Sibolga does it again.

21st July 2015.

We left Calm Bay around 1700 and headed for Sibolga, after saying  our goodbyes to Frederick and Rosie, we will catch them at Telos later on. We had a good sail for a few hours, but as it does up here, it was soon calm and the Yanmah’s were put into action. Pretty uneventful night and as the sun came up we were heading into Sibolga.


This is the first time we have stayed up past the power station and we took our time getting up there, which in the end was bloody lucky, just out of the blue I looked over the side and holy crap, coral bombies, hit neutral then reverse and come to a halt, then the noise you don’t want to hear, sort of a scraping crunching noise, into reverse and the noise again but we safely made it back out to deeper water, think we missed a waypoint somewhere along the line, lucky.

We made it up to the anchorage with no other problems, anchored up with forty metres of chain in four metres of clear but dark water. Our anchor grabbed big time and it was time to get our arses into gear and get to Imigrassi for our visa extension. Our social visa gives us sixty days, then four lots of thirty days, so you must extend before it runs out otherwise you get hit up for overstay which was what happened to us last year, not a good experience in fact it gave me the shits, literally. When we got there our paperwork was not correct and we were missing a copy of our agent, Ray Lesmana’s, Indonesian Identification Papers. Spewing, but Beng Beng was standing there and said we can use him as an agent and we can get it done straight away, cost us seventy bucks each but it was done and dusted so an excellent outcome.


After that we went into town, had a bit of a shop then some lunch at an all mens restaurant, Jen and Pen stood out, but whilst this was happening a very strong storm hit, all I wanted to do was bugger off and check the boat but it soon passed, it was pretty furious and the water out the front looked ugly. I felt confident with heaps of chain out and bridle attached but still had a lets get out of here and get back to the boats feeling. Finally all the food and drinks were finished and off we went back up to the anchorage. Coming around one of the last bends we could see Boomerang and Investigator but no Persian Sands, horror, Pete went white, got to Pak’s house and bolted for the dinghy where we could now see Persian Sands floating but close to shore, dumped Pete aboard and hooked up the dinghy to her bow and started towing her into deeper water, no damage, although I reckon Pete aged a few years, the old saying, something like, better off having your chain in the water than in the locker hit home. We let out another forty metres and Pete and Pen re-anchored with heaps more in. Luck was surely with us on that day.


Next day the Persians had to hang around for Customs, we went to the markets and got some  fruit and veges, had a bistik babi at Papa’s, and found all the bits and pieces we had on our list. Pretty easy now as we know most of the shops that we need and back to the boats for a early night. The Sandy’s rolled up and started their trials and tribulations with Imigrassi, horror, but after a couple of days they were free to go, sort of anyway. We all finished our shopping, the Ranga’s loading up the most by far, not to many supermarkets between here and Padang which is about five weeks away. We is styling. Our fuel arrived around 2000 and was all loaded aboard by 2230 and now we just had to wait for the food BengBeng was getting us from Medan, 2kg Australian fillet steak, 2kg bacon, 2kg cheddar cheese, ham and some salmon which ended up being a piece of fish not slices of smoked salmon as was expected, I don’t like either of them anyway. I reckon it was a bargain and after trying a couple of steaks we were very happy indeed. It rolled up at 0130, we picked it up at Mama’s jetty then went to bed as we were meant to be leaving at sunup.

Just before sunup the Sibolga squirts turned up, all I can say is HORROR. I promised my mum there will be no more toilet stories so thats it, wish it had have been as easy as that though. Have a real aversion for squid for some reason, perhaps thats what got me this time. That is a scorecard of 4 for 4.


We left and headed the sixty odd miles to the closest point on Pulau Nias, a motor sail which had us parked up in a big muddy bay a bit more than half way down the island. Safe as for the night.


Motorsailed to Lagundri Bay early next day and anchored up here as per Larry’s instructions. The surf looks good but geez theres a crowd. We were visited by half a dozen of the local kids on surfboards, I shortened all their names to help me remember them, Dutchy, Mick, Alex, Frappa which believe it or not is short for Frapachini, Cappa same again and Lucy an eleven year old surfy chick who has style and guts in bucket fulls. I am Pappa and Jen is now Mamma.


A bit of a party on Persian Sands for everyone, the Rangas were a no show, still squirting, just lied back and listened to the cricket, go Australia. Next morning Dave rolled up with his board and got me into action, we both went out with feelings of trepidation with the crowds, the waves and the fact that this is Lagundri Bay, one of the best waves in the world, I had the extra worry, would I shit myself?


We paddled over, I got one straight away and by the time I got back out Dave was away too, then a beauty came through and I just paddled through the crowd and found myself going alone, tucked in half way down the face and got a nice open barrel to the end, I was hooting, the photographer in his boat was hooting, I was also shaking like a leaf with a shit eating grin from ear to ear, I just got a barrel at Lagundri Bay, frothing siiick. I could have just gone home then, what a sweet wave. We got a few each and I went to the boat to take some footage, probably shouldn’t have bothered, pretty crap at it and just next door is a photographer anyway, his name is Paul and has ended up being a ripper.





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