Homeward Bound

29th August 2014.

The last day of our CAIT, farewells to Lara Pinta and hello to Keith, Rebbeca and Matt on Surfmachine.

Went over and said gidday today as we haven’t seen these guys since Mo was with us, they are the same, happy with their lot and why wouldn’t you be, it is a pretty hard life this floating around, drinking beer, eating coral trout and lobster, surfing three or more hours a day, um what else, well that is all that comes too mind but I am sure we do other stuff, oh yeah read books and sleep.IMG_0796

One of my favourite things now that time is pretty irrelevant is to wake up at 0200, we rarely make it past 2200 at night, and read for three hours then go back to sleep before the sun comes up. From 0500 to 0900 the boat is nice and cool and quiet.

The ribs are becoming a pain in the arse, no surfing today but I found some painkillers in the medical chest that probably need using as they are more than likely out of date, hence the mention of arse. Strange way to take medicine, how are you meant to chew it up? Another important question is how do you wash it down with a beer? Pretty bloody strong though, cant feel my ribs anymore, come to think of it I cant feel very much at all. Might just hang out on the boat today and do nothing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Dragged my sorry arse out of bed and went for a fish, one hooting, for up here anyway, long nose emperor and three coral trout which were all small so chucked them back, good fun though, the little 3 inch Rapalas are definitely the go. Only got one left so taking pretty good care of it. We have five or six chumi chumi hanging out around the boat, Reggie the remora is over a foot long and loving life. I was scraping the barnacles off the bottom of the keels today and she was darting around in and out of my arms, almost like a pet now, she loves the crushed up barnacles.

Speaking of barnacles there aren’t any on the hull only on the keels where the boat was sitting on blocks at Rebak, Hempel antifoul is doing a pretty good job, scored it pretty cheap as well from Klang.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

No surf today, still sore but hopefully tomorrow, Matt and Keith had a good mornings surf, Jen and I visited Rebecca for coffee and a book exchange, now reading one of theirs called Boomerang, about 2008 GFC, hope it lives up to its name, The Goldfinch was very good.

Made a horror discovery today, cockroaches in the second to last carton of beer, mass bombing of both boots and removal of all cardboard from them as well. Not good but hopefully we got onto it early enough, will be scrutinizing all areas fully for the next few days.

The two of them tried to escape but the spray zapped them good and proper, the female laid it eggs on the step as it was dying, dirty bitch. The spray is called Hit and must be pretty strong as they both died pretty quick, especially for cockroaches.

Woke up, no one around so lets get out of here to, 68 miles and 10 hours later we are back in Lugu Bay with the Lara Pinta mob and also Micah, another cat. Spoke with Dave from the camp, he left this morning, bummer, Ranu was next, and fuel is a bit of a problem, but sorted.IMG_1049

Jen, Rosie, Rick, Sharon and the young fella went to town in Ranu’s car, Freddy and I worked on our boats, what a glorious day, all jobs complete including, scrubbing both hulls at water level on Boomerang, scrubbing both props, refuelling, should be enough to get us home, better be some wind as well, setting up Freddys anchor alarm, setting up the Mastervolt regulator for their new solar panels and fault finding a wiring fault which cost Freddy a carton, he seemed a bit unsure of what a carton meant, mustn’t have that saying in Fiji or possibly a some Kiwi coming out.

We should have gone for a surf but beers were had instead, plus a bit of shopping, the lobster man came by with a bloody big sack full, I scored the bugs, six for 60000idr what a bargain. Freddy got a thumping lobster and an assortment of ikan, fish.

When I went in to get the fuel there were three young girls mucking around on the jetty so I asked Ranu to tell them to hang around and I would find them a prissy each, off to the boat, by the time I got back there were six, so back to the boat, last Boomerang T-shirt and three jigsaws, one of the mums really wanted a shirt so I bowed under the pressure, when I got back only two girls, the womens husband and a new boy, he loved Thomas the Tank Engine and the girls were pretty wrapped with the others. All the parents were wrapped and we did the usual hand shake and touch the heart, a great gesture if you ask me and one I will continue to use. A bit like in Malaysia no one really points with the finger, it is done with the thumb resting on the first finger and pointed at whatever it is you are not pointing at, very cool, I wish I had have known about it when playing one of our old sculling games. Would have kicked arse.

We have just got back from Lara Pinta, chock a block, fish curry and rice and some cucumber and chilli, bloody hot, sore guts coming but you just couldn’t stop, an awesome meal. Bloody hot chilli’s.

It has been decided a surf in the morning and not much else, we should get going but now we are ready I don’t really want to. This was the first place I really enjoyed when we arrived and if there is no rush, what the hell, it looks like some good wind coming on Thursday so might even get the main out, it has been so long since we used it it is probably moldy.IMG_1045

Just had the lobster man come by, woke me up with yelling, Helo Boomerang, I got up to check out the racket, saw who it was and went back to bed, they sat there for 10 minutes with the engine tonking away, got up again and found them waiting for me to come back, their tactic worked, they got another 100000idr out of me, but we got 10 bugs. Not sure if no one eats them but they only cost a dollar each, would have to be the cheapest seafood you can buy, 10 bugs peeled is probably the equivalent of 4 lobster which will cost you 500000idr and the bugs are sweeter, got me buggered.

Last night Ricky organized a meal up at Ranu’s surf camp, great feast of noodles, pizza and to finish off icecreams. All the young kids hanging around, I think they remember me from last time as they were pretty keen on a ice-cream each, which I had promised Jen would not happen again, but in the end it did, the cooks and driver also lucked in. I was a bit dodgy when Mr Lobster came past.

We also got to say goodbye to Iboh, the boss lady at Daves camp, the first person she asked about was Mo, wheres Mollie? There were some photos of the night but stuffed if I know where they have gone. Perhaps, nah can’t remember.

We had the Bonnie crew, now Quentin, Kosha and Scarlet the dog come by this morning, great to see these guys again, long time since we have seen Kosha. The dog got the shits with our boat and went and slept on the surf ski, spewing I didn’t get a photo.IMG_1056

Boomerang was ready to go we said our farewells to the Lara Pinta guys and upped anchor at 1000 headed for Simeulue Cut Island, about 28nm away. Beautiful morning, ended up with the jib up and one engine doing 7 plus knots, boiled the bugs as we went, so you can imagine pretty flat water. Now here we sit in a very nice little bay that we visited on our way south months ago. I am not sure the last time there were 4 yachts parked up in Lugu Bay, Ranu was rubbing his hands together don’t you worry about that, he does do it well though, his shop now has chocolates, surf gear and T-shirts.IMG_1055

Changed primary fuel filters and found 3 dead cockroaches in the starboard boot, I bombed it pretty hard a few days ago so hope they aren’t just kicking back somewhere readying themselves for a root fest.                                                               The filters were pretty well rooted so good move, only got a couple of those ones left so we better make it home. Will change the ones on the engines tomorrow as a beer is calling.

Storms brewing around us everywhere but they are staying at bay, bit like an inverted Adams Family house, be good if that stays the case all the way home but who knows. One thing for sure, Jen knows the way home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Might get a chance for internet in Banda Aceh so catch you then.The internet here on Simeulue Cut Island is the best it has been and we are in the middle of nowhere, wonder how that works, the 4 guys that seem to live here don’t even have a light but excellent internet.

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  1. Hi you two! Have very much loved following your lap. Thanks for the ride! Rod – I am reading the Goldfinch too! And I touch my heart to you both. Sharn x

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