Dockers flog Eagles, Sanding and Antifoul.

4th May 2014.

Well I am not what you would call running amuck, barely make it past 2100 each night, although I got to watch the dockers yesterday live, no volume though. One of the Scarboroughs crew, Jeffery, is a dockers supporter so that was fun, an eagle came in in the last quarter, she was good value, same with her husband although a Saints supporter. She took it pretty well, mad keen footy freaks, her dad played for South Freo, Tony Morley.

Well today was anti foul day part 1. It took fro 0915 to 1645 to put the first coat on, there was 20 minutes for my lunch and the boat gobbled up 8 litres, in Australia 10 litres did 2 coats, they only sell 7 inch rollers as well but i reckon the big ones would be to hard as it is a bit tacky going on, Janet said to put it on thick so thats what is happening, more like squidgying it on but it works. As usual I got covered in black dots from head to toe, had a turps body wash followed by an Indo hose wash. Bloody sore wrist.

Day two was pretty much the same but persistence has paid off with a boat with a nice black bum. Really bloody sore wrist. The hulls need to be sanded back to the fibreglass but this will have to wait till next time when hopefully I will be able to get someone to do it, not much chance here as no one is interested, the guys at Seaspray Marine are booked out for a year, not real handy if you need anything done and they seem to be the only people allowed to do this work on Rebak Island.

We have picked up a couple of chicks, swallows that is, they are in a nest in one of the scuppers under the boat. They better hurry up and learn to fly or they might be needing to learn how to swim. The parents used to dive bomb me every time I went under the boat now they have got used to me and skip around me on the ground picking up bugs. The male has got two weird little feathers on it’s head, funny looking things. When they are finished might get to eat the nest.

Also today heard a racket going on up in the boat, so went to investigate and found 2 geckos going at it big time, like a stand up gecko boxing match which kept on going even with me watching them, must have been some good territory up for grabs but they finally quit with all the noise, loud little buggers.

Went up to Telaga this afternoon, gave the girls their T-Shirts, they loved them, then had to get photos as usual, they were so excited it was great, next went past the boys at the Lebo restaurant, they all mobbed me, shaking hands and just a really nice welcome back, just like the girls their faces lit up, what a crack up, young noisy was wearing a pink shirt so gave him heaps, reckon thats the last we’ll see of it. By the time I got to Cath and Little Keiths boat, Mike was there and had made himself at home yacking with Keith. These guys have been here a while so Mike knew who owned their boat previous and so on.

Rode home in the dark with a bottle of wine under the belt. Made it in time for sizzling bean curd and rice with no chicken and prawns, not having to good a run with the prawns lately so they have been cut, especially the little ones.              Cenang is at its quietest now and in a couple of weeks lots of places shut down for the wet season but hopefully by then we will be on the high seas or getting close anyway.

Well today was a late start, went to bed at 2030 and woke up at 0905, unbelievable, I was making excuses to stay in bed  until the lunch time boat but got me arse into gear and got to the ferry right on time for the 1015. I was just milling around and finally put the first layer of aluminium anti foul on the sail drives and thought I may as well finish the final tin of black, 4 hours later it is done, 3 coats of really thick anti foul and you got to believe it, I am not touching a paint roller for a bloody long time, horror sore wrist, but it looks good, now back to the other stuff, need to make a list.

Have just had 3 coronas at Champor Champor, a restaurant bar over the road run by a bloke by the name of Theo who is good value, coffee fiend thats for sure. They make the best Tom Yum Goong and Bean curd I have ever had, it gets you sweating but some of the weird arse things, fungus’s and herby stuff that you pull out the bowl are superb and as I don’t go the chicken they load it up with bean curd. Theo’s missus is Indian Malay and she is a classic, loves her wine, from over one side of the restaurant she asked for a top up but Theo I reckon pretended not to hear, next thing you hear is, HEY WANKER, top of her voice across all the customers in the place, I had tears in me eyes and could not stop laughing for ages, even when I got home sitting in bed I pissed myself again.


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