Slotting In.

18th July 2014.

Just had the best days surf for 10 years, the last time I had so much fun was at Ellensbrook with Roozen and Matt which we followed up with a bottle of sav blanc and salt and pepper squid at The Valley Restaurant. No sav blanc but freezing cold Bintangs this time.

Surfed the inside left at Bay of Plenty, 4 foot and just perfect waves although the inside is bloody shalla, as the Beachhouse boy’s say. I have bounced off the reef about 10 times today, lucky I have got the springsuit, what a savior. Even face planted twice on the last section but didin’t make contact, you just can’t flick out even though you know danger is coming, but the last bowl section is worth it, even if you don’t make it. About 50/50 for me today.

The waves have been smallish up until yesterday which has suited me, I can now paddle onto most waves that come my way and not getting to tired or intimidated, before it was horror, puffing and about 1 paddle to slow, making the takeoffs was heart in throat stuff.IMG_0386

Have surfed every morning then we go fishing for tea, who said Trevally is neighbor fish, it goes great in a Thai Curry, Jen caught it on 15lb line and it was going off, good action all round. We have been getting a few esturine cod, which are superb for shallow frying and the other day Jen caught one of the best fish around here.IMG_0259

We were trolling down through the mangroves, headed to the Bay for a surf, when all of a sudden Jen’s on and it is a beauty, Mangrove Jack, and a bloody good one too, she fought it to the boat and into the bucket, we then had another go and lost the lure, light blue, yella and red Lively Lure, last one of them too, bummer, so back to the boat, scaled, gilled, gutted and in the freezer for tea. Heading back down she’s hit another fish, this time an excellent cod but he didn’t get the treatment the MJ got, he had to hang out in a bucket for a couple of hours. Jen fished, I surfed and then home we come, what a day, you wouldn’t be dead for quids.

Had a bit of a blinder with the boys, last drinks were a concoction of some Gamet Tonic which is a sort of medicine made out of sea cucumber, and tequila.

The MJ was devoured along with, papaya salad and some Job Fish and spuds that the boy’s bought. Apparently beautiful and I did enjoy it but buggered if I can remember it.P1030142

Had a surf free day, went fishing and lost 3 lures, Jen even caught a tree with the tip of her rod, so we gave up, went and hung out on our bank which was the right move for no actual effort required. We have found this excellent spot that has nice chest high water with lumps of coral spread all over the show in crystal clear water, good for a snorkel, and is on the edge of a bank that is only about a foot deep, great spot for a couple of hours in the arvo, something to do when you are a bit hot or have nothing to do. Jimmy climbed a coconut tree and flicked down the coconuts, pretty amazing really.

Headed home had left over curry, AC on and watched The Straits and another couple of Breaking Bad. Went to bed to a freezing boat, best sleep and up early for a surf.

Oh and what a surf, I finally overcame my fear of the right hander albeit pretty small, 3 to 4 foot but bloody shalla, got myself 10 waves in no time then got pasted onto the reef, went back for one more and copped it on the inside section, up until then the wave was a beauty but using Tai from Lugu Bay’s rule, never get out on a flogging, out for one more and snared a pearler all the way through, grinning like a dead fox, although missing a bit of skin.

Back at the boat Jen had been visited by a few fishermen but they are getting used to us now and just say helo as they pass. Captain, Lakon and the young fella still drop in for a Kofi or a water but they are more like mates.

Makes you laugh, they roll up, jump aboard, tie their boat up and come and sit with us, they all sit in the same spot each time, they always shake your hand and say helo Captain, helo Mummy Jenny and Mollie gone, to which we reply in like. We usually sit around for an hour or so, laughing, trying to converse with each other, eat some biscuits, smoke their ciggys which they seem to always ash on the deck, even if there is an ash tray, give us some fish or chumi chumi then they say goodbye and off they go waving and Terama Kasehing and jumpa lageing in their boat. Excellent dudes.

Another day, more surf and more bark off, this time only grazes so not to bad, the good old aloe green grass oil from Chinatown in Singapore is getting a flogging, stings like hell the first application then not to bad and it drys the cuts and grazes up quick smart.

Got back to the boat and a big splash in the water near bye, the rod was right next to me with a gold bomber lure already to go so flicked it at the swirl in the water, gave the reel a spin to click the arm back over and bang, off it went for a hooting little fight. Spanish Mackerel about 2 foot long, bled it, filleted it and shoved it in the freezer, from being alive and swimming to chilling ready for chowing in less than 10 minutes, not bad. Good eating too.IMG_0558

The beachhouse boys upped anchor and headed for Lizards, surf spot on another island about 6 mile away, I serviced the port engine, sweating like a, won’t go there, but all done and looking good. They gave us a call from the island trying to entice us over there, fish everywhere, little right hander, but it was all a bit late in the day so we stayed put and they headed for the Bay of Plenty with their awesome catch. I have never had Job fish before, it is right up there as a eating fish, they also had coral trout and a few other species, not bad for an afternoon dive.

We had Fire Garouper, which has been in the freezer since Langkawi, salted, shalla fried with rice and chilli sauce, filthy.

As we have been at anchor for over 2 weeks we thought a change is as good as a holiday so we moved around into the bay, only 7 miles and mirror like conditions made it easy with Jen up front looking for bombies as we came into the lagoony bit of the bay near the floating surf camp. The guy who runs it, Bailey, is a ripper and being a yank this is even more impressive. What a life and from all accounts the camp is well run and value for money, unbelievable location, even has satellite TV.IMG_0430

Found a good spot to drop the anchor then off to bed for a nanna then wake up to no one surfing the right which is now only a few hundred metres away, so off I go, no Beachhouse Boys to push me out of my comfort zone, they love hyping you up and pushing you with their noises which is great but at present I am just happy to take my time and do my best not to get splattered. Well first wave was a beauty but typical Rod had to go a little bit further and splat, cant help myself, paid for it though, heaps of skin off the calf but it didn’t hurt so back out and just got wave after wave, best surf for me so far, easy eclipsing the last one. Really hooting steep takeoffs that have all of a sudden become a lot easier, even getting time for a few hard turns and stalls, instead of the flat out straight down the line stuff, unreal fun. Two hours later and it has got crowded, 7 people, so left on a ripper, paddled over to the dinghy and sat there in a bubble I didn’t want burst.

Had a big fish BBQ with the boys, Jai kicked arse with the Job fish and trevally, Jen did the same with papaya salad and fish larb and we all pigged out and then passed out, a very good day’s work.IMG_0240

Beachhouse left for Sibolga midday so farewells all round, Lindsay left on the small ferry headed for Singkel with 70kgs of lobster which he would be escorting all the way to Medan by road, good little adventure I would reckon, Jimmy and Jai were frothing to rub an elephant , see some orangatangs and pick up babes, I think that is their order of preference, sick, and to extend their visas.

We need to go next week so I guess we shall just sit around here and try not to get bored. Surfs only three foot but every wave usually has a barrel somewhere along it.

2 thoughts on “Slotting In.

  1. Hi ya rod and mama jen,
    Good to hear all is well, can just picture jen sprawled out relaxing while you try to kill yourself.
    From memory its time for rod to pick up the tools in darwin
    In the meantime we need a list of anything you may need brought over when we get there, be it boat stuff or begimite
    Not sure there is any body left i havent told about my little holiday coming up, just a bit excited i think

  2. Hey mate good to hear from you too, got some bad news, looks like I don’t have to go to Darwin anymore, might get another month in over here, so when you get up there we will be well and truly relaxed and pretty much have drinking beer down pat. Jen is down to 4 bottles of Sav Blanc. Vegemite sounds good we only have a bees dick left other than that bugger all I reckon.

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