Meet the Cala’s, another 50th.

15th July 2013.

Bali, Gili, Lembongan.

Hey how’s it going?

We have just left Lembongan for the third time, this time not to return for a while. It is a great place, so laid back with no hassle. The surf is average but pretty easy to catch and ride. We left Bali 3 weeks ago and have covered all the small islands within 100nm so I can tell you the stress levels are very much diminished, main problem bothering me at the moment is the current is against us and we may arrive an hour late although we don’t really have a destination as yet, Java somewhere.

Gili Air is superb, dirt roads, horse and carts, Bintang large 25000rp, excellent surf, friendly people and noticeably cooler than Bali. The water is even refreshing. It is a place where you can be all ready to go and the swell will pick up a bit so you may as well stay another day which inevitably turns into another. The Pamplemoose’s, we named them moosekateers, are probably still there making up their minds. All the young kids surfing with me called me Captain Fissing Rod which is better than Ron, rod as in fishing rod. These guys have no wax so surf the best they can without it, I gave them some wax and would bring them back to the beach, big paddle, doing wippies in the dinghy, the whole bay could hear them squeeling, unreal.

We went back to Bali for Maria’s birthday, stayed in the Grand Mirage for a night, pretty much stayed in the room with the AC on as cold as possible, dooona on and channel surfing. Went to the Jimbaran fish market, got prawns, squid and snapper to cook. Left the boat up a creek with a village called Sarangan which is between Benoa and Sanua. Awesome place, friendly people, it is amazing it is so close to all the other crap that is Bali.

We spent 2 nights there, Neuman waxed the boat, fuelled up and had beers with them. I nearly mucked up the days which would have had us leaving port on a Friday, so we got going on Sunset to Lembongan. It was as black as when we arrived but found a mooring, Cala and Jimmy got a shock when they arrived on a boat from Nusa Dua to find us there. Spent day doing the Lembongan pub crawl on scooters. Tooting at everyone and handing out cash to the kids trying to sell shells and stuff. They can’t believe you don’t want a shell but you paid for it. 

Well we are now doing 5.4kns so the current is easing with the tide, should be in our favor in a couple of hours then you can do 8 kns with only one engine.

When we left this morning we couldn’t do much better than 3.5kns with both engines going.

See what I mean, thinking about the current again, geez I might have to hit the medical cabinet if my stress levels keep rising.

Alls good.

Captain Fissing Rod and Madam.

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