Lets float this boat.

15th May 2014.

Well now, Boomerang is ready to go back in, yesterday was taxing to say the least, I walked back and forth from the jetty to the boat once, the chandellery 3 times and lunch once. Must be close to 4 kms all up, you get thirsty by the time you get back.

Found another seacock to replace, dickhead, 1430 so walked down to the shop, I thought about taking it off first, should’ve , climbed into the engine compartment contortionist style and found I had returned with the wrong one, so back again for the right one, back again, down in the hole and install at 1515 so missed the boat. The late boat makes it a big day. Made my little mates, the swallow chicks, a new house for their nest out of a small bin, the parents didn’t seem to happy, but taking them out on the water was not an option, hope they all survive, they have been chirping away for the last 2 weeks and have been quite good fun to watch down under the boat in the heat of the day.

A couple of boats got hauled yesterday, both from Fremantle, the guys on Tigress Too know Robert, Jens brother, and it is good to go and have lunch with them, they could remember us from FSC before the race to Bali. Its funny they have a son that has just moved out of their home and they are going home to rent it out for a proper sum, reminds me of someone I resemble.

Speaking of Moe, her and Jen arrive 1600 on Wednesday, I reckon they will be hanging around air conditioners for a few days so no real effort time wise to get the boat tidied up, took some photos of it on the new iPhone but do you reckon I can get them to jump into the new MacBook Air, technology, Moe’s first job. This iCloud and iMessage and ianything else  is okay but you need someone to set it up for you, well I do anyway. Phone won’t do MMS, but what the fuck is MMS anyway.

The others, Noah and Joe with their boat Cestacean are also excellent. Noah has single handedly stripped his engine down in bugger all time, he has also pulled his rudder assembly to bits, going hard and onto it big time. They have been doing this since 2004 I think, seasoned cruisers and it shows.

The boys on Beachouse On The Moon took off to Penang yesterday to get their visa’s for Sumatra, they went on their first sail the other day up to Scarborough’s, bit late for lunch, shot a couple of fish, climbed to the top of a lighthouse, slept the night up there and headed back to Rebak. The front hatch was left open and as always, water found its way in, Aaron went to remedy, head down in the bilge, then went down the back of the boat, lied on the floor and started spewing, he reckons that is the worst feeling he has ever had. Jimmy and Jai poured water over him to cool him down and wash him off. The excitement in their voices as they explain just about anything is infectious, good fellas to hang around, I am sure too learn some new vocabulary.323 copy

Got up, hit the roti cannai, then off to Rebak and once again walk over to Boomerang, hopefully the last time, the guys were waiting so shifted the swallows to underneath Felix, the cat next door, who we saw in the far north of Queensland in 2011, there were a couple of turds near them so mum and dad must be looking after them, felt better. A bloke by the name of Noah helped me out to put Boomerang back in, although not for long as one of the thru hulls leaked so back out she came, no real stress but sweating like a rapist again, not normal, it is just pissing out of me. We repaired it with help from Mark from Seaspray and let it cure for a couple of hours, had a pizza and drank about 5 litres of water, not normal, then the boys lowered us back in and alls good. Started up port engine, all good, started up starboard engine, all good yeeha, had another check and no leaks and out of the straps we go. Well this is meant to be the finarlly but dickhead Rod forgot all about the dinghy not being completely up, quite a bit down actually and out to sea we went, I turned around as the fuel tank get sucked out of it and all the other shit was already gone, whacked her into reverse and Noah collected all the stuff floating around. Thank god it wasn’t in the marina in front of everyone. More sweat, but lowered dinghy down and it was flat again, we were lucky it couldn’t tip right over and only went on its side, then as I went to raise it the rope disappeared down the davit tube in front of my very eyes, what a disaster, more sweat. In the end no real damage or loss  but  a couple of new jobs to add to the list, not really the start you want. We headed back into the marina and I said to Noah, I hope my driving skills haven’t deserted me but we had it all parked up in no time.

Run into the boys from Beachhouse at the ferry dock, all visa’d up, fippered up, Aaron in some pretty gay looking ones, and ready to go sailing, they were pretty excited and so they should be. I think they head for Thailand soon then the same as us.

Done it again, had tea once again at Theo and Uma’s, seafood spaghetti, medium, glad I didn’t get spicy, had a shower and straight to bed, it was just going dark, now it is 0140 and I am wide awake. The boat cleaners, Jen and Mollie arrive today, but have organised an apartment for the first couple of nights, air conditioned and a pool to hang out by.photo[3]

Took Moe to the motorsikal hire place and scored her a blue one, flash as, she seems to like it which is good, I had a go on it tonight and no wonder she likes it, if she had to ride my piece  shit she would be part of the pavement by now. Anyway we went on a tour around the local districts, Cenang, Matsirat and Port Langkura with no major hiccups and then we hit Rebak and the boat. First job today was to get the dunny going, we found the problem, the pipes and valve are all clogged up with shit, not really, but they are clogged with crystal like stuff that is so hard you need to use a chisel to free it up, vinegar and boat hull cleaner is working well. Moe has taken this job on with gusto, which has shocked me but once again there you go. We also got the genset going, although lack of memory cells came into it again, I forgot to reset the breaker, dickhead, but I hadn’t pulled to much apart before I realised. We tested the deck wash pump as well. I even went for a spin in the dinghy, not much chop but it does go, got hold of Cazaley, called him, Up There, he said, no Wan, but he is coming tomorrow. So could be good or could turn to shit just as quick.

Moe and I walked over to me mates the swallows this afternoon to find one dead and the other two sort of hanging in there, bummer, so for the first time I handled them. The first one started flapping around and jumped out of my hand and just as he hit the deck his little wings got flapping and off he went, I was so stoked I was jumping around and cheering him on, so was Moe. HIs little sister was not quite as ready and her first flight was not quite as successful, looked a bit like she had atrial fribulation, her wings were going flat out but not really getting too far, then the wind got her and off she went until she run out of puff and hit the deck. We hunted her down and found mum and dad standing around, probably saying, cmon the stupid featherless dickhead is coming. During the search Moe squealed, you almost trod on her and I looked down and we have one LFB, see if you can work it out, L is for Lucky. Anyway I picked up LFB and took her back to the nest but she just sort of slunk away so I said to Moe what do you reckon give it another shot, before she could make up her mind I had plucked LFB up and let her go again, this time she was off, the AF was not as obvious and she battled away getting height with mum and dad and sibling by her side, she flapped and flapped against the wind going nowhere and then all of a sudden she saw Mum, or dad or brother, Sam and thought bugger this slow down and off she went. I was yelling go for it, then the 4 of them went into a tight arc over us and she went splat, joking, they happily flew away.  I do actually like birds although I don’t think much of eating them, especially chooks.photo[1]

Fish and chips Friday, Moes first one, should be good and then off to the boat we go. Big party on Saturday at Rebak for a boat name changing, could be an expensive exercise for them but its got to be done by the book. I will keep you posted.







One thought on “Lets float this boat.

  1. So there you all are! And didn’t catch Jen for a last hurrah! Not much idea what mostly you’re talking about but great reading and I gather she’s afloat!! Cheers and bottoms up ( or not?!?) Sharn x

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