Back we go to The Bay Of Plenty.

11th July 2014.

Just got caught having a snakes off the back, thought I had time but a savage wind front came through and cut me short. From10kns NW to 34kns West in the blink of an eye. Add to that a complete white out and things are getting a bit exciting.

We have been in Calm Bay waiting for the storm now for a couple of nights.

Left Sinabang harbour on Thursday morning, it wasn’t the plan but the weather was so nice we had to go.

Sinabang was good fun, and a pretty good spot to stay for a while, the water is pretty rank with the towns effluent system being just that but the little town paints a great picture of Indonesian coastal habitation. You can get pretty much anything you need, our Visa and Mastercard didn’t work but luckily enough our good old Westpac handicard did. I came across three Australians who were having exactly the same drama so I think it might be a common problem. You can change cash with Ranu, he also supplies fuel, milk and the best bread, still warm from a bakery in town, we also needed some small hose for our vaccum pump for draining engine oil, the second shop had the gear, great markets and perhaps one day the Padang Sate shop might be open, we tried twice but no luck.P1030123

Our sail back down to P. Bangkaru was pleasant we sat above 7kns the whole way and made the 70 mile trip in just under 10 hours which was handy as we got up late, 0800, but were in Calm Bay with anchor set as it went dark and the mossies came out, 1900.P1030128

Arced the Genset up and watched some movie about Mary Poppins, bit like reading a dodgy book, you may as well do it as eventually there will be nothing else left to watch or read. Speaking of reading I have been ploughing through the books, the new Michael Connelley, Gods of Guilt is a ripper, the Nelson Demmille Quest is a pile of shit, Salvation of a Saint by Keigo Higashino, who is apparently the “The Japanese Stieg Larsson”, dreaming, is alright but I don’t think Stieg would be to happy, Shadow Woman by Linda Howard is just alright too.

Onto this one now called the Malayan Trilogy, three books in one, at first it was pretty hard to get into but once you get used to the way Anthony Burgess writes it has become one hooting read. It was written back in the 50’s and is about that time in Malaya as it was then known. It is so accurate for Malaysia as it is now that it is not funny, have also been picking up heaps of new words to use on the Indo’s and Malaysians when we get back. Their language is the same thereabouts.

Being alone in Calm Bay has been superb, there are not even any fishermen here this time, we spent the morning down the Bay of Plenty on Seriti, Jen got to meet Coco, Mick, Raja and Suzuki. There punters for this trip come from Bunbury, unbelievable, they were spinning out a bit with the waves, I don’t blame them, first day they had 6 to 8 foot Treasures to contend with, horror, one board with no fins another with the fin plugs ripped out on one fin, it is gnarly.P1030140

After our morning of socializing we went fishing around Calm Bay, first fish in 5 minutes, a stinking Baracuda, same with the next, then Jen caught a small Coral Trout looking thing, see them in the restaurant aquariums all the time, top of the wazza, threw it back, then another Baracuda and then Jen has pulled in the prize of the day, a lovely definitely size Cod. We ended up losing 2 lures but we are now set up properly with swivels and stuff.

I gilled and gutted, Jen sliced and salted, then we floured it up, chopped up some spuds into chips and had fish and chips cooked on the back step, the fish was shit hot and so were the chips, another fine meal cooked on sv Boomerang.

Another yacht arrived in the arvo and proceeded to park up on top of us, the owner came over and introduced himself, Pedro, seems like a nice bloke from the Canary Islands. Told him we had out 90 metres of chain, he looked surprised, told him about the storm, 30+knots, that was expected and off he went to shift his boat.IMG_0228

They went for a surf, people just kept on popping out of the boat, must be either like a tardis or very crowded, we counted 13 in dinghies and on deck. Once it got dark they upped anchor again and shifted again.

The night was pretty calm and then as the sun was coming up and time for my usual morning piss it hit us, it is now 1000 and the place is calm, not a breath of wind and the sky even looks like it is clearing up, hope so, time for a surf.

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