We Love Sibolga

15th August 2014,

Beer stocks are up, so are the storms but the swell has buggered off. Still surfing by ourselves most of the time, usually until some boat rolls up and we get out.P1030249

Had a change of things to do today with the rubbish burn off, got to light a big fire to burn two pissy bags of rubbish, what more could you ask for on a Saturday arvo, took a bit to get it going, everything is damp now but we succeeded and drank a couple of beers each wallowing in the shallows.

Tried for a fish up the creek but it has gone a bit quiet on that front. Jonny came back to the boat with two trevally, so Jen whipped up a hooting Indian fish curry this time. Tried some chili for the first time since the Sibolga squirts episode, not good, gave me the Banyak blurter, not quite ready for it yet.P1030271

Swell was the smallest it has been so we headed to Lizards, an island about 5nm SE, and anchored up out the front of the lighthouse and associated buildings. The water is crystal clear so Jonny and I went hunting, he shot a good trevally and a thumping big parrotty and then we started the mission of swimming back to the boat, hard yards every one of them. Quick fillet up, fanged on Jens Fratiila, round Quiche looking thing, with potato this time, then back to the bay. Jonny tried to surf Lizards but it was all over the place.P1030256

Got back to the Bay and Pulse is here and so is the swell, unbelievable it is back, Jonny went out, I sat and watched, had a yack and a couple of coldies with Des, the dive was heaps of exercise for me today.

Hopefully all limbered up for the morning, although waking up with all sorts of aches and pains, one thing though is that the ribs don’t hurt anymore.

Jonny now has the squirts, dehydration I reckon, had good waves then face and shoulder planted the reef, arm is sore and head is puffy feeling on the inside. No bark off though.P1170223

We missed a party at Treasures on the Pulse due to me not really feeling to flash and Brufenned up, the boys on board said it was loud and late.

We hit treasures next day and it was pretty good, I kooked the takeoff on about the best wave to come through while we were out there, dickhead, straight to the back of the line for me, then a yappy yank come along and didn’t believe in the taking of turns and pretty well stuffed it for everyone, wanker.

Back at the boat after a bit of thoughtful thinking I came up with the idea to get going to Sibolga right now, Jonny was cool, Jen sitting on the fence but it was declared a winner and off we went. Had the farewells to get done, Mick and Coco and Suzuki on Seriti, Des on Pulse and before long we had the spinnaker out of its bag and hoisted. The wind went from 10 to 12kns straight up to 18 to 20 and off we go, a rather large fishing boat upped anchor and got well and truly out of our way, they were standing on the sides just mesmerized by the sight of a spinnaker, it was cool but as with most good things something stuffs it up eventually, this time it was down to the sock retrieval rope being jammed, spewing, tried a few things but then just set the jib, got Jen to let out the sheet and halyard, the halyard came down pretty quick and luckily Jonny came racing up to help me bundle the sail up on the trampoline, phew. It was as though, right you have had your fun now lets stop fucking around and get going. Certainly gave me a thirst, which reminds me of the new theme song we have come up with after hearing the Beachhouse boys, You can get it rooting and you can get it shooting, you can can get it surfing and you can get it turfing, you can get scothing and you can get it frothing, as a matter of fact I got it now, and the only cold beer is Biny, Bintang Pilsner, guaranteed plus or minus 4.75%ALC/VOL.P1030279

We had an excellent motor all the way to Sibolga, arriving at 0900 next day, no boats, no nets and only one big storm which was only rain anyway, gave the boat a nice clean down, even pulled a sheet on.

Jen did 2100 to 0100, Jonny and I sussed where to turn and he woke me at 0600, best passage I have had for a while, 8 hours solid sleep, unheard of. Got on the blower to Beng Beng, he will meet us at Mammas and get the paperwork happening, he will also book Jonny’s bus ticket to Padang and it will leave us all arvo and the next morning for supplies.

All great plans sometimes actually work out, it is now 1300 and we are on our way, Jonny is in some minibus heading for Padang, only 12 hours, poor bugger. It was great having him here as he really gets into his surfing and it is quite addictive once you get the itch again. Welcome any time mate.20140821_080253

We all bought a I Love Sibolga T-Shirt each and today we wore them to town, what a classic, hello mister, hello miss you love sibolga, non stop, everyone wanted photos, classic. We stopped into say goodbye to Libra, the best farmasi in town, he is a doctor and the most cheerful person you will ever find, he was so disappointed that we could not go out for tea, but next year we promised him we will. Said our goodbyes to Papa and Chen, Fungi is in Batam, Papa made us his specialty dumpling dish to take with us, bit like yumcha.

Also goodbyes to Mamma and Eddy, two excellent people who just look out for you all the time, thanks guys, see you next year.

Well we are now officially cleared out with Immigrasi thanks to Being Being, it cost 500000idr, so it is home time, we can stop along the way but can’t go ashore, bit like what we have been doing on and off the last 3 months so I can’t see it being that much of a hardship, but who knows what we might get up to out on the deep blue or tucked up in some bay in the middle of nowhere. Stay Tuned.

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