Smile at everyone and sooner or later you will get one back.

9th January 2015.

Well a pretty easy week this one has been, I suppose if you include the genet shitting itself, constant 20 to 30 knot winds, anchoring on top of some FADS, almost getting into a blew with a dickhead kamikaze jet ski gaylord, countless rings of fire, and filling the cockpit with diesel, it may seem as though some action went down.

Saturday night we were pretty keen on watching Fargo the series, which we had started watching the night before. Started up the genet and then smelt the old, someone’s let the smoke out smell you get when something electrical has cracked the sads. Race back up the front to shut it down but it beat me too it.


Uumm, where to start, first in with the torch and straight away I find the culprit, a lug has parted from the wire that used to be apart of it, fix that and go for start, the lift pump worked and away it went, for about 10 seconds, then that smell again, lots of swearing, eventually coming to the conclusion that there will be no Fargo tonight.

I then thought about bypassing the lift pump on the genet and just using the one in the bilge, so go down and suss it all out but now that pump doesn’t work either, the thick is definitely plottening, the only new addition is the fuel filter I replaced about a fortnight ago, the 1 micron one I bought from Multi Quip, I had a 30 micron in my hand but I thought 1 micron would somehow be better. It was now midnight, Jen’s sick of the swearing and gone to bed and I raised my hands to the sky and gave up.

Next morning we left Investigator II to head around the corner into Nai Harn Bay where the wind and waves were non existent and got to replacing the brand new rm120 filter with another brand new one and to stripping down the pump to see if there is a remedy, I had to drain the diesel into an old vinegar bottle which is nice and flexible as it has to fit into the most crap location for a filter to be installed, looks like the filter goes here because that is all the hose we have, horror, anyway didn’t spill a drop so pretty happy with myself, I took it out the back and stuck it on the table, about a litre and a half, There was a discussion on where it should be put but I wanted to clean a few tools that are just going a bit rusty, pliers, sideys and the like and also as the Sandys were coming over later and Dave might need some also, so it stayed on the table where it could be left to rest.


We went to shore and tied up at the dinghy jetty, we were charged 300 baht, which is redeemable upstairs at the Phuket Yacht Club bar and café, good little venture. It is good to have someone look after your boat and it is good to not have to drag it up a beach or tie it off the back of a longtail. We went for a walk down to the beach, nice little spot, heaps of people everywhere although most don’t answer my constant howdy’s and hello’s in fact they don’t even smile, Checked me thongs and made sure I hadn’t trod in dog shit but no I hadn’t, oh well no point worrying about it too much. We found a nice little restaurant with big umbrellas over the tables and sat down for a feast. Ordered our staple, pork fried rice, top man goong and of course larb moo with a bowl of chopped chilli’s.

Jen went the chilled coconut, I went the Kimberley cool king brown of Leo, just got to pretty much skull it, the waitress had me over a barrel because I didn’t ask for a nik noi beer, which is small.

While we were waiting for our food this bloke comes walking along in bright yella duds that looked like the ones Moagli wore in Jungle Book, I know its rude to laugh at people but this was unbelievable, it wasn’t as though he was being made to wear them he had obviously chosen them for himself, jesus wept, just about pissed me pants, what a good belly laugh and just in time for lunch.

The food was excellent, the waitress was a beauty, which made lunch even better. Then along comes this bloke and his missus and sits at the table next to us, his wife got the sunny spot which I guess is fair, I would have offered the shade but instead he tells the waitress to shift our umbrella over to his table, I had to be decisive and authoritative and quick, it came out as, “not a chance mate,” he stared at me, I stared back, he looked at his missus stuck in the sun then looked back at me staring back at him, he then grunted and they got up and moved inside. Phew my first stand off with a Rusky, then it come to me, we were surrounded by them, it was little Russia, I am not sure but maybe they haven’t got anything to smile about, poor buggers.


We went up to the Yacht club for a beer and to take in the view, great spot with really friendly staff. They serve toasted sangers, crepes and coffee as well. The Sandy’s came around the headland and anchored up near us so we headed back to Boomerang with the thought of a few beers and wines on our minds.

Back at the boat I had a message from Leo saying Larry was in the Gold Coast and could pick up the parts we need for the genset. Got onto Aidan from Marine Energy Systems in Brisbane, The Westerbeke man for the southern hemisphere and Asia I think, on a Sunday, he is dedicated, promised to get me a quote the next morning and that everything was on the shelf, grinning like a dead fox. Time for beers.

The Sandys came across and we made ourselves comfy and enjoyed the afternoon watching the sun go down. It was around this time we saw a very big cruise liner, The Costa Victoria, go past heading South, a fair way out to sea.

About 20 minutes later I saw what looked like the wake off a boat approaching us, it looked not to menacing but as it got closer I realised it was going to hit us at 90 degrees and they now looked to be sizable, then in no time at all it hit, rocking the boat mercilessly which then started to make things fly around the kitchen, our last middy glass from the deck became a victim, and then of course the old vinegar bottle with one and a half litres of diesel started to slide backwards and forwards across the table, I watched stuck to the spot as on its third shuffle it toppled off the table, escaping Jens finger tips by a bees dick, then it just cascaded down and splashed all over the teak and our feet. You would think that this would have bought the party to a finish but in true yachty form we got a bucket of water and some truck wash and washed it down then went back to the beers. A job for tomorrow. Jen had the last word, “told you to put it away”; looks like the pliers and sideys will just get rustier.


The Sandys took off to KL to do a visa run and should be back for Fay’s birthday, it is now Saturday and they aren’t back and it’s birthday girls day tomorrow, we’ll see. Should send them the same message they sent us, “Shit Rodney its worse in Sumatra, git your sorry arses here now.”

Anyway next day out with the Sika teak cleaner, followed by the Sika Teak whitener and then a couple of coats of, you guessed it, Sika teak oil, it looks ok, that’s all I am going to say.


Moved on up to Patong Bay again to say seeya to Jasmine and anchored up near Hubert on the North end of the bay. Put out eighty metres of chain in six metres of water so we shouldn’t be going anywhere, although it is constantly blowing 20 to 30 knots, then came along our next dilemma, we had back onto some fishing FAD’s which I only saw by pure chance, they were just under three metres from the surface at full tide which made them one metre below the surface at low tide, spewing as it was now falling and it was blowing its tits off. We managed to suck in fifteen metres and just left it there, it’s a bit daunting looking out the back seeing three dark spots in the water behind you but I was just not pulling that perfectly set anchor up for some sticks in the ground. We tried fishing them but got nuthin.


One good thing with the wind means no jet skis, they are worse than apprentices, you have no idea. I have told so many of them to truck off it is not funny, one of them came along side the boat flat out and about a metre away, wanker, I have now got a line with a descent sinker and hook on it so if they come near me I go fishing. We were pulling the anchor up to come up to Nai Yang and this stupid prick with his little kid on board crosses straight in front of us, need some ball bearings and get the ging into action.


We had a couple of feeds in Patong, frequented my favourite bar, The Seaview Bar, said hello to the girls, did our washing at 50baht a kilo and stocked up a bit at the Big C, sort of like Costco. Huge shopping centre just off Bangalore Road. Still haven’t got down there at night, will have to do it sooner or later.

After an excellent motor-sail with the jib up and starboard motor running to help charge the batteries, seven knots the whole way, we hit the markets at Nai Yang and stocked up on prawns and pork mince, a few veges but we still have a couple more markets before we leave. I have never seen tripe so white, almost tempted to get a kilo not.


The prawns were very impressive, the smaller farmed ones were still alive, we tried some medium sized ones last time we were here and they were fine, good texture and tasted like prawn so not to bothered if they are farmed or wild caught. They farm them in the ocean not in ponds like in Langkawi.


We have met up with Peter and Penny on Persian Sands, another Perry 43 and Western Australians to boot, they are good value and love a beer or vodka at the right time of the day, which of course is anytime. Their daughter is mates with one of our good old mates, Sue who has graced the pages of our blog before, how’s that for a small world. It is good to come across good people, they were on the hardstand next to Hubert for a couple of months as well.


We went to a small restaurant with them last night, which had pretty good food, the hottest larb moo yet, tomorrow it is going to burn, oh yeah. Penny tied a band members shoe laces before he could trip over them, he washed smashed crab, Pen should have tied them together for a laugh.    I saw what seemed to be a smiling Russian, I went up to him and asked where he was from, he looked at me and started to say no English but then half way through he replied Russia, I introduced myself and shook his hand and explained how he was the first happy looking Russian I had ever seen. This made him and his wife smile even wider and he thanked me, how cool is that.

Couldn’t venture to far from Boomerang until late morning, had the stomach cramps, sweats and squirts big time, that larb was spicy, but with a couple of hours to high tide the airport reef started to break, not real big but got a couple of hours SUPing in, great fun, only one out getting a rest every now again then in they would come again, good style session, nose riding with a sole arch and even a few sort of drop knee cut ties, frothing sick is what I call it.


The old bay is filling up, with boats coming in all day, Jocko from Telaga arrived, and this afternoon so did the Muscats. Last seen a few months ago leaving Telaga.

We took Jocko out for late lunch to Heng Heng Restaurant, which he seemed to enjoy, when the bill came he was even more surprised, 400baht for two larb moo’s, two pork fried rices, a huge bowl of seaweed soup which tasted more like celery and a couple of waters. Reckon we have found a hidden treasure, the people running the show all know us now and we seem to have moved up the pecking order a bit, with smiles all round. Most of the food down the beach although still cheap to us is double what it costs at The Heng Heng. The beer in our local bar is 30baht a can of Leo, dingin.


Also did the market thing but a bit hard to get to much as our batteries are not in the best shape without a charge from the battery charger, they have been relying on wind and sun, which pretty much just about covers our 24-hour usage, but not quite, so after a week they are down to half charged. You find out what parts of your electrical system are not up to scratch pretty quickly when some part of it fails and you need the other bits to work. So the solar panels have had their day, now looking for some fandangled new ones with a bit more grunt. Larry gets here in an hour with our genset parts. Probably get stuck into it when I get back but could just as easily end up in Bangalore Road with Larry, we shall see.

The genset won, Wit, our yuk yuk driver, dropped me off at the airport and waited so back to the boat it was with all the bits, even ended up with three new scuppers from Bryan, prepped the new pump with its fittings and mounting bracket, changed all the filters, primed with the new manual system I have now installed and hey presto she is a goer. Didn’t even have to bleed it, yew yew Westerbeke. You bloody beauty. Northern Thailand here we come.

One last thing of mention, the Jo Nesbo book, The Son, is a ripper. Seeya I’m going SUPing.





3 thoughts on “Smile at everyone and sooner or later you will get one back.

  1. Hey Rod just loving the blog!! Sounds and looks like you are still having the best adventure. Muz and I always talk about your posts and can almost feel like we are there with you guys. Xxx enjoy

  2. My partner and I stumbled over here from a different web page and thought I might
    check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you.
    Look forward to exploring your web page repeatedly.

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