Bigger and Better in The Bay Of Plenty.

26th June 2015.

The swell is coming, you can just see it building from stuff all to about three foot and we’ve got the bay to ourselves, feels good sitting out there by yourself singing away happily just catching everything you want that comes through, when I got back to the boat Frederick was singing the same song over on Lara Pinta, Four Non Blondes, theres a bit in it about a REV-O-LUTION, stuffed if I know what it’s called, how’s that for a bit of dooodooodoodoo.


Surfed the right with a young bloke, who is now called young fella, whenever he comes out, I have been helping him out, its cool cause he is no hassle and just likes a bit of a yack. He paddled into a beauty at Dindo’s yesterday, you should have seen his head when he got back out to the lineup, grinning like a dead fox, just about covers it.

The new swell brings people here just on a whim, hoping to get it, the new guys at the camp look like Thomo and Dogsy, found myself singing, “If your dads got no beard you’ve got two mums”, just another reason why you should listen to Tales from the Tinny, every Saturday morning on ABC Darwin. I am missing it big time.


Normally we head up to Calm Bay for the phone and email but I have been going over to The Tree Of Knowledge lately, with unexpected results, internet, email and phone calls and no stuffing around, geez up the Bay you have to drive around in circles trying to get a bar, over at The Tree Of Knowledge it is three bars but if you stuff up and fall off, it’s gunna hurt. Saw today that the WA coast is getting some big waves along it, not sure if this is the same swell we are getting but it is very impressive.


There are four charter boats here now so it is getting way to crowded, can hardly be bothered, the problem is the wind direction, it is coming out of the East which seriously cuts back the number of breaks available to surf, Lolok Point and the Dindo’s are perfect offshore but the rights are side shore and Treasures is onshore, so everyone is here, normally Treasures would have twenty plus guys out which keeps the crowd factor tolerable, reckon it might be time to move on.


Yesterday I spent more time in the water than above it, three surfs, heaps of waves all at Dindo’s, three to five foot and pretty nice, went to look at perhaps going out to the right, bugger that, way to old for that shit, in other words I gayed out, still got all my skin on though.


Had an excellent afternoon surf today, got my fifteen waves and called it quits, wines on Boomerang with Faezy while Hubert worked on Dave’s back, poor bugger was just about rooted but after a bit of the Hubert magic he is feeling much better. We have sussed out Hubert’s water maker problems, at least he can use it now even if the water is a bit high in salt, about a thousand PPM, good enough for showers and stuff. Also had a big win with the Sandy’s freezer, replaced the thermostat with a spare one Dave had stashed and winner winner chicken dinner, Dave reckons it is a different boat now. The creek has completely stopped running, no rain in two weeks, wish it would piss down but it just doesn’t even look like it. Wish the internet here would let me upload a movie Dave and Fay made one day while we were amusing ourselves at the creek, also got some sick footage of Bailey, Cheech and Chico at Gunters but just can’t get it to do its thing, got 3G and heaps of bars but you reckon the prick of a thing will work, not a frigging chance.

surfing dindos _20150629_015Late June 2015

Time for a change, out with the Byrne 6’6 and look out, first couple of waves were a bit dodgy but now it feels like the Nathan Rose with a bit more punch behind it, you seem to have more time to do stuff, loving it.

Actually looked in the mirror today, the crews was spewing, had to have a shave, at least my turtle has almost gone and I am catching stuff.


Well the 6’6” and I weren’t quite up to five to six foot Gunters, what a flogging, just can’t get going quick enough on it, about a second late I reckon, at least everyone else was copping the same, geez, got bark missing and my confidence took a beating, after bouncing off the bottom it felt like I would be fine then another surge slammed me down again, horror, got to the surface and climbed aboard just in time to wear the next one on the head, just held onto that board for grim death, then popped up and just about got off the reef but copped the third, sort of starfished away from the board in about a foot of water and luckily just popped out the back, horror. Sat there for a bit and noticed another bloke in the same peril, he was on the second one and pretty well copped a similar dose to me, we both ended up sitting there, huffing, puffing and me atrial fribulating but alive so there you go, that will definitely scar me for a day or two. Took a fair bit of time to come good, even back at the boat I was all over the show, tell you, perhaps some things we do are pushing the envelope just a bit, but then again if I had have made it I probably would have had the same feelings just with a big bit of elation not horror.

Called Persian Sands at 1900hrs on frequency 8291.00 and what do you know we are now in contact via the airwaves. They are still in Telaga just getting everything sorted and should be on the road in a couple of days.


It rained and blew its arse off this morning, first real Sumatra style blow but it didn’t last long, Keith on Surfmachine made two hundred litres of water, we didn’t get too much, couldn’t be stuffed ginning around in the wind and rain but at least our boat is all shiny again.

The last swell has gone, strongish SE winds so not much happening, the Bonnies left today, Hubert come over for a bit and we all did pretty much the usual, read and slept, BP 115/60, not doing it too hard you’d reckon.


Bailey got back from Nias today, reckons he was a bit humbled down there, ten foot tubes with twenty foot faces will do that, bugger that, had a good little session with him, a corona and a couple of jacks, what more can you do for the milkman, he delivered us four litres of milk in the canoe, yeah. We got to pay Hubert back one but I am styling as I have become a coffee drinker now, we haven’t got enough limes for the old green tea and lime every morning, which is a bummer. The new accommodation at the camp is almost ready, they powered it up tonight, it is looking flash, big effort by the guys and of course the beautiful Goddy.


Went to the tree of knowledge this morning also, good bars and even got a phone call off to the real estate, classic as Nadia answered and asked, “where are you?”, up a tree in the Banyaks,        “ Whats it like?”, beautiful, great waves, suns shining and sweating my arse off up here. Had to send a photo to show proof of the extent that us poor yachty’s go to make contact with you guys out in the real world.

Buoyweather reckons it is flat for almost a week, damn what are we going to do, dilligaf.




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