A Frothing Siiick Pulse.

25th July 2014

Wow another week down, days just fly past, most of the time it is hot and sweaty but today we had a storm that cooled the place down, bit short lived and no real wind but nice just the same. Calm Bay is living up to its name that’s for sure.IMG_0420

We watched a hooting storm last night off to the east, it went for hours, full on lightning across the whole sky. We thought of the Beachhouse boys but hopefully they were in front of it on their way to Sibolga.

Found a new fuel filter element for the genset today, in the spare parts kit, guess I should have looked there before, Rods a wanker, so replaced that, when the the tank gets to 2/3 full it has been starving for fuel so hope that fixes it. Shock horror it did.

Today is the smallest I have seen the waves here, 2 foot steady but no pulses with the 4 footers, pulse is a frothing sick term that gets bandied around up here by just about everyone. I had no idea what it meant and could only reckon it had something to do with Marcus and Des’s filthy charter boat, Pulse. Then one day up on the bridge deck I witnessed the start of a pulse, at first it is just a bit of a change in regularity of the swells and then it builds to a point that you can see the swell lines heading towards you, it is a siiick thing, seen a pulse twice now.IMG_3320

We have tried fishing this morning and nothing so had a tiger each for prelunch, a bloody mary for lunch, another Tiger for the trip to the bay and back and now the boss has requested sav blanc, so I said, I’ll see what I can do, sure enough that’s what we is quaffing right now, a crisp Chilean little number, not to fruity but with a nice acid finish, possibly a bit to cold but really who gives a shit, we are insured and we are getting away with it all messed up. I could be hit for plagurism there, what songs?

Had a text from the boys, they made it to Sibolga, got caught up in a fishing net at 0300 and Jimmy, another marine boy, have only met two of them in my life, the other is much younger and rides dolphins if he wants, sorry I digress, has dived in and cut them free, his talents are many which is a good thing I reckon. He even climbs coconut trees. Have a close look at this photo.P1030154

We have a bit of a dilemma, we have run out of fresh chilli’s, the bottom of the bag is mould but picked out the best and second best ones for Jens fish larb which is tea tonight. No peanuts coz I have got shankers, one anyway but the Zivorax is doing its job on that prick of a thing.

David and Faye off Sandy are back and Daves hanging for a surf, plus they have bought a bit of swell with them, had great waves in the morning, back to the boat for a sweaty nanna nap and then back down the bay for another surf, six hours all up for the day, bit like a walking zombie after a few Tigers but watched the second to last Murder in paradise, good show we reckon, then slept like a log.

Woke up aching all over especially my right side knee, hip and shoulder blade, getting old I think but definitely not bored. Even got to light a fire to burn our rubbish, Helga it was a beaut, we cleaned the whole beach up while we were at it and with a bit of woof woof wood off she went. We sat in about a foot of water sipping on beers until it was all over.P1030196

After two more days of the same I finished it off yesterday arvo with the biggest wave of the day, late takeoff, just beat the lip and made the next section by a bees dick and then played with it to the end, good way to get out, Tai you would be proud, I was frothing siiick.

Watched a movie last night called Mitty, what a ripper, took a bit to work it out as we had no idea who Walter Mitty is but we really enjoyed it and the wines.

Down to 6 bottles of Sav Blanc and 1 carton of Carlsberg and I found the bottle of Moet that I hid. Pretty sure I have searched every nook and cranny for the elusive bottle of anything, we now have what we have and then Jen becomes a beer drinker, bugger.P1030200

We witnessed the end of Ramadan last night with no moon to be seen only the milky way which was so bright it lit the sky, stunning you’d have to say. So the fasting is over for another year, big parties now. Being in the Banyak group, a place with no internet, very little phone coverage, no pubs, no shops just fishermen living in shacks on small deserted islands and a few surf camps, we didn’t really get into it much this year. What without the wailing from mosques and not to many abiders it has made a change from Simeulue, not saying it was bad at all, once you get used to it it just becomes background sound and a pretty good reminder of where you are.P1030143

Left Bay of Plenty headed for Sibolga, which depending on who you talk to is either good or bad, so we get to make our own minds up. Can’t believe it though, the wind is coming out of the East and right on the nose at 12kns which is a pain in the arse, stuffed my calculations up by an hour and a half and gets us making Pulau Karang on dark tonight. There are some rainy looking storms coming from the North so they might help us out, it would be great to get the sails up, even just the heady. It has all of a sudden gone cool so probably get some effect soon.

Over and done with, not even worth setting a sail.IMG_0593

We can now see Sumatra again, the water is oily, not a breath of wind and it is bloody hot, just sitting here sweating, only real good thing is the tide has changed and we have gained half a knot, oh yeah and the beers are really cold.

We have anchored up on the eastern side of Pulau Karang, about 35 miles NW of Sibolga, beautiful little island surrounded by fishing platforms. Just got here as the sun went down so hard to see what we anchored in, it grabbed straight away, there was a bit of rock on chain noise and then we pulled tight and here we bob.

Jen mashed some spuds and I cooked the mutton cutlets from Sailors on the Barbie, excellent, don’t think I have ever nibbled around every piece of bone like that before, not much was wasted that’s for sure.

We sat around waiting for the usual 1900 bug invasion but not to be so a pleasant sleep with the windows open coming up. We have run the AC for a few hours every night for the last 3 weeks out on the islands and the port fuel tank is proof of that, its down to about a third whilst the starboard tank is still full.

Woke 0400 calm conditions but the wind steadily growing, boat hasn’t shifted but keen to see the sun come up, get the anchor up and back on our way.IMG_0587

It may be all in vain as Jimmy reckons Immigration are on holidays for the last week of Ramadhan, you must also wear shoes, long pants and a shirt with a collar to their office, last time I looked at my only pair of shoes they were covered in mould, but at least I know where they are.

Finally the sun came up, so did the anchor so alls good, Sibolga here we come only 26 miles to go.

We anchored up in front of the Wisata Hotel with another cat by the name of Matrix, the water is a bit pea soupy with all sorts of stuff floating around, we dragged the dinghy up on the beach at Mama’s and went for a feed. The boys were meant to meet us but shopping has got in the way, didn’t matter as within an hour we were sitting down to sweet and sour pork, asam nannis babi, followed by mie goring babi and a nasi goring babi to wash it down, filthy. Restaurant 88 is a winner that is for sure, add to that a couple of orange juices it all came to 108000idr, better value than Teo’s in Kuah.IMG_2761

The town is neat and tidy, you notice that the girls aren’t wearing head scarves only some of the older women do, it is a pretty relaxed looking joint. We have done a reccy around town on a tuktuk and now can find all the things we need over the next couple of days. Immigration is shut down to the 4th so plenty of time to stock up, fuel up and fill up if lunch is a sample of things to come.

Had the beachhouse boys over last night for takeaway tucker, pretty mighty feast, the chilli was so hot my lips were burning for hours, my guts the same and that Johnny Cash song was playing all morning, in my head anyway. We had a bit of a goodbye party and out of the blue, or black, pops up Jonny, he had run into Aaron at Sumbawa, heard the stories and has made his way north to join in the fun. Dropped the boys off at the jetty at 0300, woke everyone up for the third time, lucky it was the end of Ramadan  and parties were happening all over the place. Jen and I checked out a party yesterday, they get into it big time, dancing and drinking the orange juice, it was like big day out with the bands, they went all day long and at 2200 it all just stopped, all over for another year.

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