Sumatra, you gotta love it.

15th May 2015.

Caught up on sleep for a couple of days, got some good first waves at the inside left, so much fun right from the first one this year, also enjoying the arvo swims at our old spot which has changed quite a bit, a lot deeper these days but still nice. Have sported a few hangovers since we have been here, with the Breezies and the Gator’s in the same bay what would you expect.


Not much swell so have been fishing, snorkeling and letting my ribs come good after their first outing back on the board.


Our afternoon tradition of going up to the sand bar and sitting around up to your neck in crystal clear water sucking on beers is still going strong and has been the start of some good evenings had by The Gators, The Breezies and us and some new partners in crime.


Have been killing the pig on fish from the fishermen, our new mate Danny comes by with lobster and Mangrove Jack’s, which at five bucks each is pretty good value, bloody nice fish, fresh as. You just get him to chuck it too you and then tell everyone you caught it, advice by Quentin. We had the removal of Jens stitchers from her hand by Doctor Hubert, nurses Jasmine and Iva, a successful operation with only a bit of fuss and quite a bit of medication.


Cooked up a big pot of Tom Yum seafood for everyone using the fish and lobsters, filthy and none left, we were saying seeya to the guys off Dali, Phil and Iva, excellent dudes who are making a doco on people, I guess living the dream whilst they do it themselves as well. Good concept. They certainly weren’t up early next day, no one was, blurrrr.


Hows this Jack, cost 50000 rupiah, and got turned into a hooting plate of fillets.


A fisherman came by this morning with a boat full of mullet, they look identical to ours but were not quite as fishy, good fang on them, so get a mullet up ya.


Had some good easy waves on the right, bit of bark missing but not to bad. The first wave that came through was a good four footer, I stuffed it up and fell off the back and got smashed, that was a wake up call, geez, thank god there wasn’t another one behind it.


Got my act together though and ended up having a ball, although I didn’t get any like this one, this is what it turned into later that day. Brian came out and got a couple on his knee board and we sat there by ourselves for a couple of hours just catching a wave, paddling back out and catching another one, over and over again. Just terrible. Seems like there is a swell coming.


Got going early next day and were greeted with another cat in the bay, Tim and Megan have got here, their boat is looking so good, last time we saw them they had just put the first coat of oyster on the hull, came out sick. The waves were hooting, we surfed the left by ourselves for a couple of hours and then Kym and Mike came and joined us, great waves, really cranking on the second section, unreal, sorry fully sick, I was frothing, once again catch a wave paddle back out and away you go again. Almost ripped my shoulder out of its joint on one of them, siick.


Next day same again and again and again, then come Big Thursday, waves everywhere and four to six foot continuously coming through. Wasn’t going to go out due to a really sore Coxix from a couple of days ago but once I saw it, it was back to the boat get the board and back down, only the crew in the water so just take it in turns and all’s fine, so many waves, my first wave was a biggy and took off way to late, made it to the bottom only to be splattered by a pretty horror lip, horror. Got a few rippers. In the end just Tim, Megan and me out, pretty hard to take. My last one had me around the back of the reef, must have been pretty much the fifth section, filthy wave. Absolutely rooted. Have had a bit of a hiding too, three good floggings could be sore tomorrow.


Sure am, Brian has come by, frothing, I just couldn’t say no as it is his last surf before he goes back, wish I had, it was all going great until three blokes paddled over a charter boat, talk about change your surf, two were just complete wankers, even said to Brian I reckon one of them would have to be Gold Coast or some place like that where you have to just continuously hassle for your waves, I got it right in one and the other clown was from Gellong, they were dropping in their poor mate, who wasn’t too bad a bloke but a bit overweight and struggling a bit, reminds me of someone I resemble, they just didn’t give a shit.


Brian got his best wave ever, it was a beauty and Lyn got a photo of it. He was just like a big kid, fully frothing once he got the hang of it siick. I got my fair share then got dragged over the falls in two feet of water with the board somehow between my legs, horror, bark missing, crease in me board and a killing lower thigh. That was the end for me and thankfully Brian had had enough too.


Big party on Investigator II that night for goodbyes to the Breezies and my birthday. It was excellent with everyone in the bay and up our way coming and getting on it, Gosha made me a filthy cake, Lyn made, as she calls it, good old French onion dip, superb, Kym made these new things to me, pickled lettuce on a biscuit, filth, Hubert walked off the back of his boat, Quentin by all accounts got lost getting back to the bay, Jen came out a bit bruised and Captain Morgan had his way with the lot of us, my memory is vague but it was excellent fun.


We woke up and the Breezies were gone, I think I said goodbye to them but if not it was as usual, unreal fun seeing you guy’s again. While they were parked up in the anchorage with the view, we had bread cooking lessons by Lyn, hers were coming out so bloody good, my first attempt at rolls could have been used as cannon balls, heavy buggers.

Have read so many books, Ian Rankin is an author that you can’t go wrong reading, have just read seven in a row, he is a ripper, the last one called “The Complaints” is up there, finally took a break from his books, mainly because there are none left on the boat, so read “A Pirate Looks At Fifty”, by Jimmy Buffett, he is just about as lucky as me, wish I had a pile of his fun tickets though, he must be loaded. Excellent read, especially when he was on his way to making it, couldn’t put it down.

Fer caught another mangrove jack in the creek on lure, she is the only person that i know who has done so, this one was a bit small to claim but if it had have been one of the locals it would have been winner winner chicken dinner.


We moved down to The Bay for a bit of a change of scenery, stuff all swell which has suited me with my numerous injuries and stuff, damming up the freezing cold creek and getting the pool to tit level, then busting it open, then go sit under the shade in the creek by the sea and let it all wash past you is both soothing and a good time to reflect on how tough we are doing it up here, I feel pretty bloody lucky.


Another party on Investigator II, this time the Sandys and the host were the main offenders, not that that is bad at all, but had us leaving The Bay an hour and a half late for our trip to Sibolga, this time when I woke up, my clothes were wet, buggered if I know what happened there. We didn’t make Pulau Karang, about an hour to late with the sun just about gone but made it to a bay just west and anchored up. At least the Rangas had our act together in the morning otherwise who knows where we would have got to, probably Lizards or back in Calm Bay.


We had a bit of a rock and rolly night, at least it was cool, it pissed down pretty much most of the night, upped anchor and headed for Sibolga 0900 and got here about 1400, good little run with the main up and some wind for a good chunk of it. Anchored out a bit and went ashore, Mumma and family were there to meet us, then Eddie, their smiles were so welcoming, probably going catchung catchung, but I reckon they were pretty happy to see that Boomerang come back.

We went to Immigrassi and handed over all the paperwork, the female officer from last year served me and recognized me straight away, so everything went swiftly and we just need to go and pick up our paperwork in the morning, then off to Customs and then The Harbour Master. All’s good, in fact it was quite nice to come back here, the traffic is loose, seems a bit more busy, but everyone waves to us and I had forgotten about the old, “Hello Mister.”

We dropped in for lunch at our old favourite restaurant, Sian Malam, Papa and Chen were so excited to see us it was hooting, he served up his sweet and sour pork, bistic babi, filthy and he even found us a dingen Bintang. Bargain. My old mate down the fishing tackle shop filled us with afternoon tea, stripy cake, then old mate in the blue phone shop got us going with phone and internet so we are styling.


Immigrassi went well, customs were coming out to the boat at 1400, it is. Well now 1600 and customs have been and gone, pulled a few bits and pieces apart, checked under the floors and all cupboards but as there was nothing to find all was good and they left happy. Ended up being quite an extensive inspection. Poor old Boomerang got clobbered as they somehow managed to T-Bone our bow, classic, everyone shit themselves but no damage so all good. We now wait till tomorrow to pick up our paperwork and start shopping. We need about 300 litres of fuel, veges and we have run out of beer.

Looks like they have just about finished with the Gators and Capricorn has rolled up, so it looks like bistic babi and a couple of Bintangs at Sian Malam once again, bugger.


Was going to finish there but have just got back from our visit to Customs, left this morning at 1000  and went to sign the paperwork and stamp it, sat around for a bit as the power went out, comfy lounge suite so not put out or anything, then the offer for lunch was made and off to a famous Batuk restaurant, serves pork traditional style, up in the foothills, it was absolutely superb, they know a few different ways of serving old porky up that is for sure. I am not sure if this is the norm with these guys but it was pretty special for us, the officials in Sibolga are good value, you have just got to smile, be nice, not be impatient and what will be will be.


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