Buffalo Bay Blues.

23rd January 2015.

 Don’t know what’s going on inside my head, either I am getting too relaxed, BP is now 124/ 62 most of the time, or my brain is going to mush, we have had another disappearing boat episode. Mind you it was after a big one at the Black Moon party at the Hippy Bar in Buffalo Bay.


We have been slotting into the Northern Thai lifestyle, that has been presented to us, quite nicely. The Persians are very good role models and we have great fun with them. Pete, Jen and I walked into town to get a couple of bikes, couple of old clangers more like it. We walked for what seemed like a few k’s, had a drinks stop half way and hired our bikes from the first shop we found, probably good they don’t go too fast as there are people flying around the place, not sure what the hurry is but it is here in bucketfuls. The Persians just about got wiped out yesterday by a bloke who was just not looking as he was riding along, horror. The roads are all concrete, double wide on main stretches, half as wide for the offshoots and getting down to narrow footpaths in cement or what used to be cement into the resorts and restaurants that line Buffalo Bay. The road that goes down to the southern end of long beach is a shocker, made you want to ride along the beach in preference to going all the way back. But you can’t do that.


We have seen most of the island now and have tried Larb Moo from many of the local restaurants and have got to say the Thai spicy larb moo from The Sun is almost as good as Jen’s, but you won’t be leaving the boat for a while next day. So hot.


We missed a pretty big party up in the hills the other night but made sure we made the Hippy Bar for theirs, what a ripper, Mojito’s all round, excellent music, a packed house and all night long, can’t remember too much, except I found a camera and knew exactly whose it was, when she came back, spinning out, I had the greatest pleasure of giving it back to her, apparently it had her phone and cash in it as well. That had me grinning like a dead fox. The Wrangas and the Persians stayed late which was pretty much a cert, bloody good night.


Next thing I know the phones going off, 0600, so loud and so long, finally dragged my sorry arse out of bed and got to it, it was Pete, ‘Wheres your dinghy?” ”tied up to your boat”, “No its not”, “Should be”, “Isn’t” “ but Mr Trip looks like he is towing one in,” “Horror can you give me a lift?” “Yeah no worries mate.” Apparently our dinghy has floated around the bay for most of the pre dawn into early morning and old mate Mr Gao, owner of Mr Trip Charters Koh Phayam, had his eye on it for us, when I fronted up to say my Cop and krupt’s he was as happy as Larry, I offered a carton, not interested but heading in later to buy him a few beers. Now, if I had a Boomerang T-shirt left he would be a worthy recipient. Hope he likes the last Acehnese one we had on board, he is a ripper.


Since it appeared that I was neglecting my Captains duties I decided a bit of Gilligan may be called for, so I washed the dinghy, can’t believe it, found another leak by pure arse, fixed it with the proper glue, which I got from Swift Marine, and of course got the shit everywhere, at one stage the patch stuck to the table, then the seat so getting it off it was then stuck to my gloves, eventually it got put on the boat, not quite where I had intended but good enough, the dinghy is now hard as, not just during the days but night as well, yeeeha, it is superb, no more pump up every other day. I guess it was meant to be.


Pete and I gave it a work out the next day, towing the SUP and skurfing for a bit, even paddled onto a couple of small waves, all tiny shorebreak dumpers here. We were both rooted after about ten minutes each but it was a tonic, perked us both up and unbelievably got a thirst happening. Made it to AFD status but yet to get an AFM in.


We have been joined in the bay by the Kokimo’s and the Babar’s and had a good motorbike gang happening looking for a restaurant with a view of the island, ended up being on the main road just down from the cross roads. Our persistence was well rewarded with an excellent view and beautiful food, had stir fry ginger and pork with sticky rice, looked like the best choice on our table. The view is to the north through to the south and you are up above the cashew trees, which are now fruiting, once again worth the effort to find the joint.


Picked up our washing and had a couple of beers with Mr Gao to thank him for the dinghy saving and met his mate Excellent, who was a very interesting bloke who has been coming here for years. When I finally got to leaving, dark and high tide with waves, I had to leave the washing and takeaways up the beach, wade out to my nuts, drag the dinghy back into shore and then went to run up the beach when all of a sudden a bloke comes out of the dark with my bags and says here you go, I said excellent, he went, “Yeah”. Cracked me up.


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