A couple of Perry’s on the prowl.

16th January 2014.

Happy Birthday Mum, wish you were here.

Beep beep goes the anchor alarm, it’s 2215 and we are getting a flogging. Probably shouldn’t have come here. Probably should have stayed where we were, it’s bloody Friday after all.


We finished off the shopping with a trip to Phuket Town, Boat Lagoon to be exact. Hired a bike off of Wit and headed there looking for a few bits and pieces, found an excellent chandlery called AME, they have all sorts of stuff and in 20 minutes my list was done, even after asking the Pommy bloke who seems to run the show if he had a 115 volt encapsulated pump for a spare for the genset and he told me “no way”, I looked down to a shelf by the window and low and behold I am staring at one, same brand, same model everything, the bloke is pretty full of his own importance and rabbited on some excuse, blah blah blah, who gives a shit if you have got some big job on.


Had a filthy feed at a shop Pete told us about, bloody good, even tried something other than larb moo, pork and beans in a red curry paste, Jen had roast pork and veges and in the end we also had a larb moo. They love their eggs up here, hows this truck load.


Got back to the boat in time for a SUP which lasted three hours so was pretty rooted by the time we headed out for some tucker at Heng Heng then the markets, followed by a few beers in Nai Yang Beach, a good night was had once again with Pete and Penny and Jocko.


Met four other yachties who are mates with the guys, another Fremantle couple on a boat called Babar, that made four boats in the bay from Freo out of about ten.


I hit the land early for some fuel and ice, which was nonexistent, but ended up with a couple of really fresh snappers to take with us. Also loaded up on pills, my blood pressure is pretty stable at 130 over 70, which for me is pretty bloody good, has not been a problem since we got back, too much good living. Could be larb moo is a help, one of the constants in our lives at present, the occasional bottle of Savy Blanc to.

When I got back Persian Sands was gone, I could only see their sails in the distance, so it was time to get our act together and get going.

We said our goodbyes around the anchorage and bolted, main and headsail up heading North with 20 knots ENE so pretty much 60 degrees and hooking along. Sevens and eights for the first couple of hours then pretty much sevens until the wind dropped away. An excellent sail in flat water, first one of those for a while, Boomerang did well.


The Persians were just drifting along when we finally caught up to them and we followed them into the estuary harbor at Ban Thap Lamu. Busy little harbor, it must have been going to work time as the fishing boats of all sizes were heading out as we were heading in, heaps of them. It is also a naval base and a departure point for the Similans, which are a bit over 30 miles West so you have the sleek looking ferry’s with three or four 200+HP outboards on the back, they fly.


Had a few beers with the Persians and come home and finished the Fargo series, excellent. Need to get the movie and watch it again. Cousin Lou told us about that years ago and I remember it being good.

Hired a couple of motor bikes and headed into town, being a naval base it is pretty tidy but it seemed like a bit of an outback town, sort of dusty and spread out, can’t quite put my finger on a similar town to it. Two brand new servo’s, Shell and not sure of the other, we were a bit early for the restaurants but found a coconut man so kicked back and enjoyed them straight out the esky. Pete and I were discussing coconuts and both of us came up with the reason why they are not so popular back in Australia, we only ever got one of the old ones once a year at the royal show and the milk tasted like shit and the flesh was hard to get out and not so flash on your jaws.


We rode down all the streets and tracks down at the fishing jetties and found an excellent hardware shop, got some blue spade lugs and a new lure but we spent ages just walking around looking at shit, they even had old boxes of rusty old nuts and bolts stacked up on top of each other that could easily have been 20 years old, looked like some of the same stuff we had in our shed when I was a kid, I reckon that half of which came from Uncle Buns shed before that.

Our main mission to town was to get some gas in Pete and Penny’s bottle and when we got back we were disappointed as they don’t just fill up, they only swap bottles so no gas for the guys. If they run out we have got a spare bottle, 9 kg’s seem to last us two to three months except when some wanker fills it up with water to rip you off ten bucks, then it stuffs up your solenoid and we have now found the front right burner on the hot plate has rusted out, down to two now, so probably ten years left in it.

Looked for a mud crab pot but only huge fish traps available so no crabbing, Pete enjoys crabbing coming from Broome. We upped anchor around lunchtime and headed thirty miles North to our next destination, another inland estuary whose southern entry is named Ban Thung Dap, on the chart it looks pretty impressive.


Had good wind which enabled us to sail almost all the way there, only pulling down the sails to come into the mouth and we found a good little anchorage on the first bend near a fishing village, calm and quiet until the sun comes up and they start flying around in a new custom design longtail to what I have seen before, they are so loud it reminded me of Deaf Dave with his little jet boat without the exhaust one year in Augusta, didn’t bother him but the whole town knew he was coming to town about five miles up stream, funny as. I still remember standing on our balcony saying to Jen, I bet that’s Dave’s jet boat up near Molloy Island way before we could see it come down through the sticks.


We got going after a coffee and motorsailed the rest of the way with the jib and excellent wind. It was a great little sail with the wind lifting us up when we needed it, you needed to put as much in the bank as you could because you lost a bit of height dodging crab pots and non existent banks, we almost made it to the Northern entrance but the breeze won with less than half a mile to go. The Persians picked up a plastic bag on their prop, quick dive for Pete and all’s good. They also picked up a new pet, perfect if you get a rat.


We were not to certain where we should be headed so a quick decision to head for a group of islands, Koh Luk Kam Tok being the largest of them, was made and off we went, shit wind to start with then got the sails up then blowing it tits off the last few miles. We went searching for places to hide, no wonder there is no anchorages listed in any of the guides for this place. Ended up dropping anchor on the NW tip and it was horror, wind from the ENE and the waves from the North, it must be what monohull sailors endure on their way to having fun. The Persians were the first to move and with a good report from them we weren’t long after, ended up about a mile out to sea in 10 metres, much better.


As the sun came up Pete, who I am sure is a campaigner for 60 the new 50, was on the blower, get up and lets bugger off, so we did.

The 12 knot breeze was at 30 to 40 degrees so put up the main and then the headsail and powered off for what was to be an unreal couple of hour sail.

The wind picked up, getting to 27knots in a gust, we had full main and jib up and flying along, Pete joking said it looked like we were flying a hull, it felt so good, Boomerang was pressured right up, we hit 8.7kns on really nice flat water at 40 to 50 degrees, best sail for ages, I was buzzing, felt like getting on the piss but waited, not really sure why. We headed around to the NW of Koh Phayam to a bay The Persians had stayed in previously.


It is just like paradise, my god. Party time. Could be stuck here for a while, horror.

I now have to mention who took some of the photos, thanks Jen your a hot photographer.


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