Back on the mainland.

27th May 2014.

We have just relocated to Telaga Harbour, B31, after some stylish driving, Moe thought I was showing off but it was pure arse, we plugged in and with the A/C back on you wouldn’t know we have moved. It is only a short run from Rebak, about an hour at 6 knots, the motors purred, electronics all went well and the new VHF antenna is a beaut, crystal clear reception and transmission, even after its plummet to the deck. Our last hoorah on Rebak was very good fun, with Noah and Jo, Hubert, Kanut, Sebina, Reggie and the Pilipino singer, a very entertaining night. Then it was off with the lines and out of there. Our vacation on Rebak turned out to be pretty awesome, even Mo started to enjoy herself, in fact she admitted that it wasn’t to bad at all.

We have acquired Keith and Kath’s Pooton for a few days and have been clocking up the miles provisioning for the next three months. Yesterday the cable connected to the gear lever on the motor came apart, we were lucky as we rolled around a corner and out of the traffic. I found it straight away, put it back on and off we went only for it to come off a couple more times on the way to Billion and then The Pier for lunch. We were on our way to the alcohol warehouse and at a set of traffic lights when it happened again, there were cars piled up behind us but not one toot even had an offer of help, by then I had it sussed and we only missed one set of lights. Made it to the warehouse and then we took the Pooton back to the Proton factory, just around the corner, for some new bits. The guy at the counter reluctantly came out to have a look at the model and when he saw the twenty plus years old Proton he just said, no we don’t have anything, he then saw Mo and Jen sitting inside and for some reason his interest picked up and he came for a closer inspection which led to one of the mechanics, Kimmy, being dragged off a new car to somehow repair poor old Pooton. This was an easy fix with the right tools and a 20mm stainless seal from something and alls good. I asked if they wanted any cash but no way so off we went and the problem appears to have gone away.

We came across Chrissy from SV Basanti and Fremantle yesterday too, she had a chart for us from the Chart Shop which they had to get in but what do you know it was one of the ones we already bought off them. We didn’t have much luck with those guys, no guides even though ordered and now this.                        We had a wine tasting of 2 whites, the first a 2010 Sauvignon from France and second a Savvy Blanc from Adelaide Hills, they finished in the order we drank them. The Sauvignon was a delightful little number with a complexity that bought the rich floral flavours to the nose and the pallet. There you go after 15 years in the wine industry I know how to wank on like the best of them wanker winemakers, not very well though.

Off to Cocos for tea with K&K, I will keep you posted.P1020835

It was superb, I had Cottage Pie, if I had have any room left I would have had another, Mo had steak which was pretty bloody nice and Jens chicken was said to be alright too. This place is clean as and made a welcome change to most other places we have been dining in, I thought the dunny at the Pier was the cleanest in Langkawi but these ones topped it. Even had paper so no need for the search through the knapsack, dacks around your ankles, looking for anything papery, usually the shopping list. I can not bring myself to touch the tap let alone touch the hose that is lying on the floor. Sorry enough of the toilet stories.

Friday fish and chips is once again over and done with, an excellent afternoon, crumbed dory and a couple of bottles of some Chilean Pinot Grigio, what more could you want. Add an adventure in the Pooton, whose earlier problems are now a thing of the past, Raffi’s for a few and a feast at the hawkers market then Jen had to drive home. The boys from Investigator 11 joined us along with Chrissy, Claire and another couple, big table full this week. It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves.

Fuelled up at the marina this time as very difficult to get diesel from service stations, especially Petronas. They are not keen on filling jerry cans but still less than a AUD a litre so can’t complain to much. Last visit to Kuah for a while, more wine, new sunny’s all round and we are styling and last feast at Teo’s, fried rice, sizzling bean curd and roast duck. Cleared out at Telaga, easy as with all departments glad to see us go, in a nice way, the girls in the office were once again excellent and finalised our bill, about a hundred bucks for 5 days with electricity and water.

Had a couple of drinks with K&K. Kath laid on the cheese and bickies, nice. I was on a AFM but it turned out to be a AFD, all Keiths fault. It has been superb seeing these guys again, they are a wealth of knowledge and friendliness. We look forward to seeing them again. Off to the Arab restaurant with Michael and Mo, nice feed but expensive, half a pair of Ray Bans. Woke up at 0600 to rain then thunder and now lightning, pretty hard to see much so we will be delayed a bit, never mind the crossing to Sabang looks like smooth sailing, more likely motoring, see how we go.

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