Labour Day holiday.

1st May 2014

Short day today as when I got to Rebak it was pissing down, in the end walked in the rain to the boat, It must be close to a K from where you get off the ferry to Boomerang. It was good though as it was cool so got stuck into sanding the anti foul, sometimes it is easy and you fly along then all of a sudden it is a real chore and it is the pits. It might have had something to do with beer as well due to running into an excellent couple, Andrew and Christie and their kids from Canberra at Raffis. It started out slow and steady, then Andrew ordered some chilli anchovies and boy did the drinking pace pick up after that. It was a good night with lots of laughs.

Have met a really nice couple John and Janet who are working on their boat as well, it is really handy as we keep borrowing stuff off each other which is saving a fortune. They have a house in Kuah and have asked me over for dinner but looks like it might be Raffis tonight. There is another yacht called Beachhouse with 3 blokes on board who are heading to Sumatra at around the same time as us so that should be good if it all pans out as they seem like good crew, already been checking some battery stuff for them.

I have changed out all the seacocks except one that I can’t get undone at least it still works, will have to drill it out with a hole saw next time by the looks of it, most of the others were a struggle, ended up buying a huge socket, extension bar and a handle to both undo and do back up with the new valve. Good old Limp Wristed Len showed up, the one seacock he was responsible for, water maker, was only siliconed in and spun which just created a whole new job, onya Len I was spewing, hard to be in the bilge and outside at the same time but got there. The freezer has come good which is great and everything else seems like it works.

Well tomorrow is Friday which means fish and chips up at Scarborough’s and get to see the gang, I hope so anyway, bit lonely when you don’t know anyone, the wankers next door keep it a bit lively though, they don’t drink but they party till 0400 every night, had a go at 3 of them this morning yelling and screaming at each other at 0200, don’t even know if they understood me they are incomprehensible to me, they shut up though.

Well fish and chips was a hoot, I had got to about a K away and a storm came through so pulled over under a big umbrella to wait it out and low behold Mike rode past with an umbrella up and the give away was his beard hanging over both shoulders and visible from behind him, gave him a yell and he turned around and come back, great to see him and then we hit Scarboroughs. All the mob turned up plus a couple I hadn’t met, deep fried dory and salad, superb.

Later on we hit Raffis where in rolled Little Keith and Cath as well, just coming in for a beer, lucky for me I didn’t go to Telaga looking for them. Another thing that happened today was I switched beers to Carlsberg as everyone reckons Tiger gives you gout, which has been  just hovering in the background for the last few days, guess what it has gone so thats the end of Tiger beer for me, in fact after this last week it might be time for an alcohol free marathon, see how it goes.

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