Langkawi, settling in.

15th November 2013.

We caught a mudcrab in Malaysia.

So what you may say but this guy is rare, the ones at the market are tiny and even the ones at restaurants here are pretty small. Took a couple of days to get him but well worth the effort. The creek is a beauty, good slalom course, so a fair bit of fun just getting there each time. He was a feisty bugger even the next day, but it was all to no avail as he got steamed and eaten.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The river system here is superb, mangrove lined with eagles feeding, monkeys going off, if they think you have some food they let you know, Jen was shitting herself. Once you are past them the river narrows to a gorge that can fit just one boat at a time for about a 100 metres, if I was a monkey this is where I would sit you would have the humans by the balls. After the gorge you wind around a bit then come to crocodile cave which you drive through and pop out the other end, pretty snazzy, then you can once again hit full power to where the floating restaurants are, have a new coconut and do it all again.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As a tourist destination this is a really good place to see and do they flock here. Heaps of Saudi Arabians and they pay rm400 for a two hour trip which is still good value. The boat boys just go flat out and stop then flat out again. They are really lucky to have this place.

We took to the high seas in the dinghy quite a bit as well, we found a hong that you can only drive your boat in through the cave on high tide, found a cove full of monkeys and flotsam and jetsam and we also found our favorite spot, now named Jens Hong. You can get in here at the top of the tide, boundies out the front make it a get some speed up and put it in neutral as you bounce across them then squeeze through a gap into a beautiful blue swimming hole. There is a white beach, stuff all rubbish and an excellent rock garden feature, shade and sunlight, we have knocked off some beers and wines in there. Took our neighbour Mike the Tassie in and he reckons Jens Hong is what it is now called.

Mike came with us on another trip out to a couple of islands a bit further out, half way to Thailand not really, they had a good beach and you could see the drop off clear as, even had coral. The beach was chocker full of crap, even the remains of an old fish farm. Someone has built a little shack, another really nice place.P1020597

Fridays is fish and chips at the Scarborough Fish and Chip shop with mates of Mike, good food, dingen beer and wine and some really good characters. A very enjoyable day, got home and went to bed and didn’t get up till 2200, big afternoon that one can’t wait for next Friday.

I have been getting to know the local fishermen, they are excellent and always like to see me, can buy fresh as a 2kg Red Snapper, which is like a finger mark in Australia, get crab bait usually a small barracuda, some fresh squid still alive in his fish well for rm50 off of Azimee and his wife.

Then you have Azrim and his wife Rockie, these guys are net fishermen, they catch crabs, whiting and Besar, rm50 gets you a dozen flower crabs, almost the same as a bluey, they are still alive and they don’t mind me going through their stash and taking all the biggys.

It is funny with both lots of fisherman you think that you are probably ripping them off then all of a sudden they chuck in another couple of crabs or another fish. They are very generous people if you get to know them. If we see them I know they like 7UP and Coke, Mike says he gives them hot coffees when it is pelting down, they like him around here. He left his boat at anchor in the river for 7 months and they looked after it for him the whole time, nothing pinched don’t think you could do that in even Australia.

We left Tanjung Rhu and headed to the north west tip of Lankawi, got blasted by a fishing boat, no real reason, just thought we were to close, at least he had a horn and you would have to be blind to not see the net. They are catching the tiny fish that they dry out and sell in the markets, they stink and so did the boat.

We have anchored up in Datai Bay, there is one other cat called “gone surfing” here, met the bloke his name is Todd, comes from Geraldton. Had a few beers with Captain Todd this afternoon and not a bad bloke, for a kiwi, there you go.

Went in to the resort for brekkie, huge fang, most food I have eaten in a day for about a month or so. They ended up giving it to us complimentary so saved ourselves rm160 which is about the most expensive meal we have had since Danga Bay Marina seafood restaurant and it was breakfast. This place is nice, no rubbish, nice beaches, the water is clear, can see the anchor in 5 metres, not many places you can do that up here. Went for a dive and they have coral, nemos, heaps of fish, some good size coral trout and cods.

Back at the boat I have now cleaned three quarters of the hulls, finish it off later or tomorrow, having a bloody Mary at the moment so it probably will be tomorrow. Pretty hard to stop at one don’t you reckon?

Well the boat didn’t get done, a bit of a forgone conclusion really. Hopefully we pulled off our first international money transfer for some more engine mounts from Singapore, why I didnt just buy 2 sets to start with, tightarse Rod.

We ended up back at the resort for tea, great food, wine and service, Sadhia, the main man gave us 25% discount and a couple of free wines, he calls me Sir Rod, I had to swim out to the dinghy, lucky I wore my best boardies and a shirt with buttons and had a shave.

Off to Talaga Harbour in the morning and then at some stage  Rebak Island Marina so our tour of Lankawi continues.


Sir Rod and Lady Jenny.

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