Back to the grind stone or is it?

Jens Birthday. 28th April 2014.
Its bloody hot, I have been sweating like a rapist.
Been chipping away at the anti foul and then started sanding, glad the sanding disc shit itself. There is always tomorrow, it is more of a morning job anyway. Just washed all the crap off me and got a tiger and 30 minutes to spare before the ferry takes me back to the mainland so I thought it was time for my first live action blog entry.

Woke up around 0300 yesterday and packed the ute, mum got up to say goodbye, dad took me out to the Perth airport, had a grand tally 0f 72kgs plus hand luggage and the Air Asia chick was all smiles so the worrying about to many bags was for stuff all, I sat around for 2 hours then off to KL, watched a movie about some old drunk who reckoned he won a million bucks but hadn’t, saw the President of the United States’s plane and a big black one that probably follows it around, then another 2 hour wait in the domestic airport, don’t ever winge about Perth Airport, then a quick up and down to Langkawi.

As the bags come out I saw the surfboards, then the sail bag, then the huge 28kg suitcase but sadly that was all for me. Another friendly Air Asia chick, this time in cool jeans, came  to my assistance and off we went to make a report. After last year with Ray and Bev and the case of the missing Porterhouse steaks and snaggers I was not to bothered as they will do there best to fix it up. The only problem was, the case that was missing had all my clothes in it and the ones I had on were 36 hours old and a bit sticky. Eventually got to Adina Motel in Cenang, good spot, Sophia and Eizenhow, mum and son team, completely looked after me and hows this, the Air Asia chick with the cool jeans is Sophia’s daughter and once the bag arrived she had it delivered to the door, mind you it was 5 past midnight but you have got to like their form.

Boomerang is looking good, dry as inside but we may have a problem with the freezer, we’ll see how that pans out tomorrow. Found some really rough sanding discs, some new sea cocks in Kuah Town this arvo, had a fair few beers and mahpoo tofu and fried rice for tea at Teos, actually scraped the plate clean, old Teo was happy to see me again and asked about Jen which was pretty cool after 5 months. All the food and 2 more tigers came to rm23 or about 7 bucks, the only bummer is I got a bug in me eye riding back to Cenang, it’s gone all puffy like some one has snotted me but I guess you get that.

2 thoughts on “Back to the grind stone or is it?

  1. Sweating like a rapist!!!??? Lol Rocket, you’re so funny! Good to hear you’re over there safely, having a great time & keeping busy…keep smiling, sure you will xx

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