, but hopefully they miss us this time, at least if I watch now I can sleep in, in the morning cool time.

We went for another trip into town, the weather was balmy with a slight southerly blowing, topped up Jens phone and internet, got more corn flakes, they are really good, and went for a walk uptown, had a look at a church and then come back and found a Nasi Goreng outlet, in the end I went and sat next to the cook, she had all the bits that go into my nasi goring at her toes, she sat on a wooden box, the cookers, kero powered, were no more than a school ruler above the ground, on you Sabrina, one wok for the omlette and the other for the rice, a cup of spring onions sits idly by, some sachets of stuff and some bright red chilli paste in another cup thing. Jen looked and bailed but then ended up eating all of her Indonesian muffins and a donut, not bad for someone who wasn’t hungry.


I sat next to my new mate as she cooked away, giving me a try every time she added something new to the wok, the kero cooker gives an unusual taste, but one you can live with, at that moment her husband comes in to pray, I watched as he didn’t seem to mind and it was pretty well over before it began. My rice is now getting the real treatment, rubbing it into the wok, no lumpy bits here and also getting every last bit of flavor out of the old wok itself. Finally it is finished, I added a few fresh chilli’s, which came out on a sheet of bunched up newspaper, chopped them up with my spoon and chucked them on, first taste was tentative but it was really, really good. Jen even tried the omelette and gave the thumbs up. All up, four muffins, one dohnut and my nasi goreng came to 21000idr, two bucks, we gave her a tip to make it up to 30000idr and we are now family, there you go, something from nothing, I can tell you if I hadn’t been so hungry we might have not even tried it out.


The corn flakes taste good but not too much get up and go in them, could be bacon and eggs for brekkie tomoro, something with a bit of oomph, down to three packs of bacon, they have lasted so long it is amazing, seems like we must have eaten a pig by now, one pack gets you five bits each, they are actually thicker than the Thai bacon and with some eggs what more can you ask for.


It has been pissing down, for the last hour, the gensets running so at least we are cold, we have a nice big bag of ice, all Jens buckets are full and now we are filling the port tank up, showers all round for the next few days, usually have three or four a day, got to get the salt off.

It ended up being a wild old night, NW winds up to 30 knots, thunder that was making the boat vibrate and full on lightning but a bit off from us, we are fully safe here but you can still hear it, set the anchor alarm, the track just goes back and forth now so we are probably hooked around a boondy, its just on 12 metres so if you have to you can can get down there for a glance but if it all turns to shit there is always the hookah.


Went into town to pick up some beer, this young kid leans over the wharf and says, “miney”, looked at him and shook my head, but as I walked away I thought, I’ve got a job for you, so I went back, his old man said it was ok so I took him and his mate uptown then loaded them up with a carton of beer each and sent them back to the dinghy, the poor buggers had to walk past the Moesque with them, right on 1300 on a Friday no less, place was packed, they were wrapped with the 5000idr each and a bengbeng. They had packed it all aboard, good value and perhaps if in future they come up to you and say can I carry for you they might get some miney. They get bugger all begging for it. I will look out for this young fella now, although I reckon he’ll be looking out for me. Won’t be going to the butchers though, chicken is their specialty, and I am not real flash on it, unless it comes in a box and is hot and spicy.


Surf is nonexistent, have printed out all our letters etc for the visa extension, the last 2 pages are a bit light as the ink was running out but they are Jen’s so not my problem, hahaha, I would get my arse kicked, but we are looking good. Listen to the derby on Sunday, Go Dockers, then Monday morning head seventy odd miles to Padang, looks like 10 to 20 kn SE most of the day so could be a hooting sail, reaching all the way with the swell up our arse. I will believe it when I see it.


Tim and Megan are back and we look like catching up with them tonight at the local nightclub, bar and bistro, I would believe that when I see it as well.

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