A breath of fresh Air

1st July 2013.

Well we had good times in Lembongan, surfing, bike riding and checking out the sites, then sailed to Gili Air where we are moored up in the local harbour. There are 2 surf breaks within paddling distance and have been doing 2 hour sessions twice a day, getting heaps fitter and not puffing so much, feels good. Everything is pretty cheap although the food in Indo is pretty average, same taste no matter what you get.

This place has bars and restaurants running along the edge of the water, no cars only little horses and carriages and sand tracks. No bugs which is good since I didn’t get my needles, but we have heaps of rid just in case.

It costs $5 for the mooring per day which is pretty good considering the location, lots of coral so lots of diving although we haven’t got to that yet.Unknown-5

Another Cat called Pamplemoose have been travelling with us which is cool as they are not in a rush either. Have been trying to get their diving tank compressor going but failed they will just have to hire tanks. They enjoy a few beers and gins so pretty good partners in crime.

Well we will be here for a while yet then who knows where as long as there is wind it will be OK although fuel is cheap 70 cents a liter but it is dodgy looking. I checked our filters the other day and they don’t seem to bad and we have had genset and motors going for a few hours now without any funny stuff.

It’s about to rain I better get back to the boat and shut the windows, Jen getting massage.


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